Monday, November 24, 2008

Bamford & Son's Custom Ferrari-Inspired Rolex Daytona AKA Black Power.

"Bamford Custom Ferrari-Inspired Rolex Daytona

Posted Nov 23rd 2008 7:01PM by Jared Paul Stern
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Last spring we told you about a super-cool custom Rolex Daytona from London-based Bamford & Sons. Now the bastion of top-drawer British style has come out with a new version of the classic sports watch, designed as an homage to vintage Ferraris with a red dial.

The new Daytona is treated with a military grade, scratch proof PVD coating over the stainless steel case and bracelet, though it is not flat black like the previous Bamford model. Only 25 examples of the Ferrari red watch are being produced at a price of $23,000 each, available by special order from Bamford's London flagship in Sloane Square.

In addition to its special limited edition pieces, Bamford is now offering customers a bespoke dial color matching and customization service on classic Rolex models such as the Submariner, GMT, Explorer II, Sea Dweller and Milgauss."

Information Courtesy Of: Luxist.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: As somewhat of a style meteorologist, who's Doplar Radar is seriously on pizzoint, my brother Niketown and myself have been preparing the world for the great black watch insurgency (NOTE: NOT to be confused with the early 1990's Hip Hop group, X-Clan, and their militantly marvelous "Black Watch" movement) in the highly competitive premium watch market.

That's right! Black matte finished or PVD military grade coated watches are the future. Yes, today, Y.O.U. and your plain stainless steel rust-o-matic-waiting-to-happen wristwatch are looking terribly inadequate my friend.

Combine the exemplary watchmaking craftsmanship that Rolex is recognized for with the dynamic personalization capabilities of London based men's bespoke outfitter Bamford & Sons and Y.O.U. wind up with this beautiful and unique Custom Ferrari-Inspired Rolex Daytona. This watch (of which only 25 have been fashioned) corresponds to a larger range of luxury customized watches by Bamford & Sons for the Rolex Submariner, GMT, Explorer II, Sea Dweller and Milgauss models as well.

Now, in light of the recession that has walloped the wallets of consumers worldwide, I do NOT want Y.O.U. to concentrate on the $23,000 price tag attached to this limited edition Rolex Daytona. No, instead, the take away should be that Black watches rule! Are Y.O.U. with me now? Of course Y.O.U. are. Holla @ ya boy in BK!

Y.O.U. not only deserve, but Y.O.U. also must have an explanation of my earlier allusion to X-Clan in this post. I mean, knowledge is the boarding pass that allows Y.O.U. to fly with Livestyle Airlines. Remember, it's all about the red, the black and the green ... Y.O.U. sissieeeeeeeeeeeeeees! Good shit.

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