Thursday, July 16, 2009

Helloooooo Ladies: The Christian Louboutin "Differa" 140 Sandals = Always Strapped!

Available Online Here: Net-A-Porter.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: It really is a shame that high fashion has become so predictable. Every season something is the "new black" and, every few seasons, dominatrix chic bombards us as if we have never seen the inside of an S&M shop before ... or whatever ... lol. Sans the ethically questionable Craigslist and Village Voice ads, fetish is back and the Christian Louboution "Differa" 140 Sandals are about to walk all over Y.O.U. worthless motherfucking cuckolds! LOL!

Allow me to take Y.O.U. back to a time when, after experiencing the fashion gateway drugs of Ralph Lauren Polo and Donna Karen DKNY, I desired so much more and found a healthy score with Vivienne Westwood. Her brilliant bondage works and Anglo-Saxon inspired designs spoke to me and helped elevate my growing understanding of high end fashion to new extravagant levels! Since then, the frisky fetish aesthetic has never gone out of style ... I mean, who can deny a woman in some "kick me, kill me" 6 inch stilettos? Right. While these metallic gold Christian Louboutin "Differa" 140 heels measure in slightly short of 6 inches @ 5.5 inches (with a 1 inch platform), these bad boys are definitely made for my Livestyle Lady murder mamis!

Already seen strapped up on the beautifully pedicured feet of Beyonce as well as a host of other starlets, please be warned that companies like BCBG have wasted no time in getting the knock-offs in full effect! Don't fall for the okey doke ma. I'm Chris Live and the only other C.L. Y.O.U. should trust is the red sole artisan of the impossibly high arch, Mr. Christian Louboutin. What's really good?

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