Saturday, July 11, 2009

Your Official Leaders Brand Rep Reporting Live: I'm "Building This Chicago Shit!"

"Vita Morte’s “Building this Chicago S*%t”!!!!!! ..Releases this Saturday.

The Building Chicago tee simply means exactly what it says. People always talk on how Chicago is the “City of Hella Haters” but they do nothing to correct it. We want to focus on the people that do things to improve this great city, rather than to constantly SHIT on it. I think we can all agree with this message, so Let’s Build this Chicago Shit.
Join us as we release the 4 different colorways of the ”Building This Chicago Shit” tee. Surprises and giveaways all day. @ LDRS1354 (Northside store)..yes they are limited.

Information Courtesy Of: Leaders1354.Com x Vita-Morte.Com

Not only am I a LiveStyle Lady, I am also the official Leaders 1354 brand rep. My job is to build clientele (READ: Engage people just like Y.O.U.) and broaden the base of the company through new customers, investments, and, hopefully, in turn create a few new meaningful friendships along the way. Leaders is "where loyal customers become friends and new customers become loyal." And some of Y.O.U. have a hard time grasping that concept. None the less, we have a job to do. 

I L.O.V.E. my city, and as a true Chicagoan I have to support my family. If Y.O.U. are a fellow Chicagoan who loves our city as much as I do OR if Y.O.U. simply touchdown @ O'Hare International aiport with a hankering for fly habadashery, please find your way to 1400 N. Milwaukee and build this "Chicago S*%t" with me!

With no further adieu, I bring you Vita-Morte. Are Y.O.U. ready to live this life?

Signing Off...

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