Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yes, When It Comes To A James Bond Audition, Even Diddy Has To Pay Like He Weighs.

"Earlier this month, nouveau James Bond Daniel Craig floated the idea that his successor in the famous role need not be white. "I think the role could easily be played by a black actor, because the character created by Ian Fleming in the '50s has undergone a great deal of evolution and continues to be updated," Craig said at a Quantum of Solace press conference. "After Barack Obama's victory I think we might have reached the moment for a colored 007."

Rap mogul, designer and aspiring actor Sean "Diddy" Combs (above) apparently not only agrees, but has determined the Bond role should go to him. Combs just spent $750,000 of his own money shooting a sort of audition / calling card which he sent to Bond producers in an effort to convince them. The video, full of Bond-like action sequences, was shot in the South of France. "This is my audition tape for the next James Bond," Combs tells the London Daily Mirror. "There is a black President and it's time for there to be a black Bond."

Information Courtesy Of: Luxist.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: In a continuing pursuit to expand his brand and legitimize himself as a true acting tour de force, Sean "Diddy" Combs, did what we should ALL do @ some point in our lives and invested in himself.

Now, when I 1st caught wind of this headline I incorrectly assumed that this nigga was actually paying the movie studio to be James Bond - such antics would devastate the 007 legacy and be a colossal waste of money on Diddy's part.  However, since he simply shot what 1 would imagine to be the-audition-reel-to-end-all-audition-reels, when he inevitably does NOT get the role (because, for the sake of cinematic integrity, he simply cannot be James Bond), he can chop up the footage and make a few more of those "I Am King" mini-movie commercials out of this.  I mean, after all, this man did invent the remix ... lol.

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