Friday, March 20, 2009

A Profile In Whorage: Amber Rose Is The 'Ye Vinci Code "Stronger" Prophecy Fulfilled.

Oh Yeah, Surely In An Effort To Capitalize On The Amount Of Web Hits That Her Name is Generating These Days, Love.Com Has Ingeniously Created A Site That Gathers Every Tidbit of Information About Amber Rose From All Corners Of The Internet Here: Amber-Rose.Love.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Move over Tahiri (Joe Budden's beautiful wifey with the only fatty and, coincidentally, currently his most successful ASS-vertising campaign to date), Kanye West's newest "beard" just derailed your ride on the internet "15 minutes of fame" train. Obviously assembled in a lapdance laboratory from the discarded parts of lesser strippers, Amber Rose has got EVERYBODY talking. So, in the interest of keeping my loyal Livestyle readers 1-step ahead of the game, I simply had to hit yall with the most comprehensive picture collection of shorty known to mankind!

No, Amber Rose is not the finest girl that any of us have ever seen, but, she is oh so close to being a dime and, among other things, she guzzles Hennessy like a degenerate gambler between races @ an O.ff T.rack B.etting parlor - dammit this woman is sexxxy!

Can Amber Rose make a gay guy go straight? Probably not. However, before he Auto-Tune asphyxiated his rap career, in his song "Stronger" Kanye West did say, "This is Louis Vuitton Don night, So we gonna do everything that Kan' like. Heard they'd do anything for a Klondike; well, I'd do anything for a blonde dyke and she'll do anything for the limelight". Prophecy fulfilled. Yeah, how much more explicitly would Y.O.U. like the man to spell it out for Y.O.U.? LOL. It is what it is.


G-town said...

yeah yeah yeah...yo you hot n all that but that bald head shit is getting boring. kanye grows a mullet..this chick goes bald.

Dimpzz said...

Tahiri is just ur average-faced dominican shorty who looks good with makeup. She got a PHATTTTTTTTTTTTTT azzzzzz but other than that, she needs that facial enhancement.

LOL @ "ass-vertising" lmfaooo

Amber Rose... no comment other than "she confuses me." What is her ethnicity?

Can we get some Lauren London or some other light skinneded shorty on here? What's good fam.