Monday, March 16, 2009

2-For-1 Rap "Beef" Meat Plan Special: 50 Cent As "Pimpin' Curly" Comments On A Triple C Knock Out x Rick Ross Lets His Fans Know Who's Boss.



CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Now, I don't know what transpired between all of that shit poppin' and the knock out induced sleep footage of this man (NOTE: I'm not even sure if this footage is the same day), however, I am quite certain that the victim laid out on the floor is indeed Rick Ross's homie/artist Gunplay of the Triple C's catching some Triple Z's ... lol. Dammit man! The internet is a muthafucka yo.

In related news, former C.O. turned kilo kingpin music maker, Rick Ross, takes it to the stage alongside DJ "We The Best" Khaled @ a show in the Delaware/Philly-Philly area and dumps a quick 1-shot-1-kill hollowpoint slug @ the homie 50 Cent like whaaaaaaaaat!? LOL. This rap "beef" is still Sizzlean ... lol.

Yeah, I had to post this classic commercial just incase Y.O.U. are too young and/or wet behind the ears to have appreciated the awesome Sizzlean reference in the above post. Wooooooooooow! This is definitely age self-incrimination, right? Whatever. Holla @ ya boy in BK!


Mr.alieka said...

LMAO!!! duuuuude! this is too much... from pimpin curly.. to C.O boss rick ross.. this beef is waaaay too entertaining..

maybe thats the aim these two are going for...



i am!

Mr. G-Town said...

HAHAHAHALOL... the loudest one in the room is usually the weakest..


@ Mr. Alieka and the homie Mr. G-Town - Yeah, the loudest 1 in the room is almost always the weakest link. There is a saying that "empty cans make the most noise" ... lol. Does any rapper's word - besides my nigga Young Jeezy - hold much weight anymore? Are you not entertained? LOL. You see it.