Friday, October 31, 2008

Lebron James Laces Nicole Scherzinger "After 6" Style.

"Don't pump fake me now" is officially my new favorite catch phrase until my next new favorite catch phrase comes along ... lol. Everybody, including Nike, Lebron James and the beautiful Nicole Scherzinger, knows that chicks in kicks rule!

"This Year Halloween Fell On A Weekend, Me x Geto Boys Was Trick-Or-Treating"

Before any arbitrary coastal or regional allegiances popped up in my world, good music was simply good music, and "My Mind's Playing Tricks On Me" from the 1991 Geto Boys album "We Can't Be Stopped" was then, and still remains, 1 of the best songs ever committed to vinyl (NOTE: Yeah, that was the typical method of audio conveyance popular back then, along with some weird manufacture called "cassette tapes" ... lol). Be most clear, "My Mind's Playing Tricks On Me" isn't just good by Hip Hop standards ... it is superb by ALL discerning contemporary musical metrics.

This particular song candidly communicates a hustler's paranoia (possibly a precursor to 1 of Jay-Z's overwhelming dictating style components) and explores the twisted rationale that allows us to justify what we do when we do what we do. Scarface's 2nd verse (the 3rd verse of the song) is a haunting study of the self doubt that can emerge in a person when faced with the conflict of conscience that befalls all intelligent would be convicts. On the real, Scarface's 2nd verse on "My Mind's Playing Tricks On Me" is 1 of the best Hip Hop verses that I have ever heard from any MC from anywhere - I'd put cash money on it kid.

These are the thoughts that do Nascar like laps in your mind when you're all alone in a strange town in a cheap motel room waiting for a call from your O.T. semi-trustworthy "connect" or, even while laying in bed @ home with "wifey", all the while questioning whether or not Y.O.U. are mistakenly "sleeping with the enemy". This song was real waaaaaaaaaaay before I could fully appreciate it's relevance.

I absolutely L.O.V.E. this song.

I could have featured this Houston, Texas gem @ anytime, but it felt especially apropos because Halloween really "fell on a weekend" this year. Who knows? I might post this same clip next year when it falls on Saturday my nigga ... lol. What's good?

Hey! Somaya Reese, "Do, Do Y.O.U. Got A First Aid Kit Handy?"

Had Y.O.U. told me last week that, come Friday of this week, I would be quoting Danity Kane in the headline of 1 of my posts, I might have shot Y.O.U. in cold blood on a Brooklyn street corner. That single act of senseless violence would have been pretty, pretty embarrassing in light of how I just titled this entry ... lol. In my defense though, how was I to know that Somaya Reese would dress up like this for Halloween and, in the words of the legendary Gregory Isaacs, become my new favorite sexxxy "Night Nurse". Somebody tell Ms. Reese that I am ready for my sponge bath ... lol.

Yes, I totally started this post by referencing a lyric from Diddy's irrelevant girl group Danity Kane and I apologize to those whom I may have let down. So, in an effort to reinforce my rich musical pedigree gravitas in the minds of Y.O.U. my loyal Livestyle readers, I had to post this classic reggae song from the-1-and-the-only Gregory Isaacs. What the bloodclot!?

Halloween Havoc Round 1: Michael Jackson Vs. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon - Heavyweight Title Bout For "Thriller" Champion Of The Universe!

BMF Stash Box Found = More Exciting Than Geraldo Rivera Opening Al Capone's Vault.

"Black Mafia’s Hummer limo hid $875,000 in cash


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Hummer limousine seized from the drug-dealing Black Mafia Family almost four years ago had been sold at auction, then sold three times more. It had been carrying teenagers to proms and brides and grooms to weddings.

But as federal officials prepared for a June trial, they “debriefed” other BMF members and learned agents missed something when they searched the Hummer.

U.S. Attorney's Office
The Hummer H2 stretch limousine was seized in 2004 during a raid of one of the Black Mafia Family’s stash houses in northwest Atlanta.

In August, agents tracked down the car, looked underneath the seats and found $875,000 in cash and seven brand new semi-automatic weapons, believed to be proceeds from BMF cocaine transactions.

The four “innocent owners,” according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert McBurney, knew nothing.

Information about the money and guns found in two “traps” was discussed this week as members of the BMF charged in Atlanta were sentenced.

Federal agents seized the black 2003 Hummer H2 stretch limousine in November 2004 when they raided one of BMF’s stash houses, “Space Mountain” on Paran Place in an upper-class northwest Atlanta neighborhood.

BMF members had cleaned out and fled the house, but they left the Hummer because they did not have keys to a car blocking the limousine.

McBurney said agents searched the limo and nothing found. The limo changed hands several times, finally ending up with Atlanta’s Comfort Limousine.

The Hummer was one of the extravagances BMF enjoyed with profits from its violent drug organization."

Read The Full Story Here: AJC.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Shiiiiiiiiiit, $875,000 is what they reportedly found and turned over to the Feds as evidence. Y.O.U. aint know? There's a recession going on outside no one is safe from ... lol.

Behind The Scenes: Olivia Munn @ Complex Magazine Halloween Photoshoot (Pictures x Video)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Ummmmmmmm, I barely know who this Olivia Munn character is, but she gets L.O.V.E. because A) she's cute and B) because she has ostensibly (@ least judging from this Complex Magazine photospread) railed against fake feminism and has NOT gone the cliché über slut costume route for Halloween 2008. I respect that. Y.O.U. stay classy Olivia Munn ... lol.

The Official Livestyle Halloween Assault Team Outdoorsman Catalogue Circa 1995

So, just because my 1st post of the day was not dedicated to ghouls and gobblins, Y.O.U. honestly thought that I forgot what day it is, right? Wrong! LOL. Oh, about the pictures in this post, not to worry, I'm a little too grown for the Halloween misdemeanor mischief bullshit ... lol.  Ohhhhhhhhh, who am I kidding? I might throw and egg ... or 2 ... or a dozen ... lol.

Shepard Fairey's First Solo Museum Show Slated For Early 2009 @ ICA Boston.

"It's never too early to get excited about anything related to Shepard Fairey, and so we're pleased to bring you word that come February, the man who made the world obedient to his mesmerizing Andre the Giant stencil will get his first solo museum exhibition—and at no less a venue than Boston's shimmering new Institute of Contemporary Art, designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro. The exhibition, "Shepard Fairey: Supply and Demand," is slated to run from February 6 through April 19 of next year and will include everything from early stenciled stickers and screenprints to works on wood and metal and fresh-from-the-studio pieces on paper and canvas. This all bodes very well for sales at the ICA gift shop.

If you've yet to experience the artist behind the bold, propaganda-flavored creations, here's an excerpt from Fairey's presentation at last fall's QBN Sessions event in which he explained the origin of the Andre stencil and "the Rorschach test facet" of his entire project."

Information Courtesy Of: Mediabistro.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: As mentioned here in an earlier post, I have been a fan of Shepard Fairey's work long before I ever recognized his subversive symbolisms stuck on stickers as anything even remotely close to mainstream "art". Throughout New York City in the mid 1990's, whenever I spotted any of his stenciled stamps trumpeting Andre The Giant and his "Posse", all that I saw was graffiti; albeit in a very revolutionary way. I peeled his faded ass stickers off of filthy, industrial silver matte painted lamp posts and the back of crosswalk signs alike, all the while unaware that what I was collecting was indeed art.   

In retrospect, what I (and anybody else that paid attention to this sort of thing) was witnessing was the convergence of "graff" and graphic arts school. Shepard Fairey made his name the old fashioned way: branding via bombing.  Today, every record label's street team owes this man a "Thank You" card, signed "Sincerely Yours, The Marketing Department". True story. This should be a great exhibit. Y.O.U. already know.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Maino Ft. PUSH! Montana x Mouse - What's Poppin' My G?

Naturally, I would support a song from the homie Maino featuring his brother Mouse and my nigga PUSH! Montana just on some Brooklyn solidarity shit, but this is actually a good song that stands strong on it's own. So, now, thanks to Mandalay Jay apprising me of the release of this clip, I get to post some brand new late breaking content and Maino gets some extra free viral video hits. Yes, this post is what Y.O.U. might call a win-win situation for everybody involved ... lol. Holla @ ya boy in BK!

BBC Presents: Imagine Jay-Z: He Came, He Saw, He Conquered AKA Jockin' Jay-Z The Movie.

Part Uno Of Seis.


"Imagine Jay-Z serves up a beginner's guide
by KEITH WATSON - Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If by any chance you'd been buried under a rock for the past two decades and had never heard of this thing called rap, then Imagine Jay-Z: He Came, He Saw, He Conquered would have served as a serviceable introduction. To the rest of us, it was an insult to our intelligence.

Isn't it time the BBC sorted out its arts coverage so someone deep into the subject gets the gig? Instead, there's Alan Yentob imagining he's bringing BBC1 up to speed with an intro to Jay-Z that ran: 'If there's one rapper you need to know about, it's him.' That 'if' spoke volumes: can you hear him saying: 'If there's one soprano you need to know about, it's her?'

Rap has won a massive worldwide audience, but it's only just arrived in Yentob world, so he served up a beginner's guide to Jay-Z, inspired by the Glastonbury storm in a teacup, that only scratched the surface. To his credit, Jay-Z treated non-questions such as: 'You must have loved language?' with good grace. But he looked like he was wondering what clown he was talking to.

Some sharp live footage and neat clips - Barack Obama referencing Dirt Off Your Shoulder on the campaign trail - made it worth persevering with. So what's next for Yentob? Death metal? 'You must have loved noise'"

Information Courtesy Of: Metro.Co.Uk

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Ummmmmmmmmm, yeah, this Alan Yentob guy does lay it on a little thick when talking about his over-the-top admiration for Jay-Z, but I do L.O.V.E. compelling documentaries and this qualifies as good viewing mate. Cheers!

Paris Hilton For President.

Really? Apparently, what originally started as a mere joke @ Funnyordie.Com has turned into a nice little publicity excuse for Paris Hilton, huh? Whatevs ... I aint mad @ my favorite air mattress heiress ... lol. It is what it is.

Meanwhile, Back @ The Ranch, Ralph Lauren Drops A Serious Coat For Winter 2008/09

"This Ralph Lauren Corduroy Ranch Coat is a classic fit jacket with warm shearling lining. We love the details on this jacket. “Distressed applied crown patches and military-inspired stripe patches accent each sleeve…Flap patch pockets with leather trim and accents at the hips, angled welt pockets with leather accents at the chest, interior welt pockets.” A well made and warm coat for the cold months. Available now from Ralph Lauren."

Information Courtesy Of: Selectism.Com

Available Online Here: Ralphlauren.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Seriously, what is Ralph Lauren trying to do to me and my wallet? Somewhere towards the end of the 1990's Ralph Lauren lost me, but, thanks to his latest influx of magnificent offerings, he and his lofty label have regained my interest in a major way. Perhaps Ralph only faltered slightly and has, in fact, been churning out his incomparable apparel Americana once again @ such high standards for a few years now. Like I said, after awhile I stopped paying his new creations much attention, so this is all news to me ... lol.

Anyway, this modestly detailed corduroy and shearling ranch coat is the ranch coat that J.R. Ewing would wear while stroking the manes of the exquisite Andalusian Pure Spanish-bred horses in his stables. Yeah, it's the kind of subtle sophistication that always catches my eye and that Ralph Lauren, @ his best, is world renowned for.


Yet another super cool random reference in a Livestyle calls for yet another excursion into the depths of my pop-culture filled mind ... lol. This 1 is sort of simple though, well, @ least compared to my other word association jaunts, the majority of which are, admittedly, completely off the wall ... lol. Trust me, everybody over 25 knows (even if it is in the back of their head) who J.R. Ewing is. Does the T.V. series Dallas ring a bell? Yeah, Y.O.U. already know ... literally. Oh, just watch the videos.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Behind The Scenes: Summer Walker Lingerie Photoshoot @ Flow.TV

Get your urban news at DimeWars.Com

For some ridiculously incoherent reason the Summer Walker Zigga Zagga Photoshoot video that I posted a few days ago was unceremoniously pulled from Dimewars.Com leaving me with an incomplete post entry and yall know that I aint like that @ all ... lol.  I mean, in this day-and-age, why people are still trippin' off of small time online video copyright infringement is beyond me. 

In any event, the people over @ Dimewars.Com are good and professional public servants though, so I have accepted their olive branch of this lightly olive skinned beauty and have decided to promptly post this new B.ehind T.he S.cenes video of shorty @ some other random ass photoshoot of hers ... lol. I think that I can speak for all parties involved when I say that we are ALL quite happy with how this matter has resolved itself. Holla @ ya boy in BK!

Special 30 Minute Barack Obama Campaign Commercial AKA Y.O.U. Are Now Baracking With The Best!

With the election only days away I have increasingly become a bit touchy about the direction and overall tone of the Obama Campaign's message. They have done nothing wrong (aside from Joe "Foot-In-Mouth" Biden and his irresponsible comments to Democratic fundraisers last week which raised the specter of Obama being "tested" by hostile world leaders should he become President of The United States) and I would like for them to keep it that way. Basically, it's prevent defense time. Now is no time for tricks; stick the script and get this man into office. Understandably, in light of such very real concerns, I was unsure of exactly how an HD Techni-Color Obama-Vision infomercial would "play in Peoria" ... lol.

I mean, from the outset, many of the attacks levied against Barack Obama have assailed his success and have egregiously conflated his personal excellence with elitism and, @ this point of his candidacy, I did not want this display to come off as arrogant and presumptuous. Thankfully, it did not.

This 30 minute buy out that blared across 7 major networks earlier tonight @ 8PM was host to a brilliant narrative that was less about Obama than it was about the people whom he's had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to along the campaign trail. This montage of memories was a highlight reel of the real "real" America covering the entire poly-ethnic, mulit-aged and multi-cultural range of the electorate. Somebody needs to pass the word to that bird Sarah Palin. Y.O.U. know what? On 2nd thought, don't bother. Oh yeah, contrary to John McLame and his legion of liars and lobbyists, Barack Obama's T.V. spot did NOT preempt the ever important 2008 World Series (Which the Philadelphia Phillies won by the way. Kudos.), it simply knocked out the pregame show to a game that, thanks to major rain delays, was being rejoined in the bottom of the 6th inning anyway.

If Y.O.U. have not yet seen it - watch it NOW. If Y.O.U. have already seen it - Y.O.U. know that Y.O.U. want to watch it again. Barack Obama has done his part and now, come November 4th, we ALL must do ours. Take nothing for granted.

That's How I Roll.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Truth is the foundation upon which the house of "good" humor (not to be confused with the ice cream company, delicious though that conversation would be) is courageously built. The more solid the brick and mortar of biting wit and apperceptive critique are stacked and structured, the more valuable it becomes to the audience. The real estate established in the hearts and minds of those whom relate to and share a common truth could never be foreclosed upon by lenders. This particular picture resonated with me in such a way.

At various times in my life, explicitly and implicitly, I have been persuaded to "dumb down" my lyrics, my commerce and, ultimately, myself by people who did not, would not or simply could not understand me. At various times in my life, when an otherwise independent mind has been clouded and made vulnerable by the lust for greater social inclusion, I have, regretfully, even considered it.

Fortunately, my Fox 5 Drive-In Movie (Oh yes, I will be covering that NYC television classic soon homie and I will go in) Karate like mind has allowed me to steel myself with the vague recollection of Bruce Lee's suggestion that we, "Be like water". More or less, the kid knows how to adjust and thus I am remarkably comfortable in my own skin.

I wear expensive labels, but cannot be defined by them. To the NYS Supreme Court judge I am an irredeemable "thug", yet, to my beautiful mother, I am her 1st born son who has a penchant for drawing and loved Popeye as a child - this thing of ours is so complex.

I pride myself on being a grounded and well rounded individual, indivisible in spitting spite of the bullshit that naysayers throw. My life is a study in contrast and Livestyle celebrates that. I write legibly and commit felonies, go figure ... lol. So, now the question becomes, Do Y.O.U. really do Y.O.U. or do Y.O.U. just pretend to? Know the difference.

2008 Power 105.1 PowerHouse Concert Recap: Beyonce Dances To "Single Ladies" x Lil Wayne Prays, Whines, Screams x Karaokes Whitney Houston.



The "Nelly" Black/Cactus/Violet Air Jordan Spiz'ikes Just Got Their Visa Approved.

Pictures Courtesy Of: Marqueesole.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Although Y.O.U. most likely 1st caught a glimpse of these dandies thanks to Nelly and his ill-fated "Stepped On My J's" video, I really hope that "Nelly Spiz'ike" is not the official product name of these kicks. No, as a consummate sneaker connoisseur of quiet distinction, I would not appreciate that @ all ... lol. Don't get me wrong though, either way, I fuxs with these Jordan Brand European exclusives turned expatriates hardbody. Nelly's über wackness and his unfortunate association with this sneaker is NOT nearly strong enough to prevent me from purchasing these bad boys.

Oh yeah, did I mention that these imports are scheduled to drop stateside December 31 with an MSRP of $175? Well, now Y.O.U. know. It's about time, right?  Don't think that I haven't noticed that, as of late, our friends across the pond have been getting ALL of the dope exclusives early ... don't even get me started on the Cool Grey Spiz'ikes ... lol. Let's get it!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Guitar Sports Heroes?

Ok, so, not only are ALL of these guys each rad champions in their respective sports, but now they are supposed to be amazing Guitar Hero players too? No doubt. We'll see about that ... lol. In the words of the inimitable Al Bundy (Who, in a gargantuan feat of grid iron greatness, legendarily scored 4 touchdowns in a single football game for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship showdown versus Andrew Johnson High School), "Let's rock".

Air Jordan Fusion 6 White x Red = Carmine Cool AKA "The Big Ragu".

"After finishing up with the remaining Air Jordan Fusion 20 releases, Jordan Brand is set to continue the Air Jordan Fusion Nike Air Force 1 x Air Jordan series into 2009 with the Air Jordan Fusion 6. The Air Jordan Fusion 6 is set to release in several colorways in both a Low and Mid. New pics of the White Red Air Jordan Fusion 6 recently hit the Net. The White Red Air Jordan Fusion 6 features a White Patent/White leather upper sitting on a Red midsole with Black and Red accents.

Tech Info:
01/31/2009 Air Jordan Fusion 6
343064-102 White/Black-Varsity Red

Images via [Sole Locker]"

Information Courtesy Of: Kixandthecity.Com

Available Online Here: Sole-Locker.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: While I would ideally much prefer to murder the hopes and dreams of sneaker fiends with these white/red Air Jordan Fusion 6 sneakers in the Summer, I am not @ all above brandishing these kicks right now and calling it a "Winter" white and "Christmas" red colorway combination coronation ... lol. Wait, do Y.O.U. seriously think that I wouldn't do it? Because I sooooooooooooooo would! Don't fuck with me ... lol.

Ah Ha! Not all of my references are derived from great Jay-Z quotables nor are they Hip Hop related @ all for that matter. Yes, my unparalleled pop-culture randomness knows no earthly bounds ... lol.

If Y.O.U. recognized the "Carmine" name droppery in the title of this post for the double entendre that it is - a reference to the Air Jordan "Carmine" model and a less obvious homage to the character Carmine Ragusa (Shirley's longtime boy toy ... lol) from the classic television show "Laverne & Shirley" - Y.O.U. are indeed super cool ... let no one tell Y.O.U. any different ... lol. Without a shadow of a doubt, Livestyle is truly an educational experience par excellence.  You're welcome.  You're all welcome!

T.I. Ft. Rihanna - Just Live Your Life

Is it just me or was this video a little confusing and anti-climactic? Y.O.U. felt the same way too, right? After seeing the trailer for this video a few days ago, this is NOT the finished product that I was expecting, although I do appreciate T.I. making an earnest effort to give this video a story line - weak though it may be.

Basically, it's a good song with a decent video that I am sure T.I. paid waaaaaaaaay too much for. Hey, "just live your life". Oh yeah, Rihanna looks right even with the Conan O'Brien pompadour ... lol. It is what it is.

Behind The Scenes: Pam Rodriguez - Gold Bikini Photoshoot.

Get your urban news at DimeWars.Com

Ummmmmmmmm, yeah, I have seriously been sleeping on this Pam Rodriguez chick. By and large, Mexicans that have relocated to New York City (or along the entire Eastern Seaboard for that matter) do NOT look anything like this, so Tex Mex S-E-X aint really poppin' on this side ... lol. However, whilst researching and preparing this post for Y.O.U. and your wandering eyes, I found out that Pam Rodriguez is actually Puerto Rican and Guatemalan. Who knew? Good shit.

Behind The Scenes: Jadakiss Ft. Neyo - By My Side

Why does Jadakiss insist on using the same name for multiple songs? LOL. Anyway, shout out to my Trills TV niggas ... this is a nice little exclusive look right here. Brooklyn style, of course.

"Y.O.U. Wasn't Down When We Was Riding The Bus, So Put On Your Adidas x Step Off"

Do me a favor, if Y.O.U. happen to have children of your own and/or younger brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews or Y.O.U. just work with kids, please inform them that, once upon a time in a world not so unlike their own, Hip Hop music could be both thoughtful and hardcore. I can't quite determine the exact tipping point, but, what is clear is that, somewhere along the line, a devastating divergence occurred where only backpack wearing, chewstick chewing vegans could speak truth to power and where the only authentic accepted expression of "gangsterism" celebrates complete ignorance and gleeful immaturity @ the expense of us ALL.

Believe it or not, much of current Hip Hop has alot in common with the Republican Party - both are terribly intolerant of people not like them ("Real" Americans Vs. apparently "False" Americans and, in Hip Hop, "Real" Niggas Vs. "Fake" Niggas) and both campaign actively against intellectualism.

Thankfully, I was raised @ a time when Y.O.U. could be both book smart and "hood" smart and, not only was it acceptable, it was encouraged. Songs such as this Ed O.G. and The Bulldogs 1991 classic "I Got To Have It" along with their follow up "Be A Father To Your Child" were as much apart of my childhood as Kool G. Rap's "Ill Street Blues" and, later, Black Moon's "How Many M.C.'s?".

Excusez-moi, but I don't want to have to get my conscious rap from stupid pseudo-bohemians who just discovered Eldridge Cleaver's "Soul On Ice" yesterday nor do I want to hear fairytales from frontin' ass rappers who make every effort to out "thug" me, but aint never been arrested, let alone touched Riker's Island. There has to be a balance, right? I mean, there used to be 1 - Rakim was nowhere near soft, NWA dropped "Express Yourself" and some of Tupac's greatest compositions spoke eloquently to the heart of the streets without ever being "sweet". It cannot and should not be all about these internet rap geeks and their trying-too-hard-to-be-"deep"-but-wind-up-sounding-stupid disasterously muddled songs ... lol. When it's time for some tough L.O.V.E. mixed with some heavy bars, I guess that's where a nigga like me comes in, huh? This is Livestyle. Holla @ ya boy in BK!

PS: I might have to play this song election night come November 4th!

Louis Vuitton 2009 City Guide (10th Anniversary Edition): Going Somewhere?

"You know there’s not just the Louis Vuitton Luggage to make your trip the stylish one ever! There’s also the latest edition of the Louis Vuitton City Guides!

For 10 years, the Louis Vuitton City Guides have been capturing the spirit of cities. Now with the new 2009 edition, there are many new destinations and new sections with a vintage-inspired look inspired from the label's iconic travelling trunks.

Whether you're headed to Asia, Europe or just a quick getaway to Miami, the guides are full of wonderful suggestions for restaurants, hotels, sightseeing as well as local destinations that are not usually on a tourist's radar. In addition, the revamped Guides will feature personal tips from the likes of Italian actress Monica Belluci on Rome and Barneys creative director Simon Doonan on New York.

The newly revised City guides will be available at LV boutiques worldwide from 15th October and costs from $25 up."

Information Courtesy Of: Luxuo.Com

Available Online Here: Colette.Fr And @ Louis Vuitton Boutiques Worldwide.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS:  Yes, Y.O.U. too can look like a true world traveller even if Y.O.U. have never left your city ... lol.  The Louis Vuitton City Guide is 1 of those practical and simultaneously subtle accessories that will probably be worth more to Y.O.U. in the long run than the $25 that Y.O.U. spring for it up front (Assuming that Y.O.U. do live in and/or plan to visit 1 of the world class cities covered. Sorry Atlanta and Chicago ... you're not quite there yet ... lol).  Impress your date (whom otherwise might not be impressed by your Zagat guide. SCENE: "Zagat?  I've never heard of that. is that a new designer or something?"  LOL.) whilst painting the town red according to the distinctively sexy destinations as complied by Louis Vuitton and their crack staff of jet-setters.  Personally, I'd pretty much listen to anything that Monica Bellucci has to tell me ... lol.  Good shit.

NBA 08 Season Tip Off @ Union Square = Splish, Splash x Pass.

KIA Motors NBA Tip Off Celebration
in partnership with the New York Knicks

Tuesday, October 28th
Union Square Park - south steps area
7:00 AM- 7:00 PM

Check out the new look Knicks at the KIA Motors NBA Tip Off Celebration in partnership with the New York Knicks on Tuesday, October 28th at Union Square Park in Manhattan from 7AM - 7PM. Current Knicks players David Lee, Nate Robinson, Malik Rose, Danilo Gallinari and the Knicks City Dancers are scheduled to appear with NBA and Knicks Legends Walt Clyde Frazier, John Starks, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Scottie Pippen, Kenny Walker, Kym Hampton, Charles Smith and even Spike Lee! Come out to an all day FREE fan festival to get your Knicks tickets, participate in basketball contests and win prizes including tickets to Opening Night and basketball games for all.

Times of appearances:

7 - 9AM:
Spike Lee, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Scottie Pippen

12 - 3 (TBA)PM:
John Starks, Charles Smith, Cal Ramsey, Kym Hampton
Kenny Walker, Clyde Frazier, Knicks City Dancers

4 - 6PM:
David Lee, Nate Robinson, Malik Rose, Danilo Gallinari
Maddie the Mascot (in Knicks jersey)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Soooooooooooooooooooo, to jump-shot start the NBA season, the league in conjunction with Kia Motors have collaborated to throw an all day event @ Union Square in New York City. Starting @ 7AM and running until 7PM, in an effort to get Kia Motors some "urban" love and to let the world know that the NBA is still indeed fan-tastic, they will be dragging out all kinds of sports stars and Spike Lee for this event.

There's going to be a 3-story DJ tower, a 8X10′ video wall (Where they would be wise to invite people to play NBA Live OR NBA 2K9) and Michael Kay will be broadcasting live on ESPN Radio 1050.

Hey, did I mention that they have also erected a full-size basketball court outdoors on an elevated platform? No? Well yeah, it's probably not that important now in light of the fact that it is raining Garfields and Odies outside ... lol. Any contingency plans David Stern? Y.O.U. can't blame this on baggy shorts and tattoos homie ... lol.

If the New York Knicks and the fate of their virgin season are in any way tethered to this weather, then today's torrential downpour, with no end in sight, is the perfect metaphor for that bitch ass team. Who says that GOD doesn't have a sense of humor? LOL. On the real, if an adequate abeyance of the rain occurs and Y.O.U. do happen to be in the neighborhood, maybe Y.O.U. can breeze through and check this event out. It is what it is.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Let's Beat Them Like They Stole Something ... Because They Have Stolen Elections Before!

"Scoop Donates A Million To
Tuesday, 14 October 2008, 7:49 pm
Press Release: The Scoop Team

Scoop Donates 1 Million Advert Impressions To Greg Palast and Robert F. Kennedy's StealYourVoteBack.Org

Press Release
Scoop Independent News

Stealing candy from supermarkets is small kumaras (similar to potatoes) compared to stealing the White House for a third time. The crooks in America are out to steal something much more valuable than a $2 Whittaker's peanut slab (read as Hersheys)– your vote. And what can you do to combat these vote-nabbing villains? Steal it right back!

Steal Back Your Vote (, the brainchild of reporter Greg Palast and law professor Robert F. Kennedy, puts the power back in the hands of the public with an investigative comic book and accompanying film. Their witty, non-partisan voter guide clarifies six insidious vote fraud tactics and provides seven easy steps each citizen can take to ensure that his or her ballot doesn't end up on the cutting room floor."

Read The Full Press Release Here: Scoop.Co.Nz

Visit Stealbackyourvote.Org Here: Stealbackyourvote.Org/

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: This is the world we live in and it is up to each and every 1 of us to apprise ourselves of the technicalities and various voter supression tactics that are already in place waiting to systematically trap and subsequently void tens-of-thousands of our votes come November 4th. It's time to Barack The Vote. As always, it bears repeating - take nothing for granted.

Down In St. Barth's In The Villa Gettin' Illa.

"Want to vacation like a rock star? In December, Eden RockSt. Barth's will unveil the Villa Rockstar, a private villa for rent that features the only private recording studio on the island. The hotel has partnered with Oceanway Recording Studios of Hollywood, CA to create the perfect musical retreat. The 16,000 square foot Villa Rockstar includes a circular bathroom tiled in white gold, a private 20-seat Cinemascope screening room fitted with THX-approved sound components and a a Land Rover and a new Mini Cooper available for guests. There are four suites and two additional cabins, two pools with a bar, a private gym, putting green, pool table and a croquet lawn as well as a personal butler. Rates Villa Rockstar start at 15,000 euros per night."

Information Courtesy Of: Luxist.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Attention PUSH! Montana and any other artists currently working with my-oldest-friend-and-my-brother-from-another-mother Mr. 401 K AKA Kyle X__________________ (Last name withheld because Y.O.U. don't need to know it).  It appears that Mr. 401 K (a frequent visitor to St. Barth's) has been deliberately hiding pertinent information from us.  How else could anybody explain my unearthing of this luxury recording studio being developed @ Eden Rock resort?

Let me get this straight: Am I to understand that a burgeoning music executive, who jet sets to this exotic locale like 4 times a year, has never caught wind of the private studio majesty that is Villa Rockstar?  Come ooooooooooooon.  Why do I have to employ investigative internet methods in order to find out about this incredible studio?  LOL.

All jokes aside, this does look like the perfect "R&R" (R.est and R.ecording) getaway my nigga.  Would my gutter mentality be softened by the cresting waves and white sands?  Naaaaaaaaah!  I have recorded in enough basements and cramped project apartments to deserve such a retreat. Alas, I do know that my recording budget would take a beautiful beating though ... lol. Villa Rockstar looks tremendous.  In case anybody asks, YES, I do fuxs with this ... lol.  Holla @ ya boy in BK!

Yes, I have noticed an inordinate amount of references to Jay-Z lyrics here @ Livestyle. I make no apologies though ... some quotes simply fit the topic perfectly. Once again, I could not leave Y.O.U. hanging in oblivion. Y.O.U. deserve context to partake in my awesome randomness and context Y.O.U. shall have. Who ya wit?

Behind The Scenes: Summer Walker Photoshoot @ Zigga Zagga Productions.

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Tom Ford 007 "Quantum Of Solace" Lenses.

"Tom Ford has designed the “James Bond 007″ sunglasses. The sunglasses are not only part of his Spring/Summer 2009 collection, but James Bond is actually wearing them in "Quantum Of Solace" as well. The sunglasses are an upgrade from the classic flight sunglasses and are available in two colorways."

Colette already has the Tom Ford “James Bond 007″ sunglasses in stock.

Information Courtesy Of: Selectism.Com

Available Online Here: Colette.Fr

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: While I have not heard, and highly doubt, that these new Tom Ford 007 Sunglasses are equipped to perform any spy-like tricks like deconstructing and turning into lock pick tools or, perhaps even more useful, emitting knockout gas into the faces of unsuspecting "birds", I still fancy these sunnies.

From what I can see, these look like your classic aviators except the frame appears to be slightly more rigid and there is no secondary bridge over the nose. Does that make a big difference? Y.O.U. should see me right now ... I am shrugging my shoulders ... lol. Basically, I can't call it. All I know is that, for a blockbuster movie tie in item, these sunnies are good money.

Tom Ford also did a masterful job designing the suits for "Quantum Of Solace" and reinterpreting the consummate James Bond aesthetic. Now, if only Tom Ford (an incredible designer with a 95% Livestyle rating) would stop making furry mukluks for men ... some shit will simply never work homie ... lol.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Try To Refrain From Playing The Childish Games"

The idiom, "age aint nothing but a number" gets bandied about by boys and girls looking to escape the seemingly never ending limitations of childhood and by aging players and playettes alike, desperately trying to convince everybody within ear shot that they've still got "it" - whatever "it" is - and that they still know how to use "it" ... lol.

Growing up, I never really lied to girls about my age - I've always been unusually comfortable (NOTE: I only consider my forthrightness to be "unusual" when compared to the trickery that many of my peers traffic in regularly) in my own skin and on my own time. With that said, when Chi-Ali dropped "Age Aint Nothing But A #" in 1992, it was a rallying cry for young niggas like myself whom (like ALL pre-teens and teenagers do) viewed himself as superlatively mature and waaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond the note passing, catch-and-kiss, he say/she say games of yesteryear. I mean, I was 12 years old ... it's not like I was some little 10 year old kid anymore ... lol.

Anyway, as I jam out to this song today, the ridiculousness of a child rapping about not needing a girl who is "14 and burnt out" is not lost on me 1 bit. Funnier still is when Chi-Ali gets rejected by a girl who is 17 Years old for being too young himself, only to have him skillfully turn the tables and shit on her by detailing the extent of his 13 year old fortune and how now, thanks to her shitty little attitude, she has disqualified herself from rolling with a winner! Seriously, Y.O.U. have to listen to this record with adult ears ... like, right now!

Yes, this song is a classic that is woefully underappreciated. Sadly, most Hip Hop fans only remember Chi-Ali for turning his 30 second role in the HBO cautionary gun flick "Strapped" into some real life shit when he merked his girlfriend's brother in The Bronx about 10 years ago. Nobody remembers the talented kid who was groomed by the world famous Beatnuts (Yes, "Reign Of The Tec" deserves and will get it's own post here @ Livestyle) and was the youngest member of The Native Tongues.

Long after his brush with Hip Hop fame, I met son through my-brother-from-another-mother Cliff and he was a good dude ... real talk. I don't even know what his bid is like, but I pray for the homie and for all of my good incarcerated brothers and sisters. Age may NOT be a number, but that jail sentence most definitely is.

It's too bad that kids don't rap like actual kids anymore. I would much rather hear an honest song like this that explores the universal topic of courtship and dating from an adolescent's perspective than to have some little remedial runt trying to prove to me how "gangster" he is ... lol. Basically, thanks for a Hip Hop classic Chi-Ali. Good shit.


Oh yeah, Y.O.U. already know that this song samples the boom bap greatness that is KRS One and B.oogie D.own P.roduction's "Criminal Minded", right? Of course Y.O.U. do. My Livestyle "freshness" guarantee and my commitment to excellence compels me to point out such things though ... lol. It is what it is. How old school New York is that Y.O.U. ask? Very.

Sunday Morning Inspiration: The Brunch Bunch Pt. 6

Reverend T.D. Jakes Approved.