Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chris Rock Talks His New Documentary "Good Hair" x Images Of Beauty In The Black Community On Oprah 09/30/09

The Clipse Talk Almost Gettin' Gaffled x Dealing With Chain-Snatchers In London @ 247HH.Com.

247HH MTV 2 Wild Tour Stories: The Clipse Extended Cut from MCM on Vimeo.

NEW MUSIC: T-Pain - Be More Careful ("Successful" Freestyle)(Addresses His Girlfriend x Apologizes To Jay-Z)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Message To T-Pain: Dude, like, I seriously want to support Y.O.U. - I cannot blame Y.O.U. for single handedly ruining contemporary music with your so-absurd-that-it-actually-borders-on-genius abuse of the now ubiquitous Antares© Auto-Tune™ program ... nobody knew that unimaginative biters would take it all the way overboard - but, this bi-polar bitch move is some pure unadulterated bullshit my nigga. Make up your stupid top hat covered mind and do your thing! Please don't make me repeat myself.  

Behind The Scenes: Rosa Acosta x Tammy Torres 2010 Calendar Photoshoot @ Fastlifefastmoney.Com = Jizz. In. My. Pants.

P TwittyTV Presents: The Bad Boy/Interscope Era Has Begun!

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Greaaaaaat! Seriously, I don't even know whom this new Bad Boy/Interscope business venture really benefits more in this declining music market. I mean, where is the innovation? Are 2 "tin ears" better than 1? What say Y.O.U. my loyal Livestyle readership?

The Christian Louboutin Champagne “Le Rituel” Box Set By Piper Heidsieck = 1 Heel Of A Cuvée.

"Famed shoe maker Christian Louboutin has launched their own champagne in partnership with champagne maker Piper Heidsieck. To commemorate this, they have released a limited edition gift box containing a bottle of champagne and a glass shoe designed by Christian Louboutin. It will be exclusively available through Colette starting October 26th."

Information Courtesy Of: Thedieline.Com

Available Online Here: Colette.Fr

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: The legendary Piper-Heidsieck champagne house has made a spirited habit of collaborating with avant-garde designers to create some magnificent marketing initiatives as of recent.

What started with the highly collectible Jean-Paul Gaultier dressed bondage bottle of bubbly and later the up-side-down-and-down-side-up abstract brilliance of the Viktor & Rolf Piper-Heidsieck Rosé Sauvage series has set the stage for the sensational Christian Louboutin Champagne “Le Rituel” Box Set by Piper Heidsieck.

Inspired by the late 19th century practice of sipping champizzle from the shoe of a fine young brizzle, this limited edition box set, available exclusively @ Colette, features a red soled crystal heel perfect for fancy foot fetishists and papered up perverts ... lol.

Message To My Livestyle Ladies: I may NOT drink your funky ring-around-the-tub bathwater, but, I WOULD take a sip from your 6-inch Christian Lou-Boo-Tahn (NOTE: Per our Livestyle user agreement I've kind of gotta teach Y.O.U. the correct way to pronounce the foreign names of these luxurious labels, right?) stilettos. Shout out to Kamilah Gianni! LOL. Good shit!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

50 Cent Rushed To Hospital After Listening To Fat Joe's New Album x His Heart Felt Plea To The Public = Hilarious!



CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: It appears that former G-Unit member in exile, Young Buck, along with many other unfortunate victims have refused to heed 50 Cent's sage advice regarding the reckless endangerment of eardrums that can occur during improper playing of Fat Joe's newest P.layer, J.O.S.E. 2. Be clear, according to newly appointed Hip Hop Audio Surgeon General, Curtis Jackson, Y.O.U. should most definitely NOT try this @ home. I mean, 50 Cent himself was rushed by ambulance after accidentally overdosing on this hazardously craptastic album ... so, he truly knows of what he speaks.

The above video clips are evidential footage of the perilous price that has been paid by individuals for their defiant disobedience of the 51st Law Of Power. Let this be a lesson to 1 and all. Listen to J.O.S.E. 2 @ your own risk. LOL!

The Fall 2009/2010 Penfield for Edifice Goose Down Vest Collection = Grey Goose ... No Bottle Service Necessary.

"A banger from Penfield and Edifice in the form of an 80/20 goose down vest. It comes available in four colorways – black, grey, grey/blue plaid and grey/red plaid. The limited vest celebrates Edifice’s 15th anniversary. It contains a nylon body lining, goose down insulation, 100% leather shoulder yoke, internal buffalo plaid shoulder yoke and 2 exterior insulated hand warmer pockets. Available in Japan the grey market. Proxy?"

Information Courtesy Of: Selectism.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Curiously, although perceived authenticity and grass roots gravitas are a trait that both traditionalists and Trendoids alike can appreciate, thankfully, Hipster hysteria has largely missed the brill (READ: That's my cool affected British abbreviation of the word "brilliant" mate. Fix up and look sharp!) Penfield USA brand. This Hudson, Massachusetts mainstay has earned a proud reputation as a company dedicated to high quality functional outerwear. Penfield's celebrated jackets and vests are composed of super light and super warm 100% goose down and their classic silhouettes increasingly manage to successfully incorporate modern modalities without becoming a hollowed out Trendoid termite ridden shell of itself.

The Fall 2009/2010 Penfield for Edifice Goose Down Vest collection continues the rugged designer's fashion forward progress. This limited edition commemorative collabo for the 15th anniversary of the Japan based Edifice label highlights the best that both brands have to offer their discerning customers. Available in 4 cool cloudy colorways – black, grey, grey/blue plaid and grey/red plaid, this grey range is the perfect layering accompaniment for latitude busting lads everywhere. Good shit.

Swizz Beatz Freestyle x Interview @ Hoodaffairsondemand.Com.

Helloooooo Ladies! Jimmy Choo x H&M Collab Preview 2.0.

Information Courtesy Of:

Admittedly, I've been neglecting my duties to Y.O.U. as of late and to make up for it, as a true LiveStyle Lady, it's only right that I bring Y.O.U. an extensive sneak peek of the highly anticipated Jimmy Choo collaboration with H&M. Although I was not originally expecting to see an accessory or clothing line, I am extremely glad to see that they managed to conjure up a number of complementary delicate and sophisticated pieces to properly accent the already amazing range of shoes.

Now, not to worry, I didn't forget about my LiveStyle men. Besides a few boots, Y.O.U. can expect to see 2 exquisite ends of the couture continuum from a fall leather jacket to a sharp tailored suit. Jimmy Choo and H&M have also conspired together to dabble in denim and simple tees to be realistic.

This collaboration has come out to be so much more than any of us initially expected ... and that is in no way a b-a-d thing. It's safe to say that I am patiently yet anxiously waiting for November to come around so I can treat myself to a birthday present. Y.O.U. might want to beat me to the release though, I want it ALL! LOL. 

Signing Off...

Monday, September 28, 2009

NEW MUSIC: Cam'ron Ft. Gucci Mane & Vado - Cuffin' (Dirty)(NO DJ)(Off Of His Forthcoming Gangsta Grillz "Boss Of All Bosses 2" Mixtape)

Streaming Audio/Download Link: Cam'ron Ft. Gucci Mane & Vado - Cuffin' (Dirty)(NO DJ)

Jay-Z Interview In Paris @ Trace TV.

Birdman x Young Money Help Lil Wayne Celebrate His "27"th Birthday Backstage On The AMW Tour.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS:  Really Dwayne Carter?  You're really just turning "27", huh?  Whatever. Highly questionable self-serving entertainment industry creative age alterationns aside, Happy Birthday and Feliz Cumpleaños Señor Young Moolah Baaaaaby! GOD Bless.

The AL East Is Not Enough.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: We want a World Series Championship Title and a World Series Championship Title we shall have! Y.O.U. see it. My Yankees aint playin'. Get ya mind right, it's all about the pinstripes.

Wonder Years 4 @Sub-T 9.29.09 x Vita-Morte= Oh My Goodness.

This just made me really miss my Leaders family, but more importantly, I miss HOME. I had no clue that I was being put on this flyer, but I feel honored. Too b-a-d I wont be in attendance for this grand event, however, if Y.O.U. are in Chicago, please go on my behalf and show L.O.V.E.! It's Tuesday! (Y.O.U. know Y.O.U. can go to Bar Louie or BWW's any other day of the week.) For Y.O.U. non Chicago natives, if Y.O.U. have never had the distinct pleasure of enjoying a Vita-Morte fete, it is truly something that Y.O.U. must experience @ least once in your lifetime. Until next time....

Signing Off...

R.I.P. Derrion Albert - Teenage Gang Violence In Chicago.

I am almost @ a loss for words right now. It saddens me to watch this a thousand miles away from a place that I love to call home. But at the same time I'm blessed to be able to say I'm not present to be around that atmosphere. The brawl took place near Fenger High School, which is literally in the heart of the hundreds of Chicago, 5 minutes away from my house. I have friends that live on this block who I haven't been able to get in contact with.

Nas wrote an open letter to young warriors via his Global Grind page stating : "Everybody knows Chicago breeds the strongest of the strong but I just feel, me, being ya brother from another state feels your pain as if I grew up with Y.O.U." All I can do is sit here in New York and pray that these kids learn from their mistakes and change for the better. I would like for Y.O.U. to do the same. This has to stop. R.I.P Derrion Albert.

Signing Off...

To whomever managed to stand there and capture this horrific act on film, please re-prioritize your life. This vicious video clip aint some "World's Most Dangerous Police Videos" Sunday programming schedule filler crap ... no, this is evidence of peoples lives Y.O.U. were witnessing being taken away. As my brother Chris Live would say: "Life is not a game Y.O.U. play with." SMH...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

LiveStyle x PUSH! Montana x CurT@!n$ = A Brooklyn Triumvirate Not To Be Fucked With!


Dos. (NOTE: Check out the good CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER cameo in this über hood visual)

Tres. (An unreleased jewel from Young CurT@!n$)


CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Yes, nepotism is alive and well here @ Livestyle. Now, I am fully aware that such a term carries an ugly connotation of undue preference and credit being assigned to less than impressive people, however, in this instance, this is simply not the case. The distinct Livestyle brand of "cronyism" (or, for our purposes, homieism ... patent pending ... lol) is validated by merit and is only buttressed by the fact that I actually really do fux with these individuals whom I highlight from time-to-time. I mean, it's only right that I use my incredible powers of persuasion to drive our fly culture forward, right? Right. That having been established, allow me to shout out PUSH! Montana and CurT@!n$ AKA Dope Boy C.

I consider both of these gentlemen to be brothers-from-another-mother. PUSH! Montana has been quietly assembling an exciting catalog of exclusive Twitter freestyles that he has so fittingly called the #wentinwednesdays series, while CurT@!n$ has successfully redefined an advanced musical aesthetic that ALL of the jealous little Hipsters try to imitate.

I rap, I write, I model, I hustle and I also support real niggas making a difference and putting in that work. Aint no future in frontin'. Oh yeah, this post is all Brooklyn! This is Livestyle.

Nas Kind Of Talks About Not Being On Both BP3 x OB4CL2 In A Backstage Interview Live From London @ The Royal Albert Hall.


Raekwon Ft. Beanie Sigel - Have Mercy (Official Video)

Birdman Ft. Lil Wayne x Drake - Money To Blow (Official Music Video)

The Brunch Bunch Pt. 53 (NOTE: This Is 1 Of The Best Brunch Bunch Posts EVER! You're Welcome. You're ALL Welcome!)

Reverend T.D. Jakes Approved.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Helloooooo Ladies: The Salvatore Ferragamo Pink Collection = *Cue Jay-Z Voice* Pink Bags. Pink Shoes. All Pink Everything!

"Reuters reports that Salvatore Ferragamo has designed a limited collection to raise funds for breast cancer groups called the Pink Collection.

The collection will go on sale in October, which is celebrated as breast cancer awareness month.

10 per cent of Ferragamo’s sales in Asia (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, India and Australia) will go to breast cancer foundations.

“Asia is waking up from last year’s financial disaster much faster than Europe or the United States,” Michelle Ng, regional managing director for Ferragamo, told Reuters.

“Right now, we’re seeing better performance and sales in Asia than anywhere else, due to the new wealth in the region and also the growing middle class which aspires to buy designer goods.”

The collection includes a pink, crystal-embellished edition of Ferragamo’s signature ballerina shoe as well as a perfume, a watch, a T-shirt and a canvas tote, with prices ranging from $256 to $1,050.

Also on offer are pair of bespoke pink satin sandals and a matching evening clutch which will be auctioned off for charity, with bids starting at $4,240."

Information Courtesy Of: Luxuo.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Whilst I am most assuredly the complete polar opposite of anything even remotely resembling my arch-enemies, the loathsome cybernetic organisms known as Trendoids, I am a sucker for limited edition designer goods reppin' for a great cause. To that end, the Salvatore Ferragamo Pink Collection is an impressive example of fashion putting it's best foot forward. The brilliant product of a collaboration between the designer and the Breast Cancer Foundation to raise awareness and money for Breast Cancer Awareness month, the Pink Collection is a pink ribbon wrapped gift to us ALL.

Taking a hue from the Breast Cancer Foundation, this stunning range features all pink everything - from a Varina ballerina shoe, to matching accessories, sunglasses, and tees all bearing the brand’s iconic horseshoe logo, and elaborately embellished with sparkling crystals courtesy of Swarovski Elements. The pièce de résistance of the collection, however, is the mini-Varas embossed leather clutch and matching pair of metal filigree ("cage" heel) sandals dripping in crystals up for silent auction this October with an opening bid of $4,240.

Livestyle ladies, there may be no better reason to reach manicured fingers 1st into your purse than to support Cancer research. Get fly with a purpose ma! Think pink!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Plies - Becky (Official Video)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Here goes a little late night ignorance courtesy of your friend and mines, Plies. It's "Becky" time!

Fabolous Interview On Good Day NY 09-23-09.

Kanye West x Lady Gaga "Fame Kills" Tour Promo.

Fame Kills from kwest on Vimeo.

The New Era Custom Brooklyn Dodgers 59Fifty "Gucci Colors" Cap = Gucci L.O.V.E.

"ROCK-N-JOCKS says “Hello Brooklyn” with their latest NEW ERA fitted release. This custom Brooklyn Dodgers 59Fifty cap is dipped in a Gucci inspired color way. The Black crown is contrasted by the Hunter Green top bill, followed up by and Red Underbill. “Brooklyn” is The embroidered on the front in Hunter Green with a Red outlined. An embroidered “B” is stitched in the back in Hunter Green and Red. Limited to just 30 pieces, pick this one up and many more new releases only at"

Information Courtesy Of: Strictlyfitteds.Com

Available Online Here: Rocknjocks.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: In a stunning twist, when the Gucci luxury brand fell out of fashionable favor with their old guard "blue blood" clientele during the 1980's, it was Hip Hop that adopted this formidable Florentine label and resurrected their rich signature red and green flag!

This unsolicited - and most likely unwelcome - revolution helped save the Gucci dynasty from the brink of extinction. From authentic Gucci sweatsuits to the magnificent designer plagiarism of Harlem's legendary 24-hour a day bespoke baller outfitter, Dapper Dan, the G's adored the "GG"'s and, inadvertently, exposed a new generation of aspiring sartorialists to a new level of opulence. Consider brands such as Ralph Lauren Polo and Fila as gateway drugs and Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Hermès as the hardcore high end narcotics. Is an intervention even necessary? Nah, I didn't think so. LOL.

Anyway, fast forward to 2009 and, today, the Gucci Group is looking better than it ever has. In recent years, streetwear brands like Crooks & Castles have leaned on Gucci's distinctive red and green stripe heavily, so, it's about damn time that more fitteds feature this oh-so popular colorway! The uber limited (Only 30 production pieces) New Era Custom Brooklyn Dodgers 59Fifty "Gucci Colors" cap is as good as good money can get! Cop this ASAP! Impress your friends and steal home plate like the late, great Jackie Robinson ... word to P.ublic S.chool 320 AND E.bbets F.ield. Good shit!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Is There A Foxy Brown "Sex Tape"? Well, The Answer Is Yes x No. (NSFW)

Streaming Video Link: VladTV.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Yes, there IS a Foxy Brown "sex tape" and it IS definitely her, however, it is NOT exactly what Y.O.U. think. The caveat is this: Honestly, this "sex tape" looks more like somebody took 2 successive horrifically low grade camera phone pictures and turned them into a .Gif moving file, ran it for 28 seconds, thereby qualifying it for internet "video" status.

Either way this translates as no bueno for the "Ill Na Na". Maybe she should release an HD quality "sex tape" ... lol. I mean, nowadays a Q&A concerning Foxy Brown's "fuckability" would most likely go a little something like this: Question: Hey! Would Y.O.U. be interested in having sexual realtions with Hip Hop star Foxy Brown?" Answer: "Ill! Nah! Nah!". LOL. Damn Inga. I'll let U tell it.

THIS JUST IN: My main-man-and-fellow-O.G.-Brooklyn-entrepreneurial-partner-in-crime, China, just texted me and said that what he REALLY wants to see is Fox "Blow Job Boogie" Brown AND Maia "In The CRACK House" Campbell go all out in a cross country nasty ass drug binge fueled orgy! Wooooooooooooow!

Drake Ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne x Eminem - Forever (Official Music Video)(The 1st Single Off Of The "More Than A Game" OST)


Respect The Architects: The Fatback Band - I Found Lovin'

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Yeah, if this certified classic 1983 nugget from the Fatback Band doesn't make Y.O.U. want to spontaneously get up and cut a rug, Y.O.U. might very well already be dead ... lol. Check that out homie.

Anyway, for me, "I Found Lovin'" conjures up images of funky breakbeat mixes followed by obscure original Hip Hop samples blaring through dusty speakers as I 2-step drunkenly in the throes of my own private ecstasy! My O.G. homegirl and BFF Jenji Nicole AKA Ms. Jennifer Thompson knows exactly what time it is! This is what it's all about! Good shit.

NEW MUSIC: Jadakiss - Take Me To New York (Dirty)(NO DJ)

Streaming Audio/Download Link: Jadakiss - Take Me To New York (Dirty)(NO DJ)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Whilst I L.O.V.E. Jay-Z and Alicia Key's current ode to my icomperable home of New York City sometimes we ALL could use something slightly more rugged. To that end, please consider Jadakiss's Estelle "American Boy" sample flipping "Take Me To New York" "Empire State Of Mind"'s well meaning, but, short tempered cousin. This 1 verse teaser/snippet is only home on a work furlough though ... so, the stay is waaaaaaaay too brief and kind of bitter sweet. LOL. It is what it is.

Rick Ross x Triple C's Ft. Birdman - Go (Original Version)(Official Music Video)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Ummmmmmm, I never forsaw a future where I would be asking this question, but, where is the Birdman cameo on this song and in this video? All I hear is Lil Wayne's surrogate father's adlibs. What's really good?

The Limited Edition BBC/Ice Cream BP3 "So Ambitious" T- Shirt Collection = "I Can't Base What I'm Gon' Be Off Of What Everybody Isn't".

"Here are all 3 T-Shirts, all quotes from “So Ambitious”. They should be catching a JAL or ANA flight very soon."

Information Courtesy Of: BBCIcecream.Com/Blog

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: As we have discussed previously, although the Livestyle elevated sense of social hierarchy frowns up regular misguided wandering excursions into the Trendoid filled forest of "mass fashion", 1 can, and should, make an exception when something as grand as the über limited edition BBC/Ice Cream BP3 "So Ambitious" t-shirt collection comes along.

Does it help that the inspiration for this range is 1 of my favorite *Cue Jamaican Voice* chunes on Jay-Z's latest magnum opus the Blueprint 3? Yes, of course it does. Much as the case with similar Holy Grail Hipster haberdashers as Supreme and, now, Comme des Garçons, I cannot hold BBC/Ice Cream completely responsible for being absorbed by such parasitic pop-culture sponges and, as such, I can no longer categorically front on this brand. Now, will Y.O.U. ever see me in BBC/Ice Cream from the rooter to the tooter? No. Nevertheless, as long as the homie Pharrell continues to drop product like this, I'll happily drop some fetti on these exclusive soft serve treats!

Paging my big-brother-from-another-mother Raul Rivera on this 1. See Y.O.U. @ the ice cream parlor boys and girls!


I mean, it's only right that I include the actual song that inspired this collection. Connect the dots and find the corresponding lyrics to each t-shirt ... Y.O.U. might just get a prize! (DISCLAIMER: The opinion expressed with regard to readers receiving a prize are indeed my own, but, do NOT necessarily reflect the views and opinions of this brilliant blog) LOL. This is Livestyle!