Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jay-Z - D.O.A. (D.eath O.f A.utotune) AKA Hovito Killed The Autotune Star x *Young Jeezy Voice* The Inspiration.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Leave it to Jay-Z and his Illuminati powered Masonic manipulation skills (I keed. I keed.) to convince his former boss and longtime music industry titan, Lyor Cohen AKA The Man, that playing Shawn Corey Carter's doorman would be a good look. Well, I mean, it is a great look for somebody from Brooklyn whose name begins with a "J" and ends with a "Z" ... lol. Sidebar: I wonder how long it took Jim Jones to rush to Dame Dash's side to console his decimated ego after seeing this video ... lol.

Anyway, while most video entries to this illustrious blog require no rhetorical flourishes on my part, "D.O.A." deserves special acknowledgement. It would stand to reason that as introspection and intellectualism have been displaced by the gentrification of idiots into our once thriving Hip Hop community that not only would lyrics suffer, but, similarly, the ability of artists other than MC's to conceptualize a cogent message would as well. Now, by "message" I don't mean some militant revolutionary Neo-Black Panther shit. If your message is all about "booty" then please just make a video that stays on message - just stick to the script my nigga.

Seriously, within the last 48 hours I have seen 3 good songs get the bullshit video treatment and I have to wonder aloud, "Who approved these treatments?". Thankfully - in this microwave buzz climate - Jay-Z dropped a superlative video that beautifully marries the statement of his record to the blushing bride of director Anthony Madler's brilliantly inspired visual. Shiiiiiiit, Jay-Z cut his "boycott the barber" Hipster 'fro (NOTE: Does this mean that he has officially wrapped recording for Blueprint 3?) AND the homie Harvey "Bad Lieutenant" Kietel makes a card playing cameo in it ... this video has to be awesome ... lol. Watch and learn.   


Much has been made of the fact that controversial Michelangelo Antonioni directed ficitonal Hippie documentary indie-art film "Zabriskie Point" served as the true inspiration for this video, however, I submit to Y.O.U. an additional possible muse.

In accordance with the Livestyle doctrine of greater comprehensive social enlightenment, allow me to drop yet another jewel along this rich path to refinement. Check out this classic video from British New-Wave band The Buggles for their timeless tune "Video Killed The Radio Star" (NOTE: Back when MTV actually still showed videos, this is the 1st video that they ever aired). Me thinks that the director of this "D.O.A." video has seen this a few times ... lol. You're smart ... Y.O.U. can draw the parallels yourself. Now, run, don't walk, and dazzle your friends with this new found knowledge! Holla @ ya boy in BK!

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