Friday, November 21, 2008

Helloooooo Ladies: Jean Paul Gaultier Houndstooth Tall Boots = Barking Up The Right Tree.

Available Online Here: Eluxury.Com

From any other fashion house, the use of the classic Scottish houndstooth duotone pattern would border on boring, but, when Y.O.U. are over-the-top abstract design king Jean Paul Gaultier, such simplistic deviation from decadence actually makes the typically mundane become cutting edge. It's all about perspective ma. Of course Mr. J.P.G. has to add his signature fetish-like embellishments to these boots in the form of contoured seams, a "kick me, kill me" pointy ass toe and an off-center zipper.  I mean, really though, what else would Y.O.U. expect from Gaultier?

The Jean Paul Gaultier Houndstooth Tall Boot is a paragon of sexiness and exquisite well-heeled sophistication my friend. Yes, for a mere $1,065.00, Y.O.U. too can be an "Official Girl" in these awesome boots and Y.O.U. don't have to be a side dish like Cassie to do it ... lol. Holla @ ya boy in BK!

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