Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Aston Martin x Hackett Le Mans Collection = Cooler Than The Fonz On The Autobahn.

"This is a big year for both famed British auto marque Aston Martin and one of our favorite brands, classic London-based men's clothing company Hackett, official partner of the GT1 works Aston Martin Racing team. In June Aston Martin aims to win this year's Le Mans race outright, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of racing legend Carroll Shelby's stunning overall victory at Le Mans in an Aston Martin DBR1, with its incredible new LMP1 racecars. Hackett provides official Aston Martin Racing Team clothing and sells a range of licensed apparel and accessories, including the super-stylish Hackett Aston Martin Racing Moto Plan biker style jacket (above) for £300.00, bearing the number 59 for Shelby's 1959 victory.

Hackett, founded in 1979, is a classic British clothing and accessories brand which "caters for the head to toe needs of men of all ages who wish to dress stylishly and to whom quality is more important than the vagaries of fashion." The brand takes its inspiration from the traditions of British dress without being old fashioned and as such its products are "evolutionary rather than revolutionary." As founder Jeremy Hackett says, "our clothes wear in not out". In addition to a total of 29 shops across the UK, Spain and France, Hackett is now represented in 15 European countries, Hong Kong and Dubai.

The Le Mans race "epitomizes the true values of racing; endurance mixed with the thrill of speed and a certain savoir faire," Hackett notes. The two Aston Martin Racing LMP1 cars vying for victory this year will sport the iconic Gulf colors of light blue and orange, colors with a fine tradition at Le Mans as well as being immortalized by Steve McQueen in the famous film Le Mans. In addition to Aston Martin, Hackett also sponsors the London Rowing Club and the British Army Polo Team.

Jeremy Hackett> is also known as "Mr. Classic," the title of his regular column for the London Independent on Sunday, which airs his witty, incisive views and observations on fashion and style. In 2007 he published a compilation of his columns accompanied by lavishly photographed style tableaux. Mr. Classic the book is a must-have for any man who takes sartorial matters seriously. As the publishers describe it, Hackett "takes us on a Grand Tour of an appealing world of Bentleys and polo, bicycles and picnics, bow ties and Sussex Spaniels, top hats and bespoke luggage." That's the world The Classicist wants to get lost in, no doubt."

Information Courtesy Of: Luxist.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Allow me to take a brief jaunt down "Memory Lane" and namedrop a few crumbs along the trail for Y.O.U. to follow ... lol. During my fantastically underpaid, yet, incredibly significant internship @ Roc-A-Fella Records (back when the "Roc" was a mere pebble and everybody was still friends), I vividly remember when the already-rapping-about-the-trappings-of-life-in-the-highest-of-tax-brackets Jay-Z pulled up to the label's new offices on 5th Avenue and 16th Street in Manhattan in his fresh-off-of-the-lot Platinum Range Rover 4.6. This purchase only further legitimized his luxurious lyrics and, well, it was just a pretty damn awesome truck too!

A still young Hov opened the doors and let us peek around his latest talk-of-the-town ride and, while it was indeed platinum painted perfection, I was stoked that the dealer gave him an official "Land Rover/Range Rover" hat as a keepsake to go along with his new set of wheels. I know, Y.O.U. drop 30-40 grand more than what a pauper could scrap together for the Range Rover 4.0 model and the car dealer gives Y.O.U. a new cap like, "cocksucker, beat it!" ... lol. I don't really know why I was impressed.

Anyway, I have always admired the confluence of tasteful style with a hint of non-traditional sports marketing when it comes to clothes. Like, the Prada America's Cup sneakers where the "bees-knees" before they got whored out and their patent leather lost much of it's luster ... lol. However, that collaboration was a good 1, much like this designer duet between iconic affluent automobile maker Aston Martin and "Mr. Classic" himself, Jeremy Hackett.

The Hackett brand's commitment to enduring style, unwavered by the tacky whims of mass fashion frenzy, speaks to me personally and is a harmonious partner in this Livestyle chorus of cool.

Now, am I currently in the market to cop a new 2009 Aston Martin Vantage? Ummmmmmmm, no. Am I in the market to cop 1 of these Aston Martin and Hackett Le Mans Collection pieces (NOTE: Preferably the racing rugby)? Yes. Holla @ ya boy in BK!

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