Saturday, October 25, 2008

Donatella Versace Says, "Fuck Your Recession" x Releases Her Pièce De Résistance Perfume.

"The mention of Versace is enough to get the idea of the product that could be mentioned which without doubt belongs to the upper crust. And Donatella Versace is never one to skimp on excess. Known for famously stating “more is more,” the designer has just created what appears to be one of the world’s most luxury perfumes. Despite the threat of a worldwide recession Donatella’s new fragrance will retail at $2,100.

The 3.4-oz. bottle of the perfume is covered with hand-stitched white leather and it comes in a leather box with silver and gold details. Both the sheath and the box bear metal plates bear the words “Gianni Versace Couture”, in tribute to Donatella’s brother. The formula boasts citrus accents of bergamot and mandarin blended with red berries and tangerines. There’s a floral feel too with jasmine, heliotrope and almond blossom tones. The base is muskier as Tonka bean is combined with patchouli heart and sandalwood. If the ingredients themselves are heavenly singly, what fragrance would be of their infusion?

In order to give the the pricey eau de parfum something of a limited edition feeling, it won’t be widely available, just a 100 pieces. Although there are plans for more to be created upon request. It will be launched in November in Europe and in the US in December."

Information Courtesy Of: Elitechoice.Org

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Your Versace "Blue Jeans" (for him) or "Pink Jeans" (for her) this is not! LOL. In accordance with other laissez faire proponents, spritzing in the face of current conventional financial wisdom, Donatella Versace is set to release this overture of fragrant opulence that is Gianni Versace Couture.

Said to be infused with all kinds of "smell goods", this luxuriously packaged perfume could smell like to warrant a $2,100 price tag. Hey, if the recession is just a story that Y.O.U. hear about on the news - Y.O.U. know, the type of shit that only happens to "other people" - then this perfume is right up your alley. Put it in the air.

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