Friday, March 19, 2010

Who's Ready For A Mid-Day Workout? A Total Package Presents: Tera Thomas x Khrysti Hill Workout Preview AKA Watch These Girls "Get Money"!

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Who says that all video vixens/urban "models" (NOTE: And I use the term "models" oh so loosely) were created equal? In this surgically enhanced era of b-a-d boob jobs (NOTE: Yes, I am talking to Y.O.U. with the crooked nipples with the staring problem and the Frankenstein incision scar) and grotesque silly-cone, Hydrogel pumped posteriors, it is nice to see 2 gorgeous women like Tera Thomas (Shout out to my-brother-from-another-magnificent-mother Mandalay Jay) and Khrysti Hill that are still down to put in a little effort.

#Factaboutme Aside from any initial visceral reaction that I may have to a woman's outward appearance, in the long run, there are few things that I find more sexxxy than a chick with the self-discipline to hit the gym - or even bust out some crunches and squats @ the crib - and pay homage to what their mommas AND Lord GOD Almighty gave them. #Truestory. Do like Kid Cudi's jeans and keep it tight baby!

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