Friday, March 27, 2009

A.R.C. x Adidas Originals Stan Smith 80's = O.G. Cool Breeze.

"Another release from Adidas Originals features the classic 80’s Stan Smith sneakers done up by New York based Alife Rivington Club (A.R.C.). And you thought St. Patrick’s day was over. Wrong. Available here."

Information Courtesy Of: Limitedhype.Com

Available Online Here: Colette.Fr

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: As previously discussed @ length in the pages of Livestyle, upon my breakthrough realization and acceptance of the fact that Nike Air Force 1 sneakers are considerably overpriced and, to add insult to cash reducing injury, are only really good for 1-3 wears, I reenlisted the talents of the venerable vintage footwear Adidas Stan Smith model as my casual sneaker of choice and I have never looked back.

Named after former pro-tennis star Stan Smith, this early marquee match up of professional athlete and major international sporting goods company gave birth to this classic model waaaaaaaaaay back in 1971.

Now, their have been some good and not-so-good interpretations of the Stan Smith model over the years; my favorites being those that remain true to it's elementary style components and functionality that give these kicks play from grass courts to clay hombre.

That having been said, the brain trust over @ R.ivington C.lub did the right thing as opposed to the bright thing and gave these 1st releases from the "3Way Consortium" collection limited edition A.R.C. x Adidas Stan Smith 80's the once over without O.D.'ing on the bells and whistles ... lol. Clean and mean. Good shit.

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