Saturday, August 30, 2008

Viva Eva!

"During last night’s Voto Latino event in Denver, there was one very loud and very proud Latina missing…and now we know why!

Check out big screen bombshell Eva Mendes working her magic at a photo-shoot on the Bondi Icebergs Club in New South Wales, Australia today.

Rocking a variety of dramatic gowns (some requiring the help of four production assistants to hold up), Eva proved she’s fashion’s play kitten as she posed for (what is rumoured to be) an upcoming issue of Vogue Australia.

Miss Mendes arrived in Australia earlier this week to launch the ‘30 Days Of Fashion & Beauty’ event. She’s expected to pack up all her fabulousness and fly back to L.A. this weekend."

Information And Pictures Courtesy Of: Fadedyouthblog.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Have I ever told you how beautiful I think this woman is? No? Well, she is ... in a non-traditional-you'll-know-it-when-you-see-her kind of way ... lol. It's sexy time ... it's niiiiiiiiiiiiice!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sorry Mom ... He's Just Not That Into You.

Honest Baby
Well, I mean, chocolate chip cookies have made me befriend some people in my life whom I would have nothing to do with otherwise. The Moral Of The Story: Honesty really is the best policy.  Applaud this young man.  Now, where the fuck are my cookies @ yo?

Ashanti @ The Grove In L.A. 8-27-08.

I don't know NOR do I care what her album is doing on the charts, but "Young Thigh Master" is definitely doing her thing on stage.  G-G-G-G Get 'em girl!

T.I. - What Up? What's Happenin'? (The Unofficial Official Bankhead Version)

The homie T.I. is having a ball lettin' Shawty Lo and "whosoever may try" know that he aint stressin' the bullshit. This video is a rare unscripted look @ an artist actually enjoying his great fortune and his miraculous escape from doing any real jail time ... lol.  Good shit.

Greatest. Convention. Acceptance. Speech. Ever.

Watch.  Listen.  Learn.  Love.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

BBC x Goyard @ Newly Reopened Colette Store, Paris.

World renowned high-end luxury luggage, Parisian company Goyard recently created a custom trunk for BBC @ the newly renovated and reopened Colette store in Paris. The typical attention detail and quality that is the hallmark of every Goyard piece is there, except, this time, it's on a grand scale! This 1-of-1 trunk was designed especially to fit BBC's complete current collection in it and sits prominently in the corner of the store. Don't get your hopes up, these trunks are NOT expected to be released to the public homie. You might be able to find a smaller version of a basic Goyard trunk somewhere and do your own thing in the crib though.

WARNING: Lock Your Doors! Fake Nike Air "Yeezy" Sneakers Are On The Loose.

Nike Air "Yeezy"'s.

NOT Nike Air "Yeezy"'s.

It is my duty to regretfully inform my denizens that the highly anticipated Nike Air "Yeezy" has been bootlegged before it has even been officially released. This is what happens when company's drage their feet with a product yo. My brother Niketown made the discovery a few days ago and I now share my investigative findings with you.

I don't even know if this sneaker has an actual, definite release date.

The miracle of technology and high definition pictures however allows thirst-buckets to replicate nearly every last detail of an item without ever even having a real pair in their possession to copy from. These crappy kicks are all over the internet and will undoubtedly touch down in the hood (if they haven't done so already) very soon ... just in time for school ... lol.

Anyway, not only have they faked the original kicks, but they have ALSO thrown in a few wacky colorways for good (READ: bad) measure. This is the height of variant faketitude my friends, so, if you so some hipster strutting down the street in a pair of these right now, you KNOW that homeboy is fake and so are his kicks.  I had better not see any of you rappers in these shits tryin' to stunt.  You already know what it is.

Helloooooo Ladies: YSL Freebies x Naomi Campbell Fall/Winter "Manifesto" Ad Campaign 2008-2009.

"As fashion week approaches, what would be a great way to market your brand? GIVE A FREEBIE TO THE CONSUMERS! YSL will be handing out free totebags in NY on Sept. 6th alongside other fashion capitals like Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The free cotton totes will come in the white or black color way and 5,000 pieces will be given out for each city including a newspaperlike catalog. It is part of the company’s incentive to promote the fall/winter ready-to-wear line."

Information Courtesy Of: Williamyan.Com

BONUS: YSL - Manifesto A/W 08-09 Teaser

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Even with the passing of fashion powerbroker Yves Saint Laurent earlier this year, his brand continues to innovate and remains a relevant and driving force in the game. Current chief YSL designer Stefano Pilato has created a “Manifesto” with photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Hold up, aint Naomi Campbell like 40 + or something too? She's still got it though. Oh yeah, you had better hit the store dumb early to get this Free.99 high fashion design OR wait for it to hit eBay @ an inflated price ... lol.

The Deconstruction And The Psychoanalysis Of "Toy Story".

Really? Hey, you never know what inspired Pixar to make such an incredible film ... I can't call it yall. This is from the Volkswagen "See Films Differently" series ... and, ummmmmmm, yeah, I definitely see this movie differently now ... lol.

Helloooooo Ladies: Betsey Johnson = Ballin' On A Budget Baby!

In the words of Prince, "Maybe I'm just too demanding" ... lol. I know that I have expensive tastes and that I often suggest some outrageously priced shit for my ladies, but you know how it goes ma, "no pain, no gain". Be that as it may, times is hard and I think that these Betsey Johnson heels are good money for my honies that are responsibly watching their money. You do know that Betsey Johnson styled Carrie (and the rest of the cast for that matter) for "Sex In The City", right? (NOTE: It was actually Patricia Fields) Ohhhhhhh yeah, now you want in, huh? Holla @ ya boy in BK!

Available Online Here: Victoriassecret.Com & Endless.Com

"I Had The Brew, She Had The Chronic/The Lakers Beat The Super Sonics".

I fully realize that it might be hard for some of my younger readers to understand this, but, once upon a time (like in 92-93) Ice "Are We There Yet?" Cube was widely considered the best MC in the game.  He's still around doing something.  You won't catch me bumping ANY of his new shit (although, I kind of fuck with that song that he has with Jeezy), but he's already blazed his trail yall.  You've gotta feel this shit homie.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Your Man 50 Is A Wild Boy.

LOL.  Maaaaaaaaan, the homie 50 is a beast!  How he release this under "Still In The Red" productions?  In case you are wondering, this IS The Game's entire new album being packaged as a mixtape by Curtis "Interscope" Jackson.  There was no way that he was gonna let The Game do better numbers than his T.O.S. release ... lol.  Albums leaking early is nothing new, but to have another artist sanction AND personally release another artists's album as a bootleg themselves is some other shit yo. I aint put the link up for this "mixtape" because it aint really a mixtape @ all.  Trust me though, Google "L.A.X. The Mixtape" and you will have absolutely NO problem finding this download link.

Dame Dash: From Pro-Keds To NO Keds.

"Damon Dash loses shoe
Sells Pro-Keds rights
By Christine McConville
Tuesday, August 26, 2008 - Updated 1d 20h ago

Stride Rite Corp. has reacquired the rights to the Pro-Keds brand from financially struggling hip-hop mogul Damon Dash.

The change for the iconic, 60-year-old shoe comes a week after Dash, who once boasted that he never wears the same socks twice, reportedly may lose two of his properties to foreclosure.

Lexington-based Stride Rite insisted Dash’s financial woes had nothing to do with the rebranding.

“It was just a matter of timing,” Stride Rite spokeswoman Debra Fernandes said yesterday. “We just wanted a new direction.”

Pro-Keds was launched in 1949 as a performance athletic shoe. By the 1970s, the round-toed sneaker was synonymous with some of the biggest names in professional sports - JoJo White and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar endorsed them.

The shoe also enjoyed a cult-like status in New York City’s early hip-hop community.

In 2004, Dash, co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records, purchased Pro-Keds’ licensing rights from Stride Rite for an undisclosed amount.

cw3 The next year Dash left Roc-A-Fella, and since then several of his ventures have suffered. His reality TV show, “Ultimate Hustler,” lasted only one season, and his record label, Damon Dash Music Group, was shuttered."

Read The Full Story: Bostonherald.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: This man is drowning in a puddle of his own "wack juice". Even a supreme asshole like Dame Dash does not deserve this public embarrassment ... I mean, he's been fuckin' up alot lately yo.

Young Jeezy - Vacation.

As expected, son's album is official. Yes, "The Recession" has leaked, but, as a fellow artist, I aint gonna put the homie's whole album out there like that. If you're as internet savvy as I think you are though, you should have no problem finding a download link on your own. Drop me a line. Holla @ ya boy in BK!

Helloooooo Ladies: Christian Louboutin = More Than Just Mean Shoes.

I have mixed feelings about this bag. I mean, I L.O.V.E. what Christian Louboutin does for women's shoes and I like the color burgundy ... I'm just not sold on the structural look of this bag and some of the Michael Jackson "Thriller" zippers. Is it too much OR is it just right? The braided leather handle is a nice accent as well. See, I'm on the fence with this shit ... lol. Either way though, aint too many chicks are gonna hit the strip with this in their mitts and that's ALWAYS a beautiful thing.

Available Online Here: Bergdorfgoodman.Com

Geek Chic: Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton Mouse Pad.

"To reward its loyal readership meanwhile attracting new ones, renowned Japanese women’s fashion publication, Numero TOKYO, is sponsoring a special readership giveaway. Starting from its October issue and ends with its December issue, each will offer an exclusive prize, like the Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage Mouse Pad for its October issue giveaway. This is to follow-up by another special prize in November by Mastermind JAPAN. Via: Ako TanakaAko Tanaka"

Information Courtesy Of: Freshnessmag.Com

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kim Kard-ASS-shian @ 106 & Park.

"Turn around bright eyes, every now and then I fall apart and I need you now tonight and I need you more than ever". LOL.

"Gucci ... Louis Vuitton ... Gold ... Liz Claiborne"

Real recognize real and, even before the homies Gillie Da Kid and Beanie Sigel got on, Philly's been deep in this Hip Hop game. This is Triple H ... get it? 3 x Dope. What you know about that? Shiiiiiiiiit, what you know about Liz Claiborne? Shout out my brother Bryan "Montega" ... welcome back to the world my nigga!

Kerry Washington x Giant Magazine.

On newsstands NOW! I get this magazine every once in awhile, but I am ALWAYS impressed with their layouts and overall quality ... it's like what Vibe Magazine used to be when it started out about 15 years ago. That aint a knock on them ... it's just real talk my nig.

Read Excerpts Of Her Interview & View The Full Picture Gallery Here: Giantmag.Com

Nike Air Wildwood ACG x Air Max Terra 90

With the successful launch of the NSW store in Manhattan, New York's SoHo district, Nike is on a roll. Their latest introduction of the Air Wildwood ACG's and the Air Terra 90 kicks is more of the same good politics ... lol. These are classic sneakers (NOTE: The Air Max Terra 90 is actually a fusion of the Air Max 90 and the Terra Humara, with an added full air sole) with slight style variations that enhance each model's sole without sacrificing their soul. Basically, I'd wear 'em. What? That's all the co-sign you need kid. That check had better be in the mail, Nike ... lol.

Photos Courtesy Of: Highsnobiety.Com

Available Online Here: Fuctard.Com

T-Pain Ft. Lil Wayne - I Can't Believe It.

I've been told yall how much I like this song, unfortunately, the video doesn't live up to my demanding expectations. It isn't a terrible visual @ all, in fact, from a strictly technical stand point, the graphics are amazing. I guess that I just envisioned something else, less cartoony for this record. Oh yeah, the assortment of top hats has to stop too ... YES, I'm looking @ Y.O.U. Mr. T-Autotune-Pain. I guess that I have to start writing and submitting treatments as well now ... lol. It is what it is.

Kanye West Says, "Good Morning".

I guess that, today, Yeezy is the Louis Vuitton "Dawn". Get it? LOL. I'm sooooooooooooo hilarious. Anyway, this creative video was almost certainly (I have yet to see the official credits) directed by renowned Japanese artist Takashi Murakami© ... his exhibit @ The Brooklyn Museum was the shit. Is it still installed there? If it is, you need to go and do the knowledge ASAP homeboys and homegirls. Don't trip, you can ALL thank me later yall.

T.I. Is P.O.'d

"On Friday, thousands of hip-hop fans might have felt just like the Geto Boys' Bushwick Bill: "Ah man, homie, my mind's playin' tricks on me!" A song called "Swagger Like Us" -- featuring the rap dream team of T.I., Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and Kanye West -- leaked onto the Internet. How could a song so big -- a real song, too, not something a DJ patched together by extracting verses from other records -- just appear out of nowhere?

One of the record's stars has some questions of his own: T.I. would like to know how the song leaked. It's one of the premier records from his forthcoming LP, Paper Trail. The album -- which Tip previewed for MTV News back in May -- isn't due out until September 30, and the King of the South said the cut wasn't supposed to be debuted so soon.

"That's some bullsh--," a disappointed Tip told MTV News Saturday afternoon (August 23) via phone. "I'm beating down the Internet as we speak."

The MC -- who will perform a song from Paper Trail at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 7 -- obviously isn't upset with how well "Swagger Like Us" (or "S.L.U.") turned out or even the immediate positive reaction it's gotten. He just had planned on presenting his song properly rather than having it just thrown out there. He said it could have been "that much bigger" if he'd had the chance to roll it out in grand fashion.

"Don't ruin the event," he lamented. "Wait till the cake comes out the kitchen before you eat it. That's like a kid who sees his toys before Christmas; it takes away from me and I think it takes away from the fans as well. When it's time, I'mma give it to you. They leaked my record with me and The-Dream ["Like I Do"] too. Leakage is never a problem I have had. I'm not used to it."

Tip theorized that the high anticipation for Paper Trail may be the reason why songs such as "S.L.U.," "Like I Do" and "Life of the Party" (the latter isn't even slated to be on the LP) have found their way onto the Internet without his permission, but he quickly said "that's neither here nor there" and moved onto discussing the creation of "S.L.U."

"It's been done about a month," he said. "It was a song that Kanye and I had done first; me featuring Kanye. An idea had presented itself -- 'What if we included these people and made it an event record?' -- and I was like, 'That's a very ambitious idea but a lovely one.' "

Soon after, Hov and Weezy submitted verses. Jay liked the song so much that Tip said it will also appear on Jay's The Blueprint 3 album later this year. He did note that Paper Trail is where it will officially be released first."

Read The Full Story Here: MTV.Com

BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Dre's Son Found Dead.

"Rapper Dr. Dre's Son Dead at 20
by Christine Pelisek
August 25, 2008 5:09 PM

The Los Angeles County Coroner reported today that the son of hip hop record producer and rapper Dr. Dre has died. Andre Young Jr. was found dead at his home in Woodland Hills on Saturday morning.

Young was out the previous night and returned home around 5:30 A.M., according to Assistant Chief Ed Winter. His mother went to check on him in his bedroom around 10 A.M., found him unresponsive, and called 911. He was 20 years of age. The cause of death is pending completion of a toxicology report." 

Read The Full Story Here: LAWeekly.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: I am not familiar with the lil homie's work, but he seemed to be following in his father's celebrated footsteps.  It's always especially tragic when somebody this young dies.  My sincere condolences and my prayers go out to Dr. Dre, his family and their loved ones.  Stay up yall and maintain.

Monday, August 25, 2008

New Music: Kanye West - Stay Up (Viagra)(Dirty)(NO DJ)

Woooooooooooow! This song sounds like some very special 89 Tech 9 Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito late Thursday night shit. Kanye and I might not always agree on style, but the man undeniably makes great Hip Hop music. The 2008 4th quarter looks to deliver some great music. Listen, if Hip Hop is dead, then I'm a necrophiliac (yeah, my bars are that serious) ... lol. Holla @ ya boy in BK!

Shout Out To Hiphopearly.Com for that Hip Hop early.

Streaming Audio/Download Link: Kanye West - Stay Up (Viagra)(Dirty)(NO DJ)

NEW MUSIC: Young Jeezy - Circulate (Produced By Don Cannon)(Dirty)(NO DJ)

This Recession album is leaking all over the place like warm liquor through a cheap cup.  I fuxs with this song homie.  

Streaming Audio/Download Link: Young Jeezy - Circulate (Produced By Don Cannon)(Dirty)(NO DJ)

Helloooooo Ladies: "Looking @ My Louis, It's About that Time."

"In a world where wristwatches are increasingly an accessory versus a necessity this Louis Vuitton creation is a decorative dose of color and sparkles. This Swiss-made Tambour Forever timepiece features a diamond monogram flower set on a sun-ray effect charcoal gray face, diamond horns connecting the rich red alligator straps, logo-etched case sides, and a polished steel buckle. There are 122 brilliant cut white diamonds all together, or 0.56 carats total. Quartz movement, sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, and waterproof to 100m.

A beautiful, classic style updated with a dose of today's technology and bold color. $6,950."

Information Courtesy Of: Luxist.Com

Available Online Here: eLuxury.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: I am not typically a fan of non-traditional watchmakers and their watches. Like, if you design handbags and shoes, don't come over here trying to step on Rolex's, IWC's and Breitling's toes. I'ma let this 1 slide though because it's for the ladies. Who said that chivalry was dead?

The Show Must Go On.

I didn't even know that these 2 dudes were still performing ... if you can call it that.  Peep how, during a K-Ci & Jo-Jo concert in Sydney, Australia, your man Jo-Jo passes out ice cold mid-song in true playa-playa style.  I love this song.  I used to sing this when I was drunk too ... no bullshit.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cassie Ft. Lil Wayne - Official Girl.

It looks like Bad Boy (Read: Puff) spent Cassie's, Day 26's AND Danity Kane's entire combined budgets on this Chris Robinson directed video. Too bad this song aint gonna do much in the clubs OR on the charts for "the-baddest-chick-in-the-game-with-no-body" since the late, great Aaliyah. Work that record though, it's a decent song ... make it do what it do baby.

Bonus Video:

Check out Diddy goin' hard for his cheese.

Sunday Morning Inspiration: Chelsea AKA Diznee.

Disney World = For Kids/Diznee = For Adults

Reverend T.D. Jakes Approved.

"I Love Gooooooooold!"

In spite of facing an inspired and rejuvenated Spain team, faggot ass international referees AND failing to successfully convert many of their fast break opportunities, The Redeem Team accomplished their mission early this morning and beat Spain by a score of 118-107 in the Olympic final.

Now, I can't act like Spain didn't play their asses off, but Team USA was really fucking up for a minute. Thank GOD for Kobe and Dwayne Wade ... they were all clutch, all game my nig. It was mostly close throughout, but now, Spain is merely a stain and today the Gold medal is rightfully ours to claim. (NOTE: You like how I say "ours" like I laced up and hit the court, right? Fuck you!) I'd like to add that Pau Gasol looks like an ostrich with a binge drinking problem that needs a shave. LOL. When does the NBA season start again? I am ready!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

"What You On Hops? Dope Or Dog Food?"

I shouldn't even have to explain to you the siginificance of this man's career - he is unquestionably 1 of the greatest MC's of all time and the direct precursor to Jay-Z. Before he hooked up with Barry White, started fucking Madonna and posing for Playgirl magazine, Kane had too much swagger. (NOTE: I pretty much am done with the word "swagger" because it has come to describe a bunch of people that are the antithesis of "swagger", but, when speaking about BDK, it is totally appropriate.) Oh yeah, he's from Brooklyn too. Shout out to the homie Deka! You already know.


Check out the Dapper Dan MCM trench coat kid. Hold that!

Back To The Grill Again.

"Cuban athlete might be banned after kicking ref

By ERIC TALMADGE, Associated Press Writer
7 hours, 30 minutes ago

BEIJING (AP)—Cuba’s Angel Matos deliberately kicked a referee square in the face after he was disqualified in a bronze-medal match, prompting the World Taekwondo Federation to recommend he be banned for life.

“We didn’t expect anything like what you have witnessed to occur,” said WTF secretary general Yang Jin-suk. “I am at a loss for words.”

Yang also recommended Matos’ coach be banned."

Read The Full Story Here: Yahoo.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: I kind of feel homeboy in this situation yall. I know that he didn't train his entire life or, at least for the better part of the last 4 years, only to be disqualified from an Olympic match that he was winning because of some bullshit technicality. I can't front though, ya man did spaz out a little hard ... lol. Street Fighter style, "Hadoken!"

Oh Yeah, Very Early This Morning, Barack Obama Text Messaged Me, Scarlett Johanson AND A Few Million Other People Because He Picked A V.P.

Barack Obama To Joe Biden: "Pssst! You've got the job."

Text message:

Barack has chosen Senator Joe Biden to be our VP nominee. Watch the first Obama-Biden rally live at 3pm ET on Spread the word!


Friend --

I have some important news that I want to make official.

I've chosen Joe Biden to be my running mate.

Joe and I will appear for the first time as running mates this afternoon in Springfield, Illinois -- the same place this campaign began more than 19 months ago.

I'm excited about hitting the campaign trail with Joe, but the two of us can't do this alone. We need your help to keep building this movement for change.

Please let Joe know that you're glad he's part of our team. Share your personal welcome note and we'll make sure he gets it:

Thanks for your support,


P.S. -- Make sure to turn on your TV at 2:00 p.m. Central Time to join us or watch online at

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Joe Biden DOES have a tendency to run his mouth and say some off-color shit from time-to-time and the Republicans are going to exploit that for all that it's worth.  I aint trippin' though, the Republican misinformation and smear machine would do that with ANYBODY that Obama chose ... it is what it is.  Let's see if Joe Biden's extensive experience with foreign policy can convince older White voters that Barack is not such a risky choice after all.

Oh yeah, all you fake ass feminists that are still blaming Obama for beating Hillary need to wake up and realize that he needs and deserves your full support as Democrats - don't cut your witch like noses off to spite your smug faces simply because your candidate lost in the primaries.  Get over it.  

NEW MUSIC: T.I. Ft. The Dream Team - Swagger Like Us (Dirty)(NO DJ)

The lineup for this song is sooooooooooooooooooooo ridiculous that, when I 1st saw it, I was sure that it was some bullshit blend. How happy was I when I find out that it wasn't a blend @ all and, in fact, is a real song from T.I.'s forthcoming album? You see that I had to make a special overnight post just for this song. I know, I know, I shouldn't have, but yall are my niggas like that ... lol. The homie T.I.P. called in some heavy favors son. You're ALL welcome!

Streaming Audio/Download Link: T.I. Ft. Kanye West, Jay-Z & Lil Wayne (Dirty)(NO DJ)