Thursday, July 31, 2008

NEW MUSIC: Chris Live - Hi Hipster (Dirty)(CDQ)

It's about time that I posted some of my OWN music, right? I agree. Sit with this bit of truth for a minute and cool out ... I got you.  Leave a comment on the song.  Holla @ ya boy in BK!

"Now I Am Become DEF, Destroyer Of All HERBS!" - Shiva (As Vishnu) Persuading The Prince As Quoted By Robert Oppenheimer (The Manhattan Project) From The Hindu Bhagavad Gita Text And Now Reinterpreted By Me!  

Streaming Audio/Download Link: Chris Live - Hi Hipster!

Rihanna Presents: Sheer Shirt Sexiness 07-30-08

To: Men

Check out the almost X-Ray vision effect on the blouse.  Pretty nice, huh?  I know.  Enjoy.  

Your friend,

Join Air Bama On His Way To The Flight House.

I probably shouldn't keep putting you up on everything, but I've gotta tell somebody, right? Sharing is caring. Get this commemorative limited edition Barack Obama campaign t-shirt early @ Robustflavor.Com or don't bother getting it @ all homie. While this t-shirt is most definitely bangin', sadly, it does display many of the trouble signs consistent with the potential development of acute "Hyperplayedoutatosis".  As such, this shirt runs a high risk of "overness" once purchased by the corniest nigga that hangs out @ your local barbershop.   You already know.  Holla @ ya boy in BK!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I kind of grew up on the MTA in New York City. I mean, I was always travelling with my mother and, when I got old enough to run on my own, I would dip onto the trains with my boys during the Summer months just to soak up some AC and explore my ever expanding world.

Anyway, I really got to know Manhattan once I went to my 1st high school out there. It was on those streets that I got introduced to alot of things, 1 of which was the artwork of Shepard Fairey via his "Andre The Giant Has A Posse/Obey" campaign. The stickers were everywhere son and they just caught my eye. The image was familiar, but was definitely NOT WWF approved.  He also borrowed slogans from 1 of my favorite movies, "They Live!". How cool is that? Back then I used to peel dirty stickers off of crosswalk signs and lamposts ... I have quite a collection of vintage stickers ... lol.  I've still got some exclusives.

Today, Shepard is a world reknowned artist and clothing designer (the "Obey" brand is his) and he's the guy responsible for the super cool Soviet Bolshivek Era propaganda inspired Obama posters (pictured below) that everybody now regenerates copies of with pictures of themselves and what not. Homie and his experiment in "phenomenology" set off all of that guerilla marketing shit that Hip Hop labels and streetwear/skateboard brands swear by kid.  See, it all starts with the streets! Never forget that.

Holy Cow!

"Everybody wanna hear me talk that money like Phil Rizzuto/But my mind is on Pluto ..." - Jay-Z - Funkmaster Flex Hot 97 Grammy Family Freestyle 2007

Woooooooooooooooow!  I remember these, Crazy Eddie's and Tops In The Bronx commercials like it was yesterday!  WPIX anybody?  R.I.P. Phil "Scooter" Rizzuto - it will have been a year on August 14. Damn it feels good to be a real New Yorker!  

Helloooooo Ladies: New Gucci Crystal "GG" Handbags Fall 2008/Winter 2009.

"The GG Girl

28 July 2008, 10:18AM

THOSE looking for the next It-bag should look no further than Gucci's new Crystal GG bags for autumn/winter 2008-9.

Creative Director Frida Giannini has reinvented the classic Sixties Gucci canvas, updating it with a sleek, glossy coating, re-worked to have a patent finish.

"This is a historical Gucci fabric that I have re-invented in a very fun way," says Giannini. "With Crystal GG, each accessory becomes a statement-maker, perfect for the powerful and glamorous Gucci woman of today."

The key to puttin' other chicks on the disabled list with this bag will be brandishing it early AND often.  It doesn't take a psychic to see a future where Canal Street knockoffs and eBay ripoffs of this bag run rampant.  Any logo can sometimes be too much "look-@-me-and-my-insert-hauty-tauty-brand-name-here" action, but, then again, every once in awhile it can work masterfully.  You see it.  It is what it is.  

Read The Full Story Here: Vogue.Com

Helloooooo Ladies: Bottega Veneta Noce Ostrich Handbag.

In an effort to gradually introduce all of my readers to my own ethos and clothes-mindedness, I would be doing an extreme injustice to my vision if I didn't include my ladies and what they might like AND what I might like to see them in.  There aint nothing like a well put together woman - if she's got an hourglass figure, but can kick it like a nigga ... I suggest that you go get her.  LOL.  Yes, women (and men alike) should be smart and practical, but I can't lie like consumerism doesn't move me.  So, fuck it!  Here's to conspicuous consumption and being fly.  Slowly put down the Baby Phat and Ecko Red shit and follow me; I wouldn't steer you wrong ma.   

Now, let's get to the good stuff!  

Tacky trends come and go, but classic exotic skins never fall out of favor.  PETA will be sick though.  Anyway, the 1 lesson that I would like to impart to Y.O.U. @ this juncture is the importance of not on a good thing.  Subtlety is paramount. Tryin' to mega-match and rock all of that gator shit head-to-toe will make you look like a super gay Crocodille Dundee. Mega-matching is wack. Be easy.  

Now, what might not "be easy" is the expensive ass price of this featured bag ($5700 @ Bottega Veneta boutiques).  Yes, I know that almost NOBODY ever raps OR sings about Bottega Veneta, but this esteemed brand has been around since the 1960's and, following their fall off period and their popular resurgence around 2000 or so, they've comeback with a vengence yo.  BV don't do logos.  Be different.  Call the flagship store located on 5th Avenue in Manhattan for more details: 1(800) 605-8353.  Even if this bag is currently out of your price range ... get familiar. 

Photo & Information Courtesy Of:

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NEW MUSIC: Young Jeezy Ft. Jay-Z - Put On (Official G-Mix)

Here @ Livestyle, it is my job to "put oooooooooooooooooooooon"!  That's just what the homie does.  Quality over quantity is what I always say.  You're welcome.  You're all welcome!

Streaming Audio/Download Link: Young Jeezy Ft. Jay-Z - Put On (Official G-Mix)

GROW UP: Breguet Cufflinks.

These cufflinks were introduced late last year, but seem to only be getting exposure like that now. Subtle yet remarkable accessories like these will make you an impact player in ANY league. Trust me. Get ya mind right.

"Watch maker Breguet have released a collection of watch themed cufflinks which accompany their watches perfectly on the wearers wrist. The cufflinks are made of in the form of a watch’s case and features an oscillating weight similar to that which Breguet use for their automatic watches. The cufflinks are available in both eighteen carat white, pink or yellow gold with a choice of onyx or brown enamel for the dial. The cufflinks are also available in a white gold version which is set with seventy two diamonds."

Message To Rick Ross: Please Stop Talking.

Why Ricky? Why? We are all willing to give you a pass, but the fact that you continue to deny the insurmountable evidence that you were a C.O. before you sold kilos is starting to piss me off homie. If you fallback for a minute, maybe Plies and the allegations of fraudulence against him can take some of the heat yo.

Rick Ross's "Alleged" Job Application.

The Time Has Come.

The Hipster Holocaust is upon us! I have fluorescent colored thrift store t-shirt, "ironic-saying-here" trucker hat, Patricia Field leopard print spandex, American Apparel© skinny jeans and "murse" seeking missiles on deck.  You aint know?  Soon you'll understand.

Movie Trailer Leakage: X-Men Origins: Wolverine!

The X-Men movie franchise has proven to be 1 of the best when it comes to real comic book storyline authenticity to accurate Hollywood movie screenplay ratio. This Weapon X story looks ill already! They've got Sabertooth AND the whole Alpha Flight team in there like Mr. Belvedere too! Thanks for filming and subsequently leaking the preview Mr.-well-prepared-Comic-Con-attendee. Thank you very much.

Australian Super Chip = DSL Destroyer!

"Scientists from the University of Sydney have inadvertently demonstrated this theory by making the Web 60 times faster than current top-notch speeds, and promising to raise that to 100 times in the near future."

Read The Full Story Here: Porn Downloaders Rejoice!

I mean, we all know that the internet is for porn, right?

Bert & Ernie x M.O.P.

Blakka, Blakka ... BAOWWWWWWW!

BBC NYC Flagship Store Exclusive T-Shirt!

BBC will release their second NYC Flagship store exclusive T-shirt this upcoming Wednesday July 30th @ 11AM. One lucky customer who purchases this T-shirt will win a pair of tickets to the Glow In The Dark concert at Madison Square Garden on August 5th or 6th.

Story & Photos Courtesy Of: BBC/Ice Cream Blog

Summer Walker - New Show Magazine Pics!

I can honestly say that I truly have cultivated a deep and unyielding HATRED for the outrageous amount of airbrushing that Show Magazine uses on their photos. Never fail, they make the girls look like CGI creations. It's literally like Lucas Films handles their photo department or something ... lol. Thankfully, they didn't O.D. on shorty in this new photo set. Has somebody @ Show Magazine caught wind of my illustrious blog and finally started listening to me? Let's see where this goes yall.

Photos Courtesy Of: Blackjackskanz.Com

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Carhartt Streetwear Leather Pack!

The European/Asian incarnate of good ole' construction American worker favorite Carhartt, Carhartt Streetwear, will be releasing a classic black leather bundle of products around October 2008 or so.  

Shiiiiiiiiiit, I've still got my good corduroy collar Carhartt utility jacket with the matching flip-down hat from Triangle Sports. That's some official G shit ... Brooklyn style! I've got a picture of me rocking that jacket somewhere ... I'll post it yo. Anyway, this is 1 upgrade that I can definitely fuck with yall.

Story & Photo Courtesy Of: Broccolicity.Wordpress.Com

P. Diggy & The Fam. Who You Know Do It Better?

Yes, my favorite not-so-real-reality-t.v. family is back for a new season on MTV! Since the invention of Tivo and DVR, I haven't really watched shit @ it's original airing time since like the 3rd season of The Sopranos ... lol. I'll see this season when I see it ... either via DVR or 1 of MTV's patented nothing-else-to-show-but-1,200-episodes-of-"insert-tv-show-name-here" marathons on any given weekend. Oh yeah, for the record, Diggy is that niggy! He is the coolest person in an already pretty cool family. As such, he is completely well within his rights to be photographed wearing cliche' Arabian/Palestinian scarfs and whatever other tired trends that are considered to be hipster de riguer of the moment. He's like 15 years old and still developing his own sense of style though. What's YOUR excuse?

GROW UP: The 48 Laws Of Power (E-Book)

I was 1st introduced to this immensely popular book about 3-4 years ago. At the outset, my expectations where that I would, by reading this manual, become privy to the secrets of taking over the world by sheer savviness and cunning. You know, something like "How To NOT Make Friends And Still Influence People" ... lol.

I have since come to view this book as more of a guidline sort of thing that should not be taken completely literally. In the wrong hands, some of the lessons contained herein could serve to be the most combustible of materials for that powder keg of paranoia in you! Be cool fool ... it aint that serious. On the other hand, if applied with good reason and intention, alot of these rules are good money.  You've gotta navigate this world the right way and, in my opinion, be careful to not confuse strategy with craftiness and flatout foulness yo. Read it and tell me what your thoughts are on the book. By the way, YES, this is Summer reading and, come school time, this might be on the test. You can't afford to fuck around!

E-Book Download Link: Prince Machiavelli + Robert Greene = The 48 Laws Of Power

This Post Is Captain O.G. Readmore Approved!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The REAL Freeway Rick Ross Addresses The Rapper/C.O. Rick Ross.

If anybody is entitled to voice their opinion on this situaion, it's this man.

“After seeing all the stuff that has been going on with the Correctional Officer (William Roberts) that stole my name, [it] makes me think back to a year and a half ago when we spoke,” Ross explained to “I tried to talk to him like a big brother and let him know to be you, and that he couldn’t be me. And that if he wanted to rap the lifestyle that he couldn’t frame it based on my life.”

Read The Full Story Here: Allhiphop.Com

Watch this video and learn something about the REAL Freeway Ricky Ross. Hey, does the rapper "Freeway" have some 'splainin' to do for using a part of this nigga's name too? LOL.

Movie Trailer: Ong-Bak 2 Promo Reel!

Shout out to my lil brother Trini James (He loves this shit!). Ong-Bak 2 is on the way homie, "Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?".

Sirius x XM Radio Merger Approved!

"Washington, D.C. (AP) -- Federal regulators formally approved the merger of the nation's only two satellite radio operators Friday, ending a 16-month-long drama closely watched by Washington and Wall Street.

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.'s $3.3 billion buyout of rival XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. will mean 18 million-plus subscribers will be able to receive programming from both services.

Executives say it will mean huge cost savings that will lead to a first-ever profit for the relatively nascent industry. The Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to approve the buyout, with the tiebreaker coming Friday night from Republican commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate."

Read The Full Story Here: CNNMoney.Com

Fabolous Addresses The Rick Ross Situation.

Well, well, well, in this short video clip Fabolous plays politics and gives his opinion on the Rick "Rauce" situation as well.  If Rick Ross falls back for a minute, this could all be a wrap and he could get back to rap.

Nike Hyperdunk Release Today!

Set to release tomorrow at NikeTown here in New York is the much anticipated Nike Hyperdunk. Hailed to be the lightest and strongest basketball sneaker from Nike, the Hyperdunk is constructed from Flywire, specially treated nylon filaments that are more resilient than bullet proof vests. In addition, Lunarlite foam cushioning system, which provides a unique combination of ultra lightweight and responsiveness on the court. A special event will coincide with the launch tomorrow, where NikeTown will be giving away a special limited edition poster. Plus, 1 lucky winner will get to walk away with a brand new pair of Hyperdunk for FREE.

NikeTown - NYC
6 E 57th Street | Map
New York, NY 10022
TEL: 212-891-6457

Release Date: July 26th  

Information Courtesy Of:

Friday, July 25, 2008

Maino Addresses The Rick Ross Situation.

Leave it to a fellow Brooklyn native to keep it simple as a pimple and tell yall what I've been saying ... Rick Ross's problem is NOT that he had a job before rap, it's that he lied about what he knew to be 100% true.  "When's the last time you saw a negative?" ... lol!

Diddy To Give Cassie The "Golden Ticket"?

"Star Magazine | News | Cassie Diddy Engaged

Sean "Diddy" Combs is giving marriage a chance.

The bachelor father of six is quietly telling close friends and family that he and singer Cassandra "Cassie" Ventura are heading to the chapel.

"He told everyone to keep it extremely quiet because he didn't want it to get out, but you could tell he was excited," says a source. "Diddy said they hadn't set a date yet, but he wanted his family to hear the news first."

Diddy revealed his engagement to the Connecticut native at his son Justin's eighth-grade graduation ceremony in Riverdale, N.Y., on June 5. The hip-hop megastar met 17-years-younger Cassie after signing her up to his label, Bad Boy Records, in 2006.

Diddy ended his 10-year relationship with model Kim Porter last July."

Story Courtesy Of: Star Magazine

Ahhhhhhhhh, Kim Porter is good enough to breed up from time-to-time but is, apparently, not marriage material.  I've gotta say though that Cassie is the baddest chick without a body since the late, great Aaliyah.  I see you Diddy ... you always get caught up and fall in love like a muthafukka with them sexy Latinas.  Do ya thing homeboy!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mark Wahlberg + "Cocaine Cowboys" = Motion Picture Shit!

"Mark Wahlberg executive produce and costar with Peter Berg in Cocaine Cowboys
July 24, 2008 on 12:12 pm | In Movies | No Comments

Wahlberg is attached to executive produce and costar with Peter Berg in Cocaine Cowboys,
a drama Berg is slated to direct based on the true story of a Vietnam
vet who ran a powerful cocaine syndicate in south Florida in the 1970s.

the drug drama will be adapted by gonzo journalist Evan Wright (Generational Kill) from his in-the-works book about a Vietnam soldier (Wahlberg) who returns home after getting injured and goes to work as a drug dealer, moving from New York nightclubs to the Miami scene. A documentary, also titled Cocaine Cowboys, chronicled the same story in 2006."  

Picture & Story Courtesy Of: Videomagonline.Com

Sooooooooooooo, the homie Marky Mark will be playing John Roberts (pictured above) in the feature film adaptation of this documentary.  That's some gangxta shit for that ass!  Rappers could use some new movie dialogue to appropriate anyway ... lol. On the real though, if executed correctly, this film could be "Blow" cut with B.ay A.rea L.aboratory Co.mpany brand steroids my nig.  I've gotta holla @ my brother B.Randy Offor about this project ASAP.

Kim Kard-ASS-hian Says, "Obrigado" To The Readers Of J Magazine!

Unless you're a super "Portuguese Lover" (We'll talk about this classic song soon) like my favorite White girl Teena Marie, you will NOT be able to read shit in this magazine. Pictures are worth a 1,000 words though, right? Riiiiiiiiiight!  As we proceed!

These are just 2 new candid photos of Kim K. from like yesterday or something. She appears to be draggin' that wagon to a parking lot.  I posted them just because I can, so I did.

Slydial = How I Outfox Your Voicemail Box!

Have you ever wanted to perfrom the gesture of calling somebody without taking the horrible risk of actually having to potentially speak to them? No? Quit the bloodclot lyin'! We ALL have. Well, here comes Slydial! Slydial is a 3rd party service that you call and then, through sheer technological trickery, they directly patch you into the voicemail of whatever number you provide them! Because sometimes the last thing that I want to do is talk to you @ all; I just want to place the "ball in your court" and keep it moving.  LOL.  Oh yeah, it's allegedly a good and practical service if you want to contact somebody @ an inopportune time without blowin' up their phone like that too. Try it out and report back to me yall.

"Summary box: Slydial helps avoid awkward exchanges

By The Associated Press – 1 day ago

CONVERSATION AVOIDANCE: Slydial is a free service offering a reprieve from awkward or hectic moments by letting people leave messages for other people without actually talking to them.

MESSAGES ONLY: Slydial connects users directly with another person's cell phone voice mail, bypassing the rings.

BE SLY: Call (267) SLY-DIAL from a cell phone or landline that has the caller ID feature activated. The service generally won't work from prepaid cell phones."  


NEW VIDEO: Rick Ross Ft. Trey Songz - This Is The Life.

While Rick Ross's "doppleganger" (because the real William Roberts would NEVER get caught "fuckin' with the police actin' like he know me") continues to wreak havoc on his good hustler name by calling into question the rapper's kingpin credentials, that has not stopped him from releasing another video from his successful new album "Trilla". Hey, the homie makes good music!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Highlight Reel Of Hate AKA The Top 10 Most Racist Moments In (Recent) T.V. History.

Video Courtesy Of: Liquidgeneration.Com

The "Malice @ The Palace" (Lady's Style) Starring: Candace Parker & Lisa Leslie!

My NEW "bust it baby" Ms. Candace Parker proved last night that she is a Lady Vol that can ball AND brawl ... she does it all! Word to Pat Summit.  Being that these were probably the only 2 straight women on the court, could they have been fighting over a man? LOL. Shout out to Mandalay Jay for pulling a "czar of the telestrator" move and pointing out the mean hook that Lisa Leslie put on ex-NBA player turned WNBA coach Rick Mahorn's dome.  Shorty could have got dropped!

Thisislivestyle.Blogspot.Com Exclusive Photo: Lisa Leslie & Candace Parker During Happier times.

Is Vanity Fair? In This Case, YES!

In an obvious and appropriate response to the spectacle that was New Yorker magazine's misguided attempt @ humor displaying Barack & Michelle Obama as terrorists burning the American Flag in the White House on a recent cover, Vanity Fair has flipped that concept on it's ear and are releasing this cover for their latest issue.  I hope that the New Yorker and their condescending Liberal assholes can find the honest "satire" and non-mean-spiritedness in this shit!  I know I do.

Apple iPod x The Simpsons = D'oh!

Yes, The Simpsons is 1 of my all time favorite shows!  I don't even own an iPod, but this cross-marketing arrangment might be enough to finally get me to the Apple store.  Ehhhhhhhh, on 2nd thought, maybe not ... lol.  I put the "No" in "technology".  I know, I know, I've gotta step my tech gadget game up ... gimme a minute though, I still play cassettes. Anyway, you can cop these limited edition iPods NOW @ Thesimpsonsshop.Com

On A Sidenote:

During the Summers of 1990 and 1991, you either owned this t-shirt, a t-shirt very similar to it OR you were a lameo ... it's that simple. Upon scouring the internet to bring Y.O.U. pictures for this particular post I found this dandy and, while there were MUCH better versions of this shirt (with Bart Simpson actually looking like Bart Simpson ... lol) this image was still an 8 or so on the dope potency scale. Who cares if these $5 t-shirts were only good for 1 wash? I was forced to pop tags ... lol.  

Today, if I saw a ridiculously retroed out hipster wearing a shirt like this rather than the obvious and overdone "80's Baby" bullshit uniform that they ALL wear, I might actually give him a pass and postpone his much deserved smackdown until further notice. Yeah, it's like that homie.

Rapper Nas Sets Trap For The "Sly Fox" In New York City!

"Nas has joined the fight to end Fox’s pattern of racist attacks against Black(s)
July 22, 2008 on 9:45 am | In Scandal/Conspiracy/Legal Issues | No Comments

Hip hop star Nas will join members of & on Wednesday to deliver 620,127 petition signatures demanding that FOX end its pattern of racist attacks against Black Americans including presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. The group will make the delivery at 2:00pm on Wednesday, July 23rd at FOX in Manhattan.

Over the last several weeks, FOX has had a string of incidents that many believe are a veiled attempt to prey on racism and intolerance and cast the Obamas as “outsiders”: an on-screen graphic referred to Mrs. Obama as “Obama’s baby mama,” a pundit “confused” Obama with Osama and then joked they should both be assassinated, and an anchor called a loving fist bump between Barack and Michelle a “terrorist fist jab.” In February, Bill O’Reilly talked about calling a “lynching party” to deal with Michelle."

The Fox (Faux) News Channel and The New York Post (BOTH of which are holdings of multi-media-mega-prick Rupert Murdoch) have a more than questionable history of nasty and downright contemptuous treatment of Black & Latinos and I am glad to see Nas taking it to the streets old school protest style. Hopefully, his fame and his current chart ranking can garner a little bit more press for this event and open Fox News up to some mainstream criticism of their "opinions-stated-as-facts" brand of news reporting. Shepherd Smith is alright though. You've got to know your enemy yall.

Read The Full Story Here.

Also Visit: Colorofchange.Org AND Moveon.Org For More Details About The Rally This Afternoon.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Company Flow - Corners '94

I must admit that I have this terribly "snobbish" way with music, clothes, kicks, restaurants and vacation locales (Fuck it, everything!) that prevents me from truly enjoying certain things as I once did as soon as hipsters and "Art Fags" (thank you for coining that phrase Mr. Ojae FYC) sink their parasitic teeth into them!  I'm always thinking ahead of the curve and trying to discover my OWN cool.  Anyway, this is the case with a group like Company Flow.  By looking @ me and listening to my music, you might not think that I was a Co-Flow fan, and I'm not really, but I know great music when I hear it and THIS gem from 1994 still gives me chills yo.  Yeah, this was an 89 Tek 9 Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show excluuuuuuuuuuuusive!  Suck 'em!

NEW MUSIC: Nina Sky Ft. Rick Ross - Curtain Call.

In Other News Besides Him Being A C.O.:
Rick Ross is featured on a new song with Nina Sky. Now, back before Rick Ross dropped his major label debut, he collaborated with these talented twins on another joint entitled "Flippin' That". Me and my brother Niketown loved that song yo. That shit was a certified banger, but, for one reason or another, it never moved passed the mixtapes and mix-shows. Sometimes it be like that homeboy. What do you think of this new joint?  Leave a comment.  Holla @ ya boy in BK!

Nina Sky Ft. Rick Ross - Curtain Call: Get It Here!

New Music Courtesy Of: Hiphopupdate.Blogspot.Com

Wendy Williams Vs. Omarosa = A Bird Battle Royale Until The Death ... Of Self Respect And Shame!

Yikes!  The "Bird Fest" that Wendy Williams's limited engagement T.V. show promises to be did not disappoint on Monday's episode.  See, this post proves, once and for all, that I DO consider my female readers as well!  Watch the weave glue and the feathers fly when these 2 Parrots go @ it.

NOTE: There is a much better quality version of this video, but I could not be bothered with Redlasso.Com's bullshit.

Mya Harrison @ Jordan Brand All Star Game Event For Derek Jeter 07-14-08

Hey, these pictures qualify as news to me!  LOL.