Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Build-A-Bear Workshop® x Ryan Seacrest Aint Got NOTHING On This Double Dose Of Classic Lo!

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Check Out The Current eBay Auction Of My Dreams/Nightmares Here (Pt. 2: The Revenge!): Heavens To Betsy!

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Livestyle faithful make no mistake - I am an aesthetic elitist whom delights in few Earthly things more than celebrating and, indeed, championing the cult of the genuine and raising an overflowing Veuve Clicquot filled flute to the fall of the lames. Yet, even as I rally against culture vultures and style poachers whose terribly superficial entrée into this esteemed world is barely worth the inflated price printed on their vintage/thrift store or eBay purchased ticket, I must admit that I too have a price. Well, "price" may be the wrong choice of word - however, there are staunch stances that I have taken that, under the right circumstances, I might be willing to compromise. Case In Point: The Ralph Lauren Polo cashmere "Executive" Teddy Bear knit and the Ralph Lauren Polo cream "Polo Crest/Crizzy" knit.

That I would even consider spending upwards of $800 on either of these turtlenecks (NOTE: I hate turtleneck ... anything! Yes, I am proudly circumcised ... lol) lets Y.O.U. know just how powerful these O.G. pieces really are. Whilst new age Polo fans openly weep over the "Snow Beach" pullover made popular by Raekwon in Wu-Tang Clan's classic "Can It Be All Simple" video, it is precisely this iconic visibility that gives that I.T. it's perceived value, rather than it's actual scarcity. Simply put, Y.O.U. tell me how many pristine "Executive" bears and "Crizzy" knits Y.O.U. see ANYWHERE as compared to "Snow Beach" pullovers in the span of a single calendar year. If Y.O.U. come across either 1 of these crispy treats more than Y.O.U. see "Snow Beach" zip-ups for sale, I will personally reach in my pocket and give Y.O.U. a "G" my G ... lol. That's how confident the fuck I am homie.

In the pantheon of Polo heroes there are a good 20 or so cornerstone I.T.'s (NOTE: Such notables as the "Super Uni Crest" sweater, the O.G. "Circle Suicide Ski" goose and/or matching "Flip" vest, the "Cookie" knit with "POLO USA" spellout down the arm, the O.G. 1992 "Sitdown" Teddy Bear knit and the P-Wing "Rings" sweater to name only a few) upon which many a strong collection has been built and the "Executive" Teddy and the Lo "Crest/Crizzy" knits BOTH belong in that rarified class.

Alas, as the dope boy certified fresh "Lo-End Theory" calvacade of stars draws nie, it still turns my stomach and spurns my pride to imagine just how much new jack simpleton collectors have adversely contributed to the ridiculous ballooning of this subprime-market bubble and how I - a nigga who, back in the day, would've either popped the "Lizzy" on these items myself and/or paid the hood standard half-price to a much more proficient booster to "tief" them for me - might be taxed like a common sucker for a cherished portion of my history. Ehhhhh, what Y.O.U. gonna do? We ALL have our "Holy Grail". It is what it is.


Pursuant to the mission, processes, functions and goals of the Livestyle Graduate School Of Flyer Design, it is incumbent upon me as Dean Of Trueness to provide source material to all referenced material associated with a particular entry. Even though, if Y.O.U. are unfamiliar with the Hype Williams directed vehicle for Wu-Tang's "Can It Be All So Simple", Y.O.U. should go fuck yourself ... lol. Don't be worthless. "Sunshine plays a major part in the day time/Peace to mankind/Ghostface carry a black 9 ... nigga" Know the ledge.

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