Monday, September 15, 2008

Brooklyn x Albee Square Mall = Aint No Joke.

The Village Voice - Fulton Street Brooklyn Circa 1983.

This video holds so many memories for me for too many reasons yall.  How many of Y.O.U. are old enough to remember when Buckshot Shorty AKA The B.D.I. MC AKA Kenyatta was arguably 1 of the best MC's in the game?  I know, I know, to any and all Hip Hop late comers this assertion may seem inconceivable, but it is true ... trust me, I was there ... lol.

Also, the 1st part of this video was filmed in and around the infamous Albee Square Mall on Fulton Street in Downtown Brooklyn.  They tried to rename it the "Galleria" or some gay shit like that a few years ago, but NOBODY called it that except for weirdos and tourists.

Back in the day Biz Markie had a sneaker store there and Fort Greene's finest used to jostle and stick niggas up @ the arcade on the main floor.

Alas, the great (READ: terrible) gentrification of my borough has lead to the closing and the tearing down of this historic site. Yet another part of my childhood has been destroyed and ruined (Cue Madonna's "This Used To Be My Playground"). On the real though, Albee Square mall does deserve it's own complete and comprehensive post here ... I might get around to that 1 day yo.  This is so Brooklyn. 


This classic 3rd Bass video also co-stars Albee Square Mall as well, back when it had it's original red letters adorning the front of the structure. Peep the jewelry and the jewelry stores ... Indian brothers in the hood with Jheri Curls ... lol. You gotta L.O.V.E. it. Ganxta.

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