Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Angular Momentum Verre Èglomisé Double Baguettes Watch = Rosé For Your Wrist.

"This watch represents what jewelry watches are all about these days. Tasteful, beautiful, decadent objects often custom made, and impressive to behold. From the Artisan Magnificent Jewelry Timepiece collection comes this Verre Èglomisé Double Baguettes watch from Swiss company Angular Momentum. The watch focuses on two current popular trends: highly decorated dials and baguette cut diamonds. Angular Momentum's Artisan Timepiece collection highlights the brand's aptitude in eglomise (reverse glass enamel painting). This rich floral bouquet displayed here is worthy of royalty, framed by three rows of diamonds. The inner two row of baguette shaped diamonds are cut to be gently tapered.

Common to Angular Momentum, the two- piece pavé diamond set case is steel in a satin finish with a polished edge. Steel has some advantages over white gold, especially in its ability to hold a polish. Inside the watch is an automatic mechanical movement, powering the singular disc displaying the time through the dial window. The Verre Èglomisé Double Baguettes watch is a custom creation from Angular Momentum who specializes in satisfying clients with apparently dream-like luxury desires."

Information Courtesy Of: Luxist.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: I find intricacies impressive. What some consider mundane and of no great value, I favor as the true distillation of style and taste and vice versa. For instance, Christian Audigier and his empire of dry-heave inducing clothes. There is no denying that he is successful thanks to the masses flocking to his seemingly detailed designs and Bedazzler© creations, however, I appreciate lasting quality - give me a well sewn and not-wanted-by-every-trend-humping-pedestrian Vivienne Westwood piece and I'm a very happy man ... lol. Now, take that clear distinction and run up the luxury ladder with it until Y.O.U. reach an impeccable selection such as this incredible Angular Momentum Verre Èglomisé watch from their Artisan Magnificent Jewelry Timepiece collection.

In relatively short time, Angular Momentum has established itself as an innovative leader in the custom watch market and this particular release does absolutely everything in it's Swiss mechanical movement power to guarantee that it remains that way. This timeless timepiece, with it's pavé case, bezel and double rows of baguette diamonds set against a backdrop of Victorian Era (most likely Pre-Impressionism) enamel elegance, is strong enough for a rapper, but is made for a connoisseur ... lol. 

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