Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Only NY Promo Sticker Pack Give Away = That O.G. New York City Sticky Icky.

March 1st, 2009

For 1 week only, if you email us your U.S. mailing address, we will send you a
sticker pack on the house!! (3/1/09 - 3/8/09)


Introducing the ONLY NY coffee cup. We got icons within icons!!! This one has been brewing for a while, so after finally seeing it produced we could not be happier. Just feels right at this point, and so far the reactions we have got have confirmed it… This one is for the people!!!"

Information Courtesy Of: Onlynylives.Com

Email For Stickers Here: info@onlynylives.com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Whether directly attributable to Winston Churchill or not, the proverbial profoundness of the saying, "History is written by the victors" is most definitely on point my nig. With that in mind, Livestyle is here to write the rights and shame the wrongs perpetrated by the clueless nerds and trendoids against our great society by providing Y.O.U. pertinent information from the perspective of 1 of the handful of reputable bloggers out there who really does this street shit for real and has been doing so since blue Charms™ Blow Pops allegedly gave ya Cancer ... lol.

Anyway, each generation romanticizes their formative years and the memorable events that occurred surrounding them, but, c'mon son, somethings just truly were better "back-in-the-day". Case in point: Old New York (Shout out to the big brother Dear, OJae and JA).

All mushy hyperbole aside, if Y.O.U. have the misfortune of only being able to view New York City through a post 2001 prism, then Y.O.U. missed out on what this ultimate urban metropolis was really all about. Sure, there are still pockets of grittiness that have weathered the storm of bleach intended to scrub and sanitize these streets for the gentrified pleasure of newcomers, but, any N.Y.C. O.G. knows that shit aint the same around here anymore homie.

The legendary Tunnel nightclub is long gone as are the pimps, hoes and tranny crackhead prostitutes that littered 10th Avenue in Manhattan. Stationary 1 stop shop weed spots (think Bergen and Underhill in Brooklyn) are a thing of the past. Shiiiiiiit, nickle bags don't even exist anymore ... do they? LOL. Do people still shop and/or boost from Tent And Trails? Albee Square Mall located on Brooklyn's famous Fulton Street was unceremoniously shut down and demolished to make way for some "Yuppie" construct with little fan fair. Don't even get me started on the sky rocketing price of rent! Once a haven for artists and hustlers looking to stake their claim, an individual now has to be pretty much independently wealthy off top before they can even consider moving to even the worst neighborhoods in New York City. *Cue Joey from 1990's sitcom "Blossom" voice: Whoaaaaaaaaaa!

Rather than merely being a wistful rambling ode to the Old New York that made me though, this post is actually about 1 dope ass company (amongst a few others that will be covered here @ Livestyle whenever I get around to it) that is getting dollars from paying homage to that rich legacy - Only NY.

Obviously hardcore graff heads and just all around NYC historians in general, the brethren behind Only NY have gradually built a brand steeped in N.ow Y. C. (See) (NOTE: I've seriously been meaning to post the Supreme Alphabet for yall) nostalgia and pride. Known for their simple yet still crack-cocaine laced t-shirts and hoodies, this week, and this week only, Only NY are giving away a gang of free promo sticker packs on a 1st come, 1st serve basis yall. Free.99? Yeah, you'd better get Y.O.U. some!

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