Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cartier Gets Robbed By Pink Panthers! WTF?!

Cartier may be known for its "Love" collection of jewelry, but it got no love from three armed jewel thieves who robbed its Cannes, France boutique yesterday morning... in broad daylight. When contacted regarding the incident, Cartier had "no comment."

Dressed in Hawaiian shirts, the thieves hauled off close to $20.9 million in jewels before fleeing the crime scene on scooters, Telegraph UK reports. French police are investigating whether the robbery was the work of the notorious Pink Panthers gang that has been responsible for several jewelry heists throughout Europe recently.

The gang -- believed to include "200 war-hardened members from across the former Yugoslavia" -- previously struck in August 2005. They also wore floral tourist shirts when robbing Julian jewelers in Saint-Tropez, according to the Telegraph.

Police don't think the Cartier robbery is linked to the Harry Winston heist last year in Paris where robbers dressed in drag made off with $118 million worth of jewelry before most of the stolen baubles were recovered in a sting operation last month. Those robbers were thought to be locals.ade their getaway by boat. The gang is thought to be a loose network of maybe 200 or so people which has made attempts at capture difficult for law enforcement.

Information Courtesy Of: Stylelist.Com

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