Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Young Jeezy x Foxy Brown (NOTE: Cover Not Pictured) Cover The September 2009 12th Anniversary Issue Of XXL Magazine x Why Slaughter House Is Not.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Hello, my name is Chris Live AKA Shaker and I am a pack rat ... lol. Anyway, although I have a gang of magazines stacked all over the crib, I have compiled a choice selection of engaging reading materials especially designated for the wicker basket in my bathroom ... bear with me, this is going somewhere.

So, today while I was "dropping the Cosby kids @ the pool", I was perusing the pages of an old XXL Magazine when I peeped that Young Jeezy and Foxy Brown had also shared the cover of the September 2008 issue of this magazine as well. Hmmmmmmmm? I mean, a year ago it kind of made sense: Young Jeezy was gearing up to drop "The Recession" and Foxy Brown had just been released from Rikers Island looking like she had recovered from her deaf shit and was ready to get back on her Def shit ... even if she was signed to Blackhand Records/Koch ... lol. Fast forward to 2009 though and a Young Jeezy cover still makes sense, but, a Foxy Brown cover ... ummmmmm, not so much.

Oh yeah, to all of the message board geeks with 10,000 + posts whose idea of "toughness" is typing in ALL CAPS LOCKS, there is NO WAY that the über lyrical yet equally, if not more so, boring Slaughter House should EVER get a major magazine cover ... EVER - especially not to tip off the music industry's 4th Quarter! Next to their recent "Next Generation" cover or whatever, a Slaughter House cover might be XXL Magazines lowest selling cover in history. True story.


Dear Pretentious Nerd Core/Hip Hop Hipster Contrarian Who Loathes Anything That Appears Mainstream And Rubs 1 Out To Anything That Is "Underground" Regardless Of How Wack It Is,

Nobody cares about Slaughter House. When Joe Budden is the biggest name involved with anything that Y.O.U. are doing, Y.O.U. Have A Problem.


The Real World

Stop playing.

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