Thursday, April 30, 2009

50 Cent Talks Rick Ross x His Suspect (READ: Padded) 1st Week Album Sales @ MTV.Com

Lloyd Banks Responds To Rick Ross's Latest Attempts To Diss Eminem @ MTV.Com

The "Save Fashion" Pop-Up Shop @ NYC's Notorious Port Authority Bus Terminal Opens Tommorrow AKA Heroin Chic Shopping Is Here.

"Video: Port Authority’s ‘Save Fashion’ Pop-up Has Some Seriously Amazing Deals
4/30/09 at 3:55 PM

We admit we scoffed at the idea of a fashion pop-up coming to Port Authority, because Port Authority is such an unpleasant place to spend time. However New York's beauty and market editor Aja Mangum got a sneak peek at the pop-up's offerings, and they look so amazing we'd swim to a barge in the East River to shop them. Okay, we wouldn't swim, but we would kayak! A Lyn Devon dress that was $1,325 is now $129.90. A Charlotte Ronson top that was $283 is now $50. And amazing Alejandro Ingelmo platforms are only $100. The sale starts tomorrow at 11 a.m. at, yes, Port Authority. Watch the video to see more."

Information Courtesy Of: NYmag.Com

Learn More About The Save Fashion Initiative Online Here: Savefashion.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: The world famous inscription @ the foot of The Statue of Liberty as lifted from the classic Emma Lazarus sonnet "The New Colossus" has welcomed immigrants and visitors to this land of ours for well over a century. If that great bronze plaque reads, in part, "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free", I have long wondered why nobody ever installed a tin plaque display saying something like, "Give us your predatory pimps and your naive runaways" somewhere inside of the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

This Forty-Deuce landmark and former cathedral for innocent transients and hookers alike is 1 of the few remaining bastions of my beloved Old New York. Once surrounded by all kinds of peep shows, XXX video stores, questionable local bars and 1 particular Burger King that dubiously doubled as the hangout for all dope fiends in the know, the neighborhood has traded it's character for a pair of Mickey Mouse Disney® brand ears and bright corporate financed lights. No bueno.

Anyway, while I've seen a lot of things happen @ the Port Authority Bus Terminal, I never thought that I'd see the day when this derelict depot would house a high fashion rotating designer boutique-style pop-up shop. Opening it's doors to the public starting @ 11 AM, May 1, the Refinery 29 produced "Save Fashion" pop-up shop is on deck with some ridiculous sales for all of my recessionistas.

As usual, I have to wonder what they have in stock for a nigga like me, but, I wouldn't mind taking a trip to the "Deuce" to find out and do some people watching while I'm there. Hey, I might just thug out some fly heiress trying to get her "Downtown" slum on and score myself a golden-haired ticket ... lol. Let's get it.

Eminem - 3 A.M. (Mini Horror Movie Video Trailer)(World Premiere This Saturday May 2, 2009 On Cinemax)

Apparently, Still High Off Of His 1st Week Sales Returns, The "Bawse" Rick Ross Steps His War Games Up A Level x Calls Eminem A Monkey x A Honkey.

GROW UP: Academy Award®-Winning Director Barry Levinson Explores The Staged New World Of Celebrity x Politics In "Poliwood".

"[POLIW] | 2009 | 85 min | Feature Documentary

Directed by: Barry Levinson

World Premiere
Interests: Documentary, Politics
Cast & Credits
Primary Cast: Anne Hathaway, Susan Sarandon,, Sting, Josh Lucas, Ellen Burstyn
Director: Barry Levinson
Producers: Robin Bronk, Robert Baruc, Tim Daly, Jason Sosnoff
Editor: Aaron Yanes

Program Notes

Legendary Academy Award®-winning director Barry Levinson sets out to explore the collision and collusion between politics and Hollywood. The film gives the viewer a front-row seat and backroom access to the most significant presidential campaign of the 21st century.

Featuring interviews with high-profile celebrities and powerful political figures, Poliwood gives insider access to the influence Hollywood has over today's political process as we discover the thin line between politician and actor, news and entertainment, policy and tabloid. Trailing a number of politically active actors, writers, directors, and musicians, this documentary is sure to spark debate about the role media and celebrities should have in modern-day politics. A Screen Media Films presentation.

Following the May 1 screening, join director Barry Levinson and actors Josh Lucas, Rachael Leigh Cook, Tim Daly, Ellen Burstyn, Tony Goldwyn, Robert Davi, Matthew Modine, Gloria Reuben, and Wendie Malick for a special conversation moderated by Lawrence O'Donnell, NBC News political analyst and writer.

Friday, May 1, 6:00 pm
@BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center

Information Courtesy Of: Tribecafilm.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: The advent of cable news (NOTE: Although not limited to television) has only elevated "political theater" and extended the "cult" of celebrity well beyond Hollywood, California to, of all places, Washington D.C., creating, as Academy Award®-winning director Barry Levinson suggests with his newest film, a veritable "Poliwood" - complete with all of the drama, divas and posturing of a real movie set.

Yes, when Y.O.U. can't afford to purchase the green scissors required to cut through the lengthy red tape that surrounds filming in New York City, Y.O.U. might opt to roll film in Vancouver. Likewise, when a script calls for a desert scene in the Sahara a studio that is strapped for cash might settle for a location in New Mexico. Today though, some of the most talked about "stars" treat Capitol Hill as their sound stage of choice.

In spite of being chock full of your garden variety liberal "Hollywood Elite" muckrakers (Sarcasm. Learn it.), "Poliwood" promises to be a subjective documentary piece that attempts to honestly explore this Staged New World ... lol. Political propaganda is nothing new, however, the use of the media to manipulate the masses has grown exponentially since the Reagan-Era. Unfortunately, many of the old boarded up houses of responsible journalism are now inhabited by spin doctor squatters who twist the truth and present opinions as facts and, worst of all, they haven't paid rent in years ... lol.

Raise your hand if the election of Barack Obama to the Oval Office was more than just a sugar high. Really? Good. Now, use your free hand to dial your phone and cop some tickets for the "Poliwood" premiere this Friday May, 1 @ the über cool TriBeca Film Festival. Not only is it "grown and sexy"; it's good for Y.O.U. too. Holla @ ya boy in BK!


Barry Levinson Interview @ AMCTV.Com

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LiveStyle Follower Shelly Rio Talks Family x Work x Gives A Slideshow Preview Of Her Models Gone Wild "Hard Candy" Road Trip Cross Country Tour.



Red Cafe Talks New Diddy Hosted Mixtape @ MTV.Com

Human Hot Potato Red Cafe Announces His New Joint-Venture Deal With Konvict Music x Bad Boy Records @ The CORE DJ's Retreat In Atlanta.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Seriously, this nigga Red Cafe holds the world record for "Most Record Deals Without Ever Releasing An Actual Solo Album" ... lol.

Let's see: Trackmasters, Mack 10's Whoo Bangin' imprint, running around with Fabolous and Street Family for a minute trying desperately to remain relevant, some bullshit with DJ Envy and Koch Records and, now, this joint-venture between Akon's Konvict Music and legendary serial-artist-rapist, Diddy and his Bad Boy Records.

Fuck it, the homie makes good music and he's from Flatbush, Brooklyn, so I wholeheartedly applaud this latest power move yall. I guess with the homie Shyne about to come home and touch the world after a 10 year bid, Diddy is finally ready to face his fears and work with us unruly Brooklyn boys once again ... lol. Hopefully, Red Cafe can successfully make the leap from the Development League to pro-ball my nigga. Good shit.

Hitting Newsstands Next Week: Eminem Covers The June 2009 Issue Of Vibe Magazine x DJ Paul x Rick Ross Cover The May 2009 Issue Of Ozone Magazine.

Raekwon Ft. Ghostface Killah x Method Man - New Wu

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: By virtue of the very fact that Y.O.U. are a loyal Livestyle reader, Y.O.U. already know that I am not like most of these other hide-and-seek bloggers in this internet game, so, no, not every record that Raekwon makes will receive some reflexive rubber stamp approval on this side. The brutal truth is that some of the homie's recent records are brimming with wack juice. It is what it is.

That having been said, when the original "Iron Chef" prepares a gourmet dish befitting a gangster, I have got to support that. This "New Wu" joint with the classic sound featuring stellar performances from both Ghostface Killah and Method Man was leaked a few months back and has since been absorbed by the thirsty streets. It's about time that they dropped a video for this gem. Real recognize real.

Barack Obama Reaches A C-Note AKA It Was All Good Just 100 Days Ago.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Much like 1980's cartoon rock icon Jem, life can be "truly outrageous". In relatively short time we have collectively gone from not being able to fathom a future where a Black family would occupy The White House to, now, celebrating Barack Obama's 1st 100 momentous days as 44th President Of the United States Of America.

During the election cycle "change" was the slogan and I implored Y.O.U. to take nothing for granted. Although Obama was swept into office on a cresting wave of bi-partisan fellowship spurred by a very public national backlash to the Republican Party's increasingly narrow, xenophobic and, consequently, shrinking base, we cannot rest on our laurels yall.

This is only the beginning people.

For all of his GOD given abilities and surging popularity (NOTE: We're talking like a 61% approval rating according to the latest WSJ/NBC polls as of press time or, ummmmm, blog time ... lol), he still faces an unprecedented financial crisis, opposition from the "NO" it all Republicans along with whatever other obstacles may come his way - all while under a microscopic scrutiny the likes of which no President has known heretofore. Whoaaaaaaa! Yes, this is only the beginning people. Watch and learn.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Clipse's Former Manager Busted For Operating A $10 Million A Year Drug-Ring = Maybe They Really Do "Got It For Cheap" ... LOL.

"Encore Lounge owner charged with leading $10M drug ring

By Tim McGlone
The Virginian-Pilot
© April 28, 2009


Anthony Gonzalez, the owner of the closed Encore Lounge nightclub who is charged with leading a $10 million drug ring, turned himself in to federal authorities in Miami today and will be returned to Hampton Roads to face an 82-count indictment.

Gonzalez is scheduled to appear before a federal magistrate in Miami at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Gonzalez, who has ties to the rap stars Clipse, was charged in U.S. District Court. An unnamed police officer also is listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 60-page indictment.

Federal authorities say the six-year drug operation was based at Encore Lounge. The indictment says Gonzalez bought the club at 1889 Virginia Beach Blvd. in November 2007 from an unidentified co-conspirator for 40 pounds of marijuana and about $80,000 in drug proceeds.

The club closed earlier this year after more than 100 incidents of violence, shootings, drug dealing and disorderly conduct.

The 82-count indictment charges Gonzalez, 34, of Chesapeake and six others in a drug conspiracy that stretches from Hampton Roads across the country to South America and back. Police and federal agents were still searching for Gonzalez, also known as Geezy, as of late Monday.

Two suspected underlings, brothers Raymond D. McCoy, 24, and John Lee McCoy III, 26, were in court Monday and ordered jailed pending bond hearings on Wednesday. Another suspect, Richard W. Hoggard, 25, who was arrested Friday, will have a bond hearing today.

The indictment says the operation has distributed more than a ton of marijuana and more than 100 pounds of cocaine since 2003 throughout Hampton Roads. The suspects obtained drugs mostly from Panama, Arizona, California and Florida, and either flew them here or drove them with cars containing hidden compartments, the indictment says.

The indictment also says an unidentified police officer, who sources say is from Norfolk, fed information about the drug inquiry to Gonzalez. A Norfolk police spokesman declined to comment on the matter Monday.

Gonzalez and other suspects lived lavishly, staying at a ritzy Arizona resort while obtaining multiple kilos of cocaine and hundreds of pounds of marijuana at a time, according to the indictment. Gonzalez bought himself a $127,000 Bentley sedan and a $90,000 Mercedes-Benz.

He's also accused of laundering proceeds through various businesses, including Soul Providers Management, Soul Providers Entertainment, D&A Trucking and the nightclub. Soul Providers Management is listed as the booking agent for Clipse on Clipse's MySpace Web page.

Read The Full Story Here: Hamptonroads.Com

Gotti's Way Season 2 On VH-1 (Official T.V. Series Supertrailer)

Gotti's Way Season 2 Trailer ( from Miss Info on Vimeo.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: My incredibly smart and profound father always says that "where Y.O.U. stand on an issue depends on where Y.O.U. sit" and, having been knocked off of his Supreme (pun very much intended) pedestal, Irv Gotti has become somewhat of a sympathetic character these days. I mean, fuck the "Murder", the homie from Queens is taking it back to square 1 and is simply trying to keep his incorporated business going yall.

Say what Y.O.U. will about this man, but, he is most definitely passionate about his music - a compelling quality that is, sadly, in drought-like short supply in this finicky and fake entertainment industry. More or less, until further notice, I fuxs with this VH-1 show hardbody karate. Tune in.

Diddy's Proclamation @ The CORE DJ's Retreat In ATL. That Bad Boy Is The Last Of The Record Labels = True Story.

NEW MUSIC: Rick Ross Ft. Usher - Everything You Want (Unreleased)(Dirty)(NO DJ)

Streaming Audio/Download Link: Rick Ross Ft. Usher - Everything You Want (Unreleased)(Dirty)(NO DJ)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Now, while I do not know the specifics regarding particular record, I have got to ask what A&R do-nothing fell asleep on the job and allowed this joint to slip through the cracks and not make it onto the tracklist for "Deeper Than Rap". Seriously, I can easily think of 5 pieces of shit on this new Rick Ross album that this collabo with Usher could have and should have taken the place of my nigga. Word ... "Cigar Music" didn't make the album either son. What's really good?

The Spring/Summer 2009 Louis Vuitton Socoa Damier Sunnies = This Is Chess, Not Checkers Boys x Girls.

Available Online Here: Louisvuitton.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: If the kid Fresh from the 1994 semi-classic film of the same name was truly "fresh", then, he would own a pair of these Spring/Summer 2009 Louis Vuitton Socoa Damier Sunglasses.

Whilst I do L.O.V.E. the classic "LV" monogram print, much like the Gucci "GG" print, wearing an outfit festooned with either logo generally comes off looking like nouveau riche "amateur night" ... and nobody wants that ... lol.

No, Livestyle is an advocate of affluent sensibilities coupled with plain old good taste and, as such, these exclusive Damier Photochromic Lenses certainly fit the bill - or the grill as it were ... lol. Available in Silver and/or Gold colorways and prepared to Louis Vuitton's exceptional standards, these sunnies are good money in any currency homie. Good shit.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Behind The Scenes: Caviar (From "For The Love Of Ray J") Photoshoot x Interview @ DynastyTV.Com

The Clipse Talk Killa Cam Collabo Record "Back By Popular Demand" @ MTV.Com

When It Rains It Pours.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: I went out. I got mind numbingly drunk. I knocked out an innocent Mexican bystander. I lost my phone ... again. My wife's talented young cousin was killed in a senseless early morning car accident this Sunday. Swine Flu is everywhere. Yes, when it rains it pours.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Brunch Bunch Pt. 32 (Shout Out To The Homie Damien Lemon!)

Reverend T.D. Jakes Approved.

Friday, April 24, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Drake Has Just Been Accepted Into The Official LiveStyle Circle Of Trust.

Uno. (Drake - Live Performance @ SUNY Purchase College 04/17/09)

Dos. (Drake Ft. Lil Wayne & Trey Songz - Successful)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: In rare instances, my famously staunch anti-trendoid stance inhibits me from appreciating some overhyped shit that is, in spite of the ridiculous amount of hoopla, actually good. this is 1 such occasion.

Believe it or not, my delayed reaction to the current internet "flavor of the month", Drake, has absolutely nothing to do with his starring role on the ultra-corny, yet, ultra-popular Canadian teen-drama (NOTE: The term "teen-drama" alone is enough to make me spit up Wild Cherry Pepsi® in a fit of laughter). No, I couldn't fuck with Drake because A) From the little that I had heard from him he sounded like Lil Wayne 2.0 and B) every retrosexual and I-compensate-for-my-social-awkwardness-and-the-lack-of-respect-that-I-receive-from-the-streets blogger was quenching their nerd thirst with the sweat from this nigga's balls ... lol.

How could I support that? The answer is that I couldn't; that is until yesterday afternoon when my brother PUSH! Montana co-signed Drake and played me choice cuts from his over-a-million-served super downloaded mixtape/album "So Far Gone". Sorry Aisha, it took a fellow MC and a Brooklyn "G" to really make me pay this kid attention ... lol.

Send me to the Principal's Office to retrieve my late pass if Y.O.U. must, but, Drake has just earned an official Livestyle Seal of Approval. Point, blank, period: Drake gets busy! Somebody Twitter that nigga and tell him that he is now "good in the hood" ... lol.

Ah Wah Di Bumbaclot Yuh Ah Ring Mi Phone Wi Dis Fuckery For!? AKA Jamaican Crank Yankers Is Hilarious!

Fabolous Ft. The Dream - Throw It In The Bag (Mini Movie Video Trailer) AKA Captain Save-A-Booster ... LOL.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Wooooooooooooooooow! Son took it back to shopping @ the Atrium on Broadway in Manhattan and rescues a boosting damsel in distress in the process! Very Brooklyn. Niiiiiiiiice.

The Stussy x Ghost RIS T-Shirt Collabo Collection x Photo Book = A True Rogue's Gallery.

Visit Stussy Online Here: Stussy.Com

Read The Stussy April 2009 Ghost Feature Story Here: Stussy.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Livestyle is truly a lifestyle and this blog is a selfish labor of L.O.V.E., if that makes any sense. I lead a considerably blessed life and a large part of GOD's favor has manifested itself in the rich experiences and relationships that I have cultivated over the years. This brilliant blog is a composite sketch of my animated world and, although not nearly discussed as much as it's impact on my life might dictate, graffiti has a major role in this motion picture. Yes, before I took trips back-and-forth, up-and-down the I-95 staring out of Roy Roger's wrapper littered rental car windows with my friends wishing on a Gemstar, I squeezed my mom's hand on trips to-and-from The Bronx as I marveled @ the trains and tunnels that young artists had turned into impromptu galleries. Back then, the world was so much smaller and the graffiti was soooooooooooo much bigger! LOL.

Anyway, like every true patron of the Hip Hop arts, I came up with a tag, racked some Pilot© markers and paint and hit the streets of Old New York with force. Honestly, I never claimed that "all city" fame (I didn't bomb hard enough), but, some of my extended family has. Dear? Ojae? Sere? Zen2? JA? Ring a bell?

Well, whether those names sound familiar to Y.O.U. or not, I expect Y.O.U. to be able to fully appreciate this Stussy x Ghost RIS t-shirt collabo collection and the accompanying book. Yeah, Ghost is an NYC O.G. in this underworld thing of ours who is making steady strides in the mainstream art scene. The Ghost Photo Book and Stussy x Ghost t-shirt series hits Stussy Chapter stores around the globe on Saturday, April 25th. Niiiiiiiiiiiice.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Behind The Scenes: Jessy Jamez Photoshoot @ DynastyTV.Com

Kanye West Ft. Young Jeezy - Amazing

Amazing from kwest on Vimeo.

NEW MUSIC: Eminem - 3 A.M. (Dirty)(NO DJ) x Official "Relapse" Retail Album Cover.

Streaming Audio/Download Link: Eminem - 3 A.M. (Dirty)(NO DJ)

Official "Relapse" Retail Album Cover.

Jacki-O - Hood Girl

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Y.O.U. know exactly why this Jacki-O video is here and, if for some strange reason Y.O.U. don't, then feel free to skip this entry. Everybody else, enjoy! LOL. It is what it is.


In strict accordance with the standard Livestyle operating agreement I am legally responsible for a significant part of your cultural maturation and, as such, I simply had to post the classic Eurythmics song "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)". I L.O.V.E. this song too much to allow Jacki-O's butchering of this brilliant record to be the last thing that Y.O.U. heard in this entry ... lol. Annie Lenox is too dope to go out like that.

Rick Ross - Deeper Than Rap Special @ BET = Rick Ross is A Good Rapper x All, But, He Is Full Of Crap.

LVMH Can't Hold Their Liquor?

"News of a potential sale of the liquor division of LVMH has the luxury business world buzzing. A report in the Telegraph says that spirits giant Diageo has tendered a 12 billion euro offer for LVMH's two-thirds stake in Moet Hennessy and that Diageo has set about raising capital with bankers working behind the scenes for several weeks.

The Financial Times asserts that Diageo has not made an unsolicited offer for Moët Hennessy but might be willing to buy if both parties could agree on a price. So far the talks appear to be more theoretical than actual because LVMH hasn't decided that they are ready to sell. The potential deal brings up an interesting question, in a softening luxury market which is better to hold onto, fashion brands like Marc Jacobs, Fendi and Louis Vuitton or liquor brands like Glenmorangie whisky, Belevedere and Chopin vodka, and Veuve Clicquot?"

Information Courtesy Of: Luxist.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: As a founding member of the world renowned Veuve Crew, this story indubitably piqued my interest. According to some recent reports, the lord of luxury labels, my main man Bernard Arnault, might be considering dropping the "MH" from his L.ouis V.uitton M.oët & H.ennessy empire. Only earlier this month did I feature a story about Mr. Arnault and his extensive portfolio of high society lifestyle (Shout out to Curt@!ns) holdings and, now, there's talk that he could be persuaded to sell the remaining two-thirds stake of his lucrative liquor division to drink brand dynamo Diageo if they can raise the ducketts to do it.

Now, be clear, Moët & Hennessy are hardly dead weight, however, in this recessionary market even the rich guys are having to tighten their billion dollar belts. I mean, LVMH did just acquire Donna Karan International and continues to remain active in several key selective sectors - so, maybe fashion is the future my friends. Shiiiiiiiiit, if Y.O.U. ask me, champagne and fine clothes always go together.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Max B: Biggaveli TV Ep. 6 (Y.O.U. Wanted More Jim Jones x Chrissy Bashing x Y.O.U. Got It!)

"We Fight Every Night, Now That's Not Kosher, I Reminisce With Bliss Of When We Was Closer"

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Previously recognized here in the annals of Livestyle as the "polite man's kicking a bitch to the curb anthem", "Looking At The Front Door" is a classic Hip Hop record that hearkens back to a time when talented MC's spun tales deeply rooted in all facets of "real" life and were not afraid to convey an emotional range that encompassed more than just gleeful ignorance and senseless violence. All of my fellas know that this song is, more or less, 3 minutes and change of pure timeless truisms and quotables courtesy of notable Senior Lecturer in Foul Female Psychology: the meritorious Large Professor. Yessir, women have Faith and Mary J. Blige (Ok, we've got Mary too ... lol) and we have this!

Sidebar: I remember DJ Clark Kent once telling me that Jay-Z had actually remade this gem a few years back. Rumor or fantastic fact? Either way, this shit sounds like something that the world needs to hear ASAP my nigga. Sooooooooooooo, will some enterprising and/or benevolent (NOTE: Heart and commerce CAN coexist ... lol) soul leak this elusive exclusive to the streets OR will the Seagate™ Firewire drive locked in the combination safe @ Bassline Studios forever hold it's peace? Is this song destined to suffer the same excruciatingly indefinite fate as the Dream Hampton penned "The Black Book" autobiography? What's really good?

Tahiry Gets Taken On A "Snuggie" Coppin' Shopping Spree @ Itsthereal.Com (50 Cent x Tia Aint Got Nothing On This ... LOL)

Mouse Budden Trap from jeff on Vimeo.

Lebron James - More Than A Game (Documentary Movie Trailer)(In Theaters 10/02/09)

Not The Cosby Show XXX (A Sitcums.Com Production)(SFW Porn Movie Trailer) = Take Off Those Clothes x Get Ready To Put On A Lawsuit.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Really? Ummmmmmmmmm, Y.O.U. already know that Bill Cosby has the good cease and desist order on deck homie. Keep 1 in the chamber and a lawyer on retainer.

Fuck The World!? No, Not Today.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Yes, today is the 39th annual celebration of Earth Day and Y.O.U. don't have to be a tree hugging Hippie eco-maniac nor do Y.O.U. have to necessarily follow in their Teva© sandals footprints to observe it ... lol. Right-Wing authoritarian types and all enemies of intellectualism be damned! Global Warming (NOTE: Although consensus regarding the urgency of the matter is difficult to reach) is very real and we ALL can and should do much better by our awesome planet. If nothing else, maybe Y.O.U. can use all of the bullshit manure that people throw your way as fertilizer ... lol. Think Green!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Behind The Scenes: Pretty Photoshoot @ Straight Stuntin' Magazine.

Behind The Scenes: Pam Rodriguez Photoshoot @ Show Magazine.

Rick Ross Interview With DJ Envy @ Sirius Satellite Radio Pt. 2 (The "Bawse" Disses 50 Cent x DJ Vlad x Talks About His "Sinister" C.O. Career)

The Limited Edition Nike Air Max 90 White Crocodile Skin Exclusivos = No Crocodile Tears Here Boys x Girls!

"Nike Air Max 90's have become a staple in the Nike footwear roster. Tinker Hatfield was the mastermind behind the air max concept which has spiraled into a viral shoe all across the world. In order to celebrate 20 years of Air Max 90 history, Nike has been working up special 90's to represent a very special point in history.

There are Less than 25 pairs known to exist in the color way using Crocodile Skin (this is not actual croc skin.) This pair is extremely rare and comes in a regular Nike box. This pair will not be sold to the general public and was a shoe given to friends and family of Nike representatives
. was lucky enough to be able to showcase this very special pair. Since this pair is so limited and special, Osneaker decided to make it available for purchase. This is a very special pair of sneakers that will not be seen anywhere else except"

Information Courtesy Of: Osneaker.Com

Available Online Here: Osneaker.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Yes, these über rare (limited to less than 25 pairs made available to friends and family of Nike higher ups) Nike Air Max 90 White Crocodile Skin kicks are a brilliant fusion of altitude meets attitude. Basically, only heavy sneaker collectors need apply ... lol. Good shit.

Fabolous Interview @ Allhiphop.Com (Talks Jumpoff Joey's Former Jumpoff Of A Wifey Tahiry)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Ummmmmmmmmmm, is it just me or has Fabolous been taking intro Evasive Question Answering And Assorted Interview Techniques courses under the tutelage of one, Professor Shawn Corey Carter? LOL.

Nah, strategically, I feel the homie Fab on this 1 - keep this hollow point bullet in the chamber just in case there should ever a come a day when Joe Budden realizes that all of this Tahiry mASS marketing on his part is, ultimately, a terrible look for him, will probably be the death knell for their relationship and only pours another gallon of wack juice on his lackluster career. Now we play the waiting game ... lol.

Rick Ross - Cold Blood (50 Cent/G-Unit Diss Pt. 75 ... LOL)(Official Full Length Video)

NEW MUSIC: Fabolous Ft. Jeremiah - It's My Time (Produced By The Runners)(Dirty)(NO DJ)

Streaming Audio/Download Link: Fabolous Ft. Jeremiah - It's My Time (Produced By The Runners)(Dirty)(NO DJ)

The 2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost Looks Scary Good.

"Shanghai 2009: Rolls-Royce ditches RR4 for Ghost nameplate

by Damon Lavrinc on Apr 20th 2009 at 3:58AM

At the Shanghai Motor Show this morning, Rolls-Royce finally put the temporary RR4 moniker to rest by officially naming its new Flying Spur-fighting sedan the "Ghost". Shown in concept form as the 200EX at last month's Geneva Motor Show, the Ghost will be built later this year on a separate assembly line at the automaker's newly expanded Goodwood facility, where it will share paint, wood and leather with its flagship brother, the Phantom. The Ghost is built using 20% of the parts from the recent BMW 7 series platform and will be equipped with a 500+ hp, twin-turbocharged V12 mated to an eight-speed transmission. Expect sales to begin in late 2009, with coupe and convertible variants to follow in the next two to three years.


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has announced the name for its new model series which until now has been known as RR4. The name was announced by CEO, Tom Purves at a press conference held at the Shanghai motor show.

The new car will be called the Rolls-Royce Ghost and production will begin at the company's Goodwood manufacturing facility on the south coast of England later in 2009.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars CEO, Tom Purves, said, "We are delighted to formally announce the Rolls-Royce Ghost. It is one of the most revered names in the automotive industry, evoking images of adventure and technical innovation. The name reflects this new model's breadth of abilities. The first cars to bear the Ghost name were known not only for impressive dependability and refinement but also great flair and style. This car will be the first in a new generation of models to carry this evocative name and will give us two pinnacle product lines – Phantom and Ghost.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost will be built on its own dedicated production line at Goodwood but will share paint, wood and leather workshops with the Phantom series of cars. Rolls-Royce has expanded all areas of its manufacturing facility over the last 18 months to prepare for the introduction of the Ghost model."

Information Courtesy Of: Autoblog.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: In spite of what Y.O.U. may have been erroneously lead to believe by non-conformist (READ: Good) nouveau riche (READ: Not so good) rappers, exemplary feats of automobile aristocracy such as the Maybach and the Rolls-Royce Phantom were actually designed with the passenger in mind. Yes, these venerable vehicles possess both a power and a prestige that make them a joy to actually get behind the wheel of and drive, however, the real luxury in these whips lies just beyond the cockpit in the sumptuously carpeted cabins of these modern day chariots. Now, far be it from me to suggest that all Maybachs and/or Phantoms be chauffeur driven - that is not my intention. On the contrary, Livestyle is in the high end business of providing information, making distinctions and clearly delineating a measure of greatness to which we can all aspire. With that said, if Y.O.U. really want to tear the road up, the 2010 Rolls Royce Ghost is where it's @ my nigga.

This latest reincarnation of the classic Rolls-Royce Ghost (NOTE: The actual name "Silver Ghost" refers to both the original 1906 car model and to one specific car from that series which predates the introduction of the "Phantom" range by nearly 2 decades) model is based largely on the current BMW 7 Series platform, yet, still maintains the marquee's signature silhouette albeit in a much slimmer streamlined profile than that of the Phantom.

Featured previously here (Can Y.O.U. say "early"? LOL.) as the "RR4" concept, the word is that this "baby" Rolls will have a big boy V-12 cylinder 6.6 liter engine with upwards of 500 horsepower. Did I mention that this is Rolls-Royce's "entry-level" sedan, meaning that this is poised to be their "economy" car? LOL. Yeah, $300,000 aint too steep - relatively speaking of course ... lol. Hey, have I ever allowed price to determine to what spectacular heights I set my ambitious sights? Exactly, and neither should Y.O.U. my friend. This is Livestyle.

Monday, April 20, 2009

LiveStyle Follower Shelly Rio x Kim Wilson Chop It Up x Preview Their "Hard Candy" Cross Country Honies Tour.

NEW MUSIC: The Clipse Ft. Kanye West - Kinda Like A Big Deal (Produced By Kanye West)(Dirty)(NO DJ)

Streaming Audio/Download Link: The Clipse Ft. Kanye West - Kinda Like A Big Deal (Produced By Kanye West)(Dirty)(NO DJ)

Tahiry x Joe Budden Start Couples Therapy @ Itsthereal.Com.

Pushing Buddens from jeff on Vimeo.

Happy 420! Merry Blueberry To All x To All A Good Light.

1. The popular tale is that 420 is the police radio code or criminal code for someone holding or smoking grass.
2. We actually didn’t find any truth to that tale but we did learn that California has two different 420 codes the first -California Penal Code 420 is a misdemeanor obstructing entry of public lands, and California Family Code 420 distinguishes A wedding ceremony.
3. There are 420 active chemicals in the marijuana plant when in all actuality there are 315, and that number changes for different types of pot plants.
Another theory is that tea time in Amsterdam is told to be at 4:20, when it’s actually at 5:30. Hmmm… way off.
4. The most common is that 420 is a national cannabis holiday -April 20th is the National Pot Smokers Day. (Not an actual holiday to “regular” folk)
5. The infamous German ruler Adolph Hitler’s birthday falls on April 20th but in reality the number 420 started out as a time, not a date.
6. And the disturbing date of April 20th is the day of the Columbine school shootings, but again a magical number that was started in the 70’s, and was most likely created by peace, love, and harmony folk. So I don’t think that is where our three digit code came from.
7. In all sense if you love smoking pot, rolling joints, hitting a bowl, or glue your face to a nice big water bong I’m sure no matter what the 420 community.

Information Courtesy Of: Top-Buzz.Net

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: For the record, while I no longer partake in puffing piff (and have not done so for many years), I do have a great appreciation and a tremendous amount of respect for the grass that is greener on the other side. Oh yeah, ummmmmmmmm, I also L.O.V.E. the way that Sour Diesel and O.G. Kush smells too ... lol.

A primary tenet of Livestyle is the belief that style and substance can coexist and, furthermore, can make for the highest form of personal refinement. Sure, this comprehensive approach to life includes music, fashion and the arts, however, should it not also include marijuana?

Listen, thinking "green" is not only about organic Whole Foods biodegradable shopping binges and recyclable goods. It is my assertion that "Dolce Vita" can, and for many people does, mean indulging in the consumption of high grade trees. Message To All Of My Livestyle Smokers: It's 420 homie - put something in the air.

Sunday, April 19, 2009