Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Nike NSW "Pinnacle" Collection Fall 2009 = Peak Performance.

"Nike Sportswear’s NSW Fall 2009 Collection has started to hit select retailers including Haven in Canada. Products included in this first drop are the NSW tee, NSW Featherweight Windrunner, Boston FZ Hoody, and Best Windrunner Hoody. Being that this this the NSW Pinnacle Collection, each piece features some added details or technology including waterproof RiRi zippers, sonic welded pockets and seams, and extremely lightweight material. You can pick up the NSW Fall 2009 Collectin now at Haven and other Nike Sportswear retailers."

Information Courtesy Of: Freshnessmag.Com

Available Online Here: Havenshop.Ca

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Coming up on the 1st year anniversary of the opening of their flagship store located @ 21 Mercer Street in New York City's trendy tourist trap SoHo district, Nike Sportswear (NOTE: Please refrain from referring to this line as Nike Sportswear in public though and, instead, casually call it NSW, in order to avoid being relegated to loathsome "noob" status ... lol) continues to impress and keep the fly shit on deck.

Case In Point: Last weekend saw the über limited (of course) release of the NSW Fall 2009 "Pinnacle" Collection @ Haven in Canada (Ay!) and other fine Tier 0 Nike account holding retail outlets. Dammit! It's Fall premiere time already, huh? I hereby declare that, particularly for the East Coast of The United States, we deserve a government assisted bailout for the Summer that never really was ... lol. Anyway, this relatively high end offering of t-shirts and windbreaker waterproof wonders from NSW gives us ALL something to look forward to as the seasons innevitably change. Simple luxury never goes out of style. Holla @ ya boy in BK!

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