Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Helloooooo Ladies (x Girls): Limited Edition Miniature Goyard Trunk For The Barbie Baller In Y.O.U.!

"Goyard Barbie Trunk

Today is Barbie's 50th birthday. To celebrate this seminal moment in the world of fashion dolls, achingly hip Parisian boutique Colette has collaborated with some of the world's most-wanted brands to create a Barbie-themed collection like no other. This Goyard trunk, meant for storing your most precious Barbie, comes in a very feminine pastel pink but has the qualities of any other case created by the 156-year-old Parisian luggage maker: fine leather, quality hardware and unforgettable design. Sure, it doesn't come cheap, but it might be the ultimate birthday gift for the most glamorous doll in the world."

Information Courtesy Of: Blogs.Forbes.Com

Available Online Here: Colette.Fr

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: As the world joins together to celebrate Barbie's 50th birthday (NOTE: I didn't know that she was a fellow Pisces. No wonder everybody L.O.V.E.s her!) and recognize her half century of unrealistic physical standard bearing for millions of little girls throughout the years, Y.O.U. know that some heavy Haute Couture labels had to get in on the action. Enter: Maison Goyard. This hallowed French malletier house of high end handbags and luggage has commissioned this very special Limited Edition 50th Birthday Barbie Goyard Trunk.

Resplendent in Barbie's signature pink colorway (I'm such a sneakerhead ... lol), this little Goyard steamer that could features all of the elegant details of 1 of their life-sized creations and, as such, this mini-trunk costs mega-bucks ... lol. Listen, I've seen plastic surgery horror stories of women who went under the knife 10 too many times in fantastically misguided attempts to achieve human looks parallel with that of Barbie's plastic proportions - if they can spend tens-of-thousands of dollars on that, then Y.O.U. can drop $3,650 on this collector's item! No pain, no gain ma.

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