Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Dior Homme Nylon Zip Bomber Jacket For Spring/Summer 2009 = Sky Diving School Cool.

"I need this. Now. The Dior Homme Nylon Zip Bomber is part of their 2009 collection featuring: Nylon with striped knit trim, standing banded neckline, signature “Scar” stitching at rear shoulders and a mesh lining. Available here."

Information Courtesy Of: Limitedhype.Com

Available Online Here: eLuxury.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Surprised? Yeah, sometimes shiny things (when paired correctly with less shiny things) can provide an outfit with the perfect statement piece to enrich an otherwise dope, yet, sublime ensemble. Case in point: This Dior Homme Nylon Zip Bomber Jacket from their Spring/Summer 2009 collection.

As discussed @ length in previous entries, Livestyle is largely about the creative coalescence of the controversial and the conservative - a sort of "Organized Konfusion" if Y.O.U. will (shout out to Prince Poetry and Pharoahe Monch). Half windbreaker/track jacket and half futuristic Spacely Space Sprockets company baseball outing jacket, Dior Homme just dropped an expensive jewel for the fellas this season. Dior for sure!

Seriously, although the reference to Organized Konfusion was used as a metaphor for the brilliant blending of styles and sensibilities that makes Livestyle the only blog worth living by, I shouldn't really have to give Y.O.U. a refresher course on this group. Ahhhhhhhh, what the fuck? What are good random information filled friends for? Of course Y.O.U. can watch this classic Organized Konfusion video homie! You're welcome. You're all welcome.

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