Tuesday, March 24, 2009

YSL Spring/Summer 2009 Collection Crewneck T-Shirts = flY. aS. helL.

Available Online @ YSL.Com AND Bluefly.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: For those of Y.O.U. uninitiated in the not-so-secret-yet-intensely-guarded-and-snobbish world of fashion design and, therefore, woefully unfamiliar with the nimble hands responsible for such art, the gaping hole that Yves Saint Laurent's passing in June 2008 tore in the fabric of this world may not merit incredible import. However, for aristocratic afficionados whose knowledge and appreciation of fashion transcends tacky trends and hackneyed rap lyrics, Yves Saint Laurent's death signaled the end of an era and a special kind of elegance. With that said, even in death, this iconic artist's fingerprints are all over his eponymous label and Haute Couture in general.

Often heralded as the man responsible for reinventing Couture and elevating ready-to-wear to new levels, the YSL brand continues to revamp itself and luxury shopping in the process. To that end, these 2 crewneck t-shirts from the YSL Spring/Summer 2009 Collection epitomize the subtle elegance that keeps this label from becoming a passé caricature of itself.

Of the 2 t-shirts shown, my favorite is the joint that "renders" (Shout out to Hoya, my brother Dear and all of my graphic designers in the house!) an upside-down Eiffel Tower as the actual letter "Y" in the initials YSL. I mean, @ nearly $300 a piece, my t-shirt had better have an attitude to match the 1 that I'ma have once I drop that cash for it! LOL. Hey, sometimes Y.O.U. have to pay the cost to be the boss yall. Good shit.

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