Sunday, July 26, 2009

Drake Re-Up: Let's Talk Gucci Mane, Lebron x Lola Luv AKA How To Lose A Chicago Girl In 10 Minutes.

Drake, baby, what are Y.O.U. doing? Smh. At first I was a little confused. Y.O.U. can't blame me. This has got to be the most low budget "show" E.V.E.R. But Hey! "I get it in OHIO! and none the less, I hear what he's saying. "The game needs change", and he's "the maf*ckin cashier!" At this point in time, Drake is trying to establish his credibility with his new found followers/fans/groupies or what have Y.O.U. Now, do NOT get it twisted people - I, Aisha Ali, have been around since Comeback Season and prior. Go do your research kids. But he lost me with all of this Gucci Mane business. "I think I love her." How can Y.O.U. relate? I wrote Gucci off after he knocked out ol girl on STAGE!

Whoa. Lebron. "Mentality of a Leader.." Y.E.S. "Potential to be..the greatest player the NBA has ever seen." Now Y.O.U. my friend are killing me! I am and forever will be a diehard Jordan fan. And for Y.O.U. to even attempt to dispute that, is a disgrace. Stop sneaking sips from your B-O-S-S Lil Wayne's styrofoam cup homie.

Oh yeah, the list of female friends that he fancies is weak to say the least. No bueno. And, for the record, NO it is not because I'm not on it ... lol. I'll pull a Peyton Manning and PASS. I don't know, maybe Y.O.U. boys can understand. Note to Drizzy: Make your next move your best move, or Y.O.U. just might lose me.

Signing Off...

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MikeyRayB said...

This was a cool interview minus the wack editing lol. I think he got a great way of dealing with the game now. Putting out "2 or 3 free albums" hence Come Back Season and So Far Gone which I think would have been great albums but since they dont have all original production it lacks that creativity. Its cool that he likes Gucci! I listen to Gucci all the time and I cant relate to one damn thing he talks about lol!!!! We all have that one artist rather it be art, sport, or in this case music that we cant really relate to in a sense that we dont do the things that they do but the music they put out is dope never the less. Dont get me wrong Gucci aint no lyricist or anything just makes good car music.