Saturday, July 11, 2009

NEW MUSIC: Drake Re-Up: Go Ahead, Say What Y.O.U. Want. I Fux Wit It!

Drake- The Winner 
Drake- Juice
Drake- Something
Drake-Stunt On You

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NO I am not a bandwagon fan, and YES I somehow managed to put my brother Chris Live AKA Shaker on to the Drake team. I have been faithfully following this talented young man since his days before So Far Gone. Back when no one knew about Comeback Season or Room for Improvement and "Replacement Girl", featuring Trey Songz, was largely an unheard of track, I believed. How early am I? unheard of.  Ahhhhhhhh, I L.O.V.E. the sound of hidden gems. 

I feel like people forget the fact that Drake doesn't just rap but sings as well. Now Y.O.U. can argue what he is better at and come to your own conclusion. I have the right to mine. Although he is vocally no John Legend, or even his confidante Trey, personally I think he gets the job done. Taking a page from his B-O-S-S Mr. Lil "Young Money" Wayne Carter's forthcoming Simon & Schuster published book entitled "In 2009 There Is No Such Thing As Overexposure", Drake and the marketing wizards behind his reintroduction to the rap game @ Hip Hop Since 1978 have just released a slew of new songs.  My favorite from this bunch is "Something." But he is really making me want to "Stunt on Y.O.U."

And now I wonder what Chris Live, a true musical connoisseur, has to say about this.  None the less, I fux with it. Enjoy! ;c )

I couldn't make references about @SongzYuuup himself and not show him love too. If you haven't heard Anticipation yet, Y.O.U. are most definitely losing.

Download Link: Anticipation

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