Friday, February 27, 2009

Lil Wayne - Prom Queen (Video Clip Preview)

Cam'ron - I Used To Get It In Ohio (Dirty)(NO DJ) x Official Full Length Video.

Streaming Audio/Download Link: Cam'ron - I Used To Get It In Ohio (Dirty)(NO DJ)

Jamie Foxx Ft. T-Pain x The Entire Screen Actors Guild - Blame It

Young Jeezy - Circulate (Directed By Terry Richardson)

Helloooooo Ladies: Valentino High-Heeled Peep Toe Couture Bow Half d'Orsay Sandals Summer 2009.

"Sometimes a shoe comes along that just makes you go "wow". This is one of those shoes. The colour, the box, the fact that it looks just as good from above as it does from any other angle, meaning that you get to look down on such loveliness every time you wear them - everything about these has left me wishing I could find a spare $695 down the back of the couch, so I could make them mine.

They're available to buy direct from Valentino."

Information Courtesy Of: Shoewawa.Com

Available Online Here: Valentino.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: As Winter and Spring now play tug-of-war with our days, it is time for my ladies to seriously start considering what their open toe shoe game is going to look like for Summer oh-9. NOTE: Your participation in this conversation requires honesty and self awareness on your part. If Y.O.U. know that Y.O.U. have bunions and your pedicure truly demands an emphasis on the "cure", then, this post is not for Y.O.U. - you've got a few issues to sort out 1st ma ... lol.

The Livestyle ethos is a curious mix of selective conservatism and color; knowing when to stand out, stand up or stand back in this world of ours. With all of that standing, Y.O.U. need a few good pairs of shoes! All shoes are effectively "statement" shoes - they all say something about the wearer - however, some statements are more grandiose and worthwhile than others. Case in point: The Valentino high-heeled peep toe couture bow half d'Orsay sandals for Summer 2009. These turquoise trinkets look like a pair of sophisticated Tiffany Nike Dunks ... lol. Fear not young lass, patent leather can be your friend. Slip these on for a nice sunny day and watch all of the jealous stares that you'll receive in the brilliant reflection off of your super shiny heels. Eat your hearts out bitches.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Juelz Santana Personal Video Invite To His 26th *COUGH* Birthday Party (MissinfoTV.Com)

It's Still "Fuck The Police".

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Sadly, in a misguided and, as this video illustrates, dangerous effort to prove themselves to their colleagues, Black police officers often overcompensate for their "Blackness" by demeaning and inflicting great pain on people who, without the badge and the blue uniform, would look just like them. It is as if many Black police officers (though, certainly not all) use such acts of aggression as a way to show their absolute allegiance to the "Boys In Blue". In effect, such disproportionate responses to situations that they interpret as threats to their ego and their social ranking in the precinct are meant to say, "Hey! Look @ my willingness to and, indeed, the joy that I derive from mistreating other people who look like me. I am not like these other niggers nor am I sympathetic to them and/or their needs. I can be trusted".

Such brutal disassociative measures are NEVER acceptable and I am glad that some "Joe-Schmoe" on the street had the balls to tape this incident and, more importantly, the where-with-all, even in the face of police harassment, to "no-look" pass the counter-evidence tape to 1 of the victim's friends in the crowd. I've had cops lie and lock me up for no reason before ... that shit aint no joke homie. While I am not a fan of "big brother" surveillance following our each and every move, I am super happy that, every once in awhile, we get to police the police. Message to the victim: Sue the fuck out of New York City and slap them bitch assed cops with a civil suit that would make their mama cry! Good shit.


Krs-1 - Black Cop (Circa 1993)

Been Had ...




CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: You've gotta respect that, after gettin' clowned by Mr. "Been Had Movies", Ju of D4L Records (NOTE: Hopefully I will NEVER have to reference this group EVER again on this blog ... lol) the original Mr. "Been Had Money" was good humored enough to respond with the equally funny universal hood official "Been Had Bootleg Movies" video instead of going the "I-take-myself-entirely-too-seriously-because-I-suck" typical rapper route ... lol. So, what Y.O.U. "been had" homie?

The Real Real Genuine "REAL" Matthews Crew Neck Sweatshirt = When Keeping It Real Goes Right.

Available Online Here: Realrealgenuine.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Flashback to a time not so long ago, say the late 1990's, and 1 would be hard pressed to hear me utter the word "real" in referring to my "Alpha Male" exploits or, worse still, the phrase "I keep it real" when attempting to convince others of my authentic nature and corresponding interests.

Jamie Foxx may "Blame It On The Alcohol", however, I blame my aversion during that time to the word "real" and all associated catch phrases because, well, it had become a catch phrase. When everybody's "real", nobody is "real" ... lol. Be not fooled, the tentacles of trendoid monsters reach far beyond mere fashion and music - they can even touch and corrupt well meaning and, normally, good and trustworthy words like "real". Times change, as does the slang that defines each generation and, today, the word that is currently under siege and is being threatened daily with pop-culture extinction is "swagger".

It's funny, Y.O.U. would think that the word "swagger" was just invented, what with the way that it is bandied about by everyone in an empty effort to explain what they perceive as "cool". Therein lies the problem my dear Livestyle readers and, also, part of the answer as to why I introduced this brilliant blog in the very 1st place. Because true "swagger" and "flyness" and any other popular word used to describe an individuals style (NOTE: NOT to be confused with fashion) and charisma cannot be quantified solely by such brittle, devalued terms, much of what I write here is intended to restore the balance and provide Y.O.U. with certain benchmarks of quality. Y.O.U. cannot purchase "swagger" - it is an effortless "cool" that only a few are blessed to have. Lucky Y.O.U. - Y.O.U. don't even know you're own strength, do Y.O.U.?

Now, what does this rambling rant have to do with Real Real Genuine and their fine apparel? Good question. Well, for their Spring 2009 range they have released the super simple yet super cool Real Real Genuine "REAL" Matthews crew neck sweatshirt and I am all over it like white on rice my nigga ... lol. Admittedly, this company is new to me, but, from the collections that I have seen, I continue to be impressed with their classic cuts and silhouettes along with their care and attention to detail when crafting their clothes.

Back in the day, I would have NEVER owned any article of clothing that had "real" emblazoned across the chest, but, now that the word has cooled off some and has successfully made it's way off of the "Played Out" list, I can fuxs with these pieces in good conscience.

Right now, the word "swagger" is on my "Words-To-Avoid-Using-As-Much-As-Possible" list, but who knows? Maybe 1 day in the not so distant future another word will take it's place in pop-culture and it too will become an ironic icon that I would consider wearing plastered on some random t-shirt or something. Maybe not. LOL. It is what it is.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MSNBC Originals Presents: Marijuana Inc. AKA The Chronic Chronicles Of Brad Piff x Angelina Roll-Weed.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Although their news coverage lacks the 24/7 expansive programming punch of their cable competitors, MSNBC, when they are actually "On Air", have come the closest to achieving the "fair and balanced" reporting standards that other disingenuous news outlets only claim to aspire to.

While I pride myself on the fact that I gather news from opposing ends of the news spectrum (Faux News included ... sometimes ... lol) and have conditioned myself to filter through the mountains of bullshit and partisan hyperbole, thereby forming, as best I can, my own true opinion of matters regarding our world, MSNBC has quickly become my go-to source for quality broadcast journalism.

I watch "Morning Joe" every morning and go to sleep every night with visions of Tamron Hall dancing in my head and on weekends - when everybody @ MSNBC goes home and leaves the station staffed with 2 news anchors, 2 camera men, 1 lonely intern and a vending machine - I have also really started to fuck with their "MSNBC Originals" series of documentaries. Tacit tales of prison, prostitution and other fucked up shit are their normal fare, however, MSNBC is stepping up to the plate and putting their best foot-age forward ... lol.

"NEWBOs" airs in 2 days - and that's great - but, I've gotta post this documentary entitled "Marijuana Inc." for all of my smokers! LOL. Word up, yall might fuck around and catch cottonmouth just looking @ this video ... lol. Legalize it! Holla @ ya boy in BK!

Show Me Your Tits!

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: That's right, today is Mardi Gras, the culmination of the week long Carnival celebration designed to exhaust all of your worldy inhibitions and overall freakiness in 1 last debauchery filled fest before Y.O.U. buckle down and fast for the holy season of Lent. I mean, Y.O.U. do know that tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, right? Tsk, tsk, tsk ... have Y.O.U. no shame? LOL. Now, who wants to claim their Livestyle beads?


Lankford’s Gluttoneer
Half pound prime rib/sirloin/rib eye patty, american cheese, onions, maple bacon, hot link sausage, ketchup and honey mustard.

Because the literal translation of "Mardi Gras" is "Fat Tuesday", I thought it apropos to provide linkage to the gluttonous gallery of fatty foods that is DISCLAIMER: Livestyle and it's subsidiaries are in no way, shape or form (round or otherwise) responsible for the instant heartburn that Y.O.U. may experience while viewing this website nor are we responsible for the artery clogging meals/snacks that Y.O.U. may attempt to create in the midst of a Sour Diesel fueled munchie binge after visiting this site.

Monday, February 23, 2009

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann Explains The Will Smith x Brian "Boom Goes The Dynamite!" Collins Catch Phrase Connection.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Just in case Y.O.U. were lost in cyberspace when this video went viral a year or so ago, here, courtesy of MSNBC's "capo di tutti capi" (@ least as far as anchors go ... lol) Keith Olbermann, is a primer on the origins of the now famous "Boom goes the dynamite!" phrase that pays, it's creator Brian Collins and his auspicious connection to Will Smith. Use this information wisely my friend ... lol.

In the interest of remaining your preferred comprehensive news source of choice, I have included the original full length video of this fuck up heard 'round the world! Y.O.U. gotta L.O.V.E. it.

NEW MUSIC: Rick Ross Ft. Birdman & Busta Rhymes - Shittin' On 'Em

Streaming Audio/Download Link: rick ross ft. birdman & busta rhymes - shittin' on 'em (dirty)(no dj)

PUSH! On Demand Ep. 1: NYC To ATL. AKA Mando x Montana's Excellent Adventure.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Shout out to my brothers-from-various-other-beautiful-mothers PUSH! Montana, Mandalay Jay, Walt Live, my blood brother Niketown and, of course, my O.G. Co-D Mr. 401K. Brooklyn ... we're everywhere that Y.O.U. wanna be.

Preview: CNBC Presents: "NEWBOs: The Rise Of America's New Black Overclass" - 02/26/09 @ 9PM x 1AM EST.

Grow Up: The Officine Panerai Ltd. Edition Radiomir Egiziano Is Here!

"As The Classicist noted in a column on Officine Panerai, the watchmaker founded in Florence in 1860, the firm got its start by supplying timepieces (and other instrumentation) to the Royal Italian Navy or Marina Militare. However they also produced special commissions for the elite branches of other countries' armed forces. One highly collectible example of such is a model made for the Egyptian Navy in 1956, limited to only 50 examples. Panerai has now ressurected the watch, dubbed the Radiomir Egiziano (above), for a new limited run. Only 300 pieces will be available at about $30,000 each. The watch features features a large lightweight brushed titanium case, a hand-wound movement with an 8-day power reserve, and a bi-directional rotating bezel. It comes on a thick tan leather strap fitted with a titanium buckle."

Information Courtesy Of: Luxist.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Although the Panerai brand has yet to reach official "Hip Hop name drop" status and does not litter the lyrics of countless rappers, those in the know surely know how distinguished these watches are. Of course Livestyle has covered this territory before, but, new limited releases behoove me to dispense new information to the public - Y.O.U. deserve the best homie. That having been said, the Officine Panerai Ltd. Edition Radiomir Egiziano is the newest "old" kid on the block. Yes, water resistant to 300 meters with vintage looking off-yellow luminous number indicators and a tanned strap that achieves the appearance of well-worn leather, Y.O.U. might consider this the "Benjamin Button" of modern watches ... lol.

While not nearly as limited as the Titanium Radiomir featured here a few months back, Panerai - the innovator of military grade wrist worn diving instruments since 1860 - delivers yet another stellar timepiece for all of the good little watch enthusiasts around the world. Niiiiiiice.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Beyonce "Carter" Knowles x Hugh "Really, I'm Not Gay" Jackman Musical Medley Performance @ The 2009 Oscar Awards.

50 Cent - Officer Ricky Ep. 4 (Welcome To Death Row)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Am I the only 1 who is completely over this whole Rick Ross Vs. 50 Cent rap "beef"? I mean, 50 Cent is destroying Rick Ross on this internet video shit, however, Rick Ross has continued to leak Alex "A-Roid" Rodriguez circa 2001-2003 strong records from his forthcoming album "Deeper Than Rap". This has turned into a real snooze fest now my nigga. Yawn.

The Brunch Bunch Pt. 23

Reverend T.D. Jakes Approved.

Friday, February 20, 2009

NEW MUSIC: Rick Ross Ft. Avery Storm - On Top Of The World (Dirty)(NO DJ) AKA "Rich Off Cocaine".

Streaming Audio/Download Link: Rick Ross Ft. Avery Storm - On Top Of The World (Dirty) (NO DJ)

ATTENTION: Sneaker Con Comes To NYC 03/01/09 = Wear Your Sunday Best.

"March 1st, 2009 will mark the premiere of Sneaker Con in New York City.

Sneaker Con is a Buy/Sell/Trade sneaker and apparel convention, event participants will have access to thirty vendors who will carry some of the hottest sneakers and gear on the market now.

Event Date:
Sunday, March 1st, 2009 12-7PM

Event Location:
Time Square Arts Center
669 8th Avenue
Between W. 42nd and W. 43rd St.
Times Square, New York


Information Courtesy Of: Osneaker.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Calling all sneaker heads in the greater New York City metropolitan area! The comic collector's (who are cool) and the Star Wars geeks (not so much) have had their fun and, now, it's time for the kings and queens of the kick game and all clothing connesieurs in general to bumrush the 1st annual Sneaker Con NYC edition on Sunday, March 1st, 2009. *Cue NBA Hall Of Fame Coach/Commentator Hubie Brown Voice* "Sneaker Con has the potential to become a marquee player in the highly competitive sneaker market. If Sneaker Con can stay healthy, this clinic could be a major additon to the league" ... lol. Y.O.U. already know - expect to see mucho exclusivos on hand and foot @ this event ... lol. I must go. Y.O.U. must go. We must go. Holla @ ya boy in BK!

Behind The Scenes: Christina Milian Photoshoot @ King Magazine (XtinamilianTV).

50 Cent Is "Pimpin' Curly" Ep. 3

Chris Brown x Rihanna: All Jokes Aside ... This Picture Is "Disturbia".

Picture Courtesy Of: TMZ.Com

LAPD Official "Unauthorized Release Of Photograph" Statement 02/19/09 (.PDF File): "Disturbia" - LAPD Style

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: This is not funny. This picture that was apparently leaked to celebrity gossip site/paparazzi playground TMZ.Com of Rihanna post Chris Brown beat down has put a gruesome face on domestic or, in this particular case, vehicular violence. Clearly, these kids were really thumpin' in that rental.

While I fully understand the urge to punch a bitch in the face, our GOD given ability to reason should (with the exception of being faced with imminent bodily harm) always preclude us from doing so. Look @ the matching speed knots on BOTH sides of her forehead. No bueno.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Behind The Scenes: Dana Lee Photoshoot @ Dynasty TV.

Kanye West Has Got A New Girlfriend Named Amber Rose x She Is Exactly What The Business Is.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Although Kanye "Harvey Milk" West is currently on a major campaign to convince the Hip Hop world that gay is the new straight, even he needs a "beard" to keep those horrible gay bashers off his FRO-ny tail ... lol. As we all know, money makes the world go 'round and, evidently, makes the hoes go down, however, I think that the über sexxxy Amber Rose with her brave buzz cut is sincerely eccentric enough to keep up with her new beau. Dammit man ... look @ shorty's lips! Kanye West: Y.O.U. win this round my friend.


Amber Rose With Long Hair.

Helloooooo Ladies: Chrisitian Louboutin x Jean-Francois Lesage Marie Antoniette-Inspired Capsule Collection = Let Them Spend Cake!

"Let them eat cake!" Marie Antoinette arguably once said. Well, I wonder what Marie would think of these Christian Louboutin heels designed with her in mind? She did lose her head for spending more money on extravagant fashion instead of feeding her starving people, so I guess she wouldn't mind them.

Louboutin teamed up with famous embroiderer Jean-Francois Lesage of the House of Lesage to create these spectacular heels. Only 36 pairs have been made, and at $6,295 a pop they are very far from my reach. Available in pink, yellow and blue they will be sold via Louboutin's Madison Avenue boutique from February 26. Kirsten Dunst gets a pair for free... naturally."

Information Courtesy Of: Shoewawa.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: In a cosmic coincidence to rival that of Barack Obama giving his historic presidential nomination speech 45 years to the day that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his legendary "I Have A Dream" homily @ the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C., luxury shoe craftsman par excellence Christian Louboutin (move over Mr. Manolo ... lol) has teamed up with famed French embroiderer Jean-Francois Lesage of the House of Lesage to concoct these bank busting Marie Antoinette-inspired beauties just in time for this global recession!

As opulent as The House of Versailles, these pink, yellow and blue early Easter colored treats might force some to take out an extra mortgage on their homes just to touch these $6,295 stilettos. Limited to 36 stamped and numbered pairs in the entire universe, this capsule collection of wearable art is as exclusive as it gets - Marie Antoinette would be proud. Have Y.O.U. had enough yet lil lady? Aight ... good. Now, wipe the drool off of your keyboard and get back to work.

Ralph Lauren Polo Modern Aviator Sunglasses = Get Your Pilot License.

Available Online Here: Ralphlauren.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: With Spring upon us and the struggle between Winter's fading freeze and it's inevitable thaw occuring across most of the nation, it is high time that Y.O.U. start getting your Summer wear affairs in order.

I haven't always been much of a sunglasses afficianado, however, as I have gotten older, I have begun to appreciate the benefits of having on hand a range of lenses to complement my various moods and outfits.

Aside from my rare and very vintage Versace gold trimmed the-future-as-imagined-by-a-gay-Italian-man glasses (Y.O.U. have got to see them to believe them), most of my sunnies are different takes on the classic "aviator" style and, as such, these brand new Ralph Lauren Polo Modern Aviator Sunglasses are clearly good money in my book. Oooooooh, they've got the subtle, but, still there "POLO" signature logo on both the upper left lens and the arms too! Yeah, I'm sold ... which means that they will soon be sold to me! LOL. Good shit.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mr. Chi-City Vs. The Parking Ticket Pt. 2: Mr. Chi-City Goes To Court.

Rick Ross - Kiss My Pinky Ring Curly (50 Cent Diss)

Jay-Z Explains Why "The Blueprint 3" Is Not Coming Out Anytime Soon @ MTV.Com.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Of course this is pure speculation on my part @ this point, but, did somebody sample or interpolate the Rod Stewart record "Forever Young" for the song of the same name that Jay-Z mentions in this impromptu interview alongside Lebron "I L.O.V.E. N.Y." James on the red carpet of their annual "2 Kings" NBA All-Star Weekend event? Awkward. LOL. Nah, it really could work ... maybe ... lol.


In accordance with the Livestyle mission statement and various aspects of the Geneva Convention, I am here to better acquaint Y.O.U. with all things dope. How could I reference this classic Rod Stewart tear-jerker and not include it's visual counterpart? That's right, I couldn't and I wouldn't ... lol. Isn't it fun to be eclectic and well informed? The answer is "YES". Holla @ ya boy in BK!

For The Cute Lil' Lazy M.F.'ers In Your Life AKA Couch Potato Patch Kids.

Information Courtesy Of: Nerdapproved.Com

Available Online Here: JCPenney.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: I keed, I keed! Lord knows that, after a hard day @ the sandbox, sometimes there's nothing that you'd rather do than come home, wash the finger paint off of your hands, pour yourself a tall ice cold glass of milk and kick back in your coolest-kid-on-the-block La-Z-Baby-Boy recliner. Yes, in the words of the great Wu-Tang philosopher Inspectah Deck, "Life as a shorty shouldn't be so rough" ... lol. Niiiiiiiiice.

Young Jeezy - Welcome Back

Find more videos like this on USDA2DAY

Say Hello!

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Because I regard all of my loyal Livestyle readers as friends (to varying degrees, let's not get carried away people ... lol.), when I leave Y.O.U. blog-less for a prolonged period of time, I do feel terrible. I mean, I am pretty much responsible for the proper cultivation of your better interests and, as the official Livestyle Institute of Fresh (NOTE: Yes, this academy is fully accredited and is now enrolling students) chaperon, I cannot in good conscience forsake Y.O.U. and allow Y.O.U. to float around aimlessly lost in the abyss that is cyberspace.

I have said this before, however, from time-to-time, it bears repeating: If I aint blogging for a N.Y. minute and giving Y.O.U. something to feast your eyes on that means either A) That I have a vicious hangover from the night before OR B) I am in the studio crafting a masterpiece (currently it is the CRASH project with The Heatmakerz and friends) or I'm taking care of money matters that are not fit for discussion on a public forum such as this - the net is watching ... lol. With that said, I encourage Y.O.U. to follow this blog and drop me a line - let a nigga know that you're out there homie. Remember: A fair exchange is no robbery. Holla @ ya boy in BK!

Monday, February 16, 2009

"Brothers Are Amused By Other Brother's Reps, But The Thing To Know Best Is Where The Gun Is Kept"

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: What can I say about Gangstarr? If Y.O.U. don't know these men and their extensive catalogue of genre defining hits, then Y.O.U. don't know Hip Hop and Y.O.U. most certainly do not deserve to be reading this blog! LOL. Hailing from Texas and Boston respectively, DJ Premier (NOTE: DJ Premier was born in Brooklyn although he relocated to Houston, Texas, where he spent much of his formative years) and Guru embraced Brooklyn sometime during the 1980's and have been reppin' us lovely ever since.

Now, sure, Guru is a mediocre lyricist @ best, however, as he so eloquently put it in a record by the same name, "It's Mostly The Voice". What Guru lacked as an MC, he made up for in tenor and artistic vision and his cohesive union with Primo produced hood classics like 1991's "Just To Get A Rep" off of Gangstarr's "Step In The Arena" album. This song successfully captures @ snapshot in time from not so long ago when drugs weren't the only lucrative grind in town.

There have always been stick up kids and "jostlers" in this game, but, @ the height of the "Crack Era" - when even a lowly "lookout" could conceivably make $500 a day - bigger predators adapted to the bigger prey and made those that were too weak to maintain forcibly pay.

Shit aint sweet today though and that goes double for back then. Word to the wise: Like my big homie Clyde has been known to say in Winters past as we convened on Crooke Avenue sippin' chilled Grey Goose vodka, "Never leave a wounded animal". Basically, what goes around comes around and "Just To Get A Rep" tells this universal story to a "T" my nigga. Y.O.U. already know what it is. Oh yeah, this video makes me wanna break out my O.G. Patrick Ewing kicks (complete with the rubberized miniature basketball keychain) and a fresh snap-back Starter© cap early! LOL. Holla @ ya boy in BK!

Jay-Z Says Rihanna's Beat Down Is Not Your Entertainment x An Entertaining Video Explaining The Chris Brown x Rihanna Wham-o In The Lambo.

Get your urban news at DimeWars.Com



Warren Buffet Has $250 Million Breakfast @ Tiffany's.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"Famed billionaire Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. picked up a pricey bauble this Valentine's week, $250 million of Tiffany & Co. debt. Tiffany & Co. is still the world's second-largest retailer of luxury jewelry but like many retailers, especially those in the jewelry business, it took a deep hit over the past holiday season. With its stock share price falling and lower sales numbers, the Buffett boost provides much-needed insulation in an unsure world.

Buffett has been buying up debt everywhere lately on companies as varied as Harley-Davidson and Sealed Air Corp., the makers of Bubble Wrap. Bonds on this debt pay between 10 and 15 percent. The Tiffany bonds are at 10 percent and half of the bonds will mature in 2017, the rest two years later. Tiffany will use the money to repay debt and regroup in a time that has seen other jewelry retailers including Whitehall and, just last week, Fortunoff, fall into bankruptcy. In the last year or so much of Tiffany's strategy has involved opening smaller stores and creating more entry-level sterling silver pieces. Last March before the economic crisis really got into full spin, I questioned whether these stores and this merchandise represented a dilution of the Tiffany brand. Given the prevailing winds of change, Tiffany could decide to reverse course, open fewer stores this year and strengthen its luxury reputation or it could continue on the current track and hope that consumers with less money to spend will still want a little piece of Tiffany."

Information Courtesy Of: Luxist.Com

Read More About Warren Buffet Here: Buffetsecrets.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: They do not call this man the "Oracle of Omaha" for nothing my friends. Multi-Billionaire titan of industry Warren Buffet has made a career of shrewdly purchasing debt ridden, under valued companies and assets, streamlining those acquisitions and cakin' up while the rest of the world is still waking up!

Yes, he adheres to that time honored Illuminati banker Baron Von Rothschild adage (that I have quoted here before) that Y.O.U., "Buy when there's blood in the streets, even if that blood is your own". Such intrepid contrarian investments on Buffet's part are a major reason why a single share in his Berkshire Hathaway Inc. holdings company usually hovers somewhere around $80,000 OR better. One word of interest in a company from this mentor and personal advisor to Barack Obama and stock markets around the globe react and bend to his will. Whoa! Y.O.U. don't understand.

If it don't make dollars it don't make sense to the Livestyle Board of Review. See, my disdain for the feckless following of trends transcends fashion and music and, as master mogul Warren Buffet does so superlatively, can be applied to all walks of life - including money. The homie Warren "The Wallet" (my personal nickname for him ... lol) has substantial (READ: majority) holdings in the millions of dollars in such diverse companies as American Express, Coca-Cola and, now, has just added a good portion of legendary luxury accoutrement manufacturer Tiffany & Co. to the tune of $250 million to his portly portfolio. Oh yeah, he flat out owns GEICO ... yeah, he gets it in ... lol.

Obviously, as mere mortals we cannot currently make such expensive and relatively risky purchases, but, as I have stated previously on this very blog, we should ALL be on the look out for investment opportunities, steals and deals that we can manage during these troubled financial times. Y.O.U. know the motto my nig: Scared money don't make money! Let's get it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

LiveStyle Essential Viewing DVR Reminder: CNBC Presents: "NEWBOs: The Rise Of The Black Overclass" - 02/26/09 @ 9PM x 1AM EST.

"CNBC's "NEWBOs: The Rise of America's New Black Overclass," is an original one-hour primetime documentary about the growing wave of young black multimillionaires coming out of the sports, media and entertainment industries. This project examines the rise of "Newbos," -- young black athletes, entertainers, and creative entrepreneurs – who, with the right amount of financial literacy, collaboration, intergenerational mentorship and social awareness, could have a profound, positive impact on black America. The special, hosted by Wall Street Journal reporter and CNBC correspondent Lee Hawkins, who coined the term "Newbo," is based on Hawkins' forthcoming book of the same title.

Newbos captures the pressures and prominence of the fascinating Newbo class and includes data about the wealth and financial impact of black athletes and entrepreneurial black music moguls in America. Contradicting old-guard leaders who assert that Newbos offer little to the black community as a whole, Hawkins puts the spotlight on the entrepreneurial, social and charitable efforts of several Newbos and their contagious financial power. The documentary offers behind-the-marquee stories on several high-profile Newbos, including NBA superstar LeBron James, Major League All-Star Torii Hunter, The Williams brothers of Cash Money Records, Dallas Cowboy star Terrell Owens, billionaire entrepreneur and Newbo pioneer Bob Johnson and musician, Multiplatinum gospel star Kirk Franklin, and television network owner Wyclef Jean.

There are more black multimillionaires and potential billionaires in the United States than ever before, and a startling new black overclass has emerged out of these three industries, generating billions of dollars of income per year. While there is no shortage of coverage of the unfortunate realities of black America-such as crime, incarceration rates, and wealth disparities-this is the first analysis of the growing number of self-made young black multimillionaires and the impact fast-wealth has on them and others that surround them."

Read The Full Story Here: CNBC.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: As a young sophisticate adept @ both navigating the streets and, increasingly, making a name for myself as a savvy business minded man in these corporate suites, the stories and profiles by Wall Street Journal reporter/CNBC correspondent Lee Hawkins in "NEWBOs: The Rise of the New Black Overclass" (and his forthcoming book of the same name) sound like the type of tales that I want to hear more of homie.

I aspire to reach such impressive financial heights and I have no doubt that these features will encompass the entire inspirational, intellectual and cautionary scope of lessons that this new information brings. In light of that, my only complaint is that a 1 hour documentary (NOTE: Actually, with commercials included, shows like this can be whittled down to approximately 40 minute programs) is not enough time to cover all of the ground necessary when addressing this often ignored segment of our population - this CNBC special is so special that it should have been a series ... lol. Be that as it may, this is still mandatory Livestyle viewing. Seriously, I expect to read some good essays from yall after this program airs! LOL. Holla @ ya boy in BK!

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