Monday, July 20, 2009

The Colette x Timberland Limited Edition 6 Inch Construction Boot = WWBD (W.hat W.ould B.iggie D.o)?

"Paris boutique Colette is collaborating with Timberland on a limited-edition line of six-inch-high work boots, as you see above. Whereas a regular pair of six-inch boots comes clean, with black leather trim and coordinating camel laces, Colette's boots come with blue leather trim, blue-and-white laces, the word Colette printed across the tongue, and bonus dangly leather tags. But most important, Colette's boots come pre-distressed because Lord knows good hipster fashionistas aren't going to toil outside, paving roads and planting trees in them until they look just right (if only a casual stroll down Bedford Avenue would produce the same effect!). It's the same principle behind obtaining the perfect pair of distressed jeans: Are you going to hang over your bathtub with a bottle of bleach and a razor all Saturday afternoon, or are you going to pay Current/Elliott an extra $150 to do it for you?

Colette is making only 40 pairs of the boots — 31 for men and nine for women. Each pair costs 235 euros (about $330). The line hits the store in September. Would you buy them"

Information Courtesy Of: NYmag.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: How much do I L.O.V.E. the Mecca of neophile cool that is Colette, Paris? Very. However, my feelings with regard to their latest très chic creative collaboration with Timberland are somewhat inconclusive.

Listen, it is no mistake that L.ive S.tyle D.octrine is analogous to LSD and drugs of that nomenclature as we both are designed to destroy, rebuild and expand the boundaries of your narrow mind. That having been said, I too have my own safe places and, in my elitist Brooklyn, New York O.G. comfort zone, I am not completely sold on the Colette x Timberland Limited Edition 6 Inch Construction Boot.

The signature Colette powder blue on the ankle padding and laces of a classic pair of "Cheese" Timbs feels wrong my G, but, the distressed "I-work-part-time-on-an-oil-rig" looking toe box and heel kind of work for me. Go figure. Under the right conditions, maybe I really could fuxs with these joints. While I have no problemo sacrificing Hipsters @ the alter of exclusivity, I do so with a profound respect and appreciation for true style - it's called integrity ... get Y.O.U. some.

Anyway, although anything with the name "Colette" attached to it could prove to be crack-cocaine laced cat nip for soulless Trendoids, with only 40 pairs in circulation worldwide, Y.O.U. simply can't OD on these ... lol. It is what it is. Holla @ ya boy in BK!

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