Thursday, July 9, 2009

First Ma$e, Now Loon? "Bad Boy Days Over, Now I'm A Good Boy." What Is Diddy Doin?!

Alj reports "A growing number of rap artists are leaving the bad boy hip hop lifestyle for a more spiritual one. The Canadian Dawah Association says that an increasing number of rappers this year have embraced Islam or acknowledged they had in the past. Amir Junaid Muhadith, better known for his stage name, Loon, talks to Al Jazeera about his spiritual journey. "

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Being a pure blood Pakistani/Persian princess and seeing plenty of mullahnies in my day, I have to say Loon, now known as Amir Junaid Muhadith, is really pulling off the look. Not only that, but he is actually right about a few things. As a Muslim, it's hard being in the industry and living life while following your دين "din" or religion as way of life. I'm looking forward to hearing some of these spoken word pieces from him in the near future. I dont believe in reciting آيات ayaats in the club either. I respect my religion and the words of Allah too much to be 2 stepping to them @ 40/40.

That having been said, I do have to pay my respects to Loon for converting to Islam because I know it takes a lot to change yourself when your stuck in your ways. But as an artist, Y.O.U. should never forget the love Y.O.U. have for your music, and unfortunately it looks like he has. Too bad he can't rap about it. How do you let an Al-Jazeerah correspondent school Y.O.U. on your own game? Buddy said "Loon who was internationally known on the microphone, thought all he needed was a wife at home, now discovers he needs to enter the religion zone." Sheesh! Shame on you Amir!

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