Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Limited Edition Hublot King Power F1™ Watch = Down With The King!

"Hublot have become the official timekeeper for F1 racing and to celebrate have created a limited edition. The Hublot King Power F1 has a large forty eight millimeter matte black ceramic case and bezel with a rubber strap. The partially skeletonized dial is made of carbon and features the F1 logo in white gold. Only five hundred of the watches will be made and will be available exclusively from Hublot stores."

Information Courtesy Of: Sybarites.Org
Read The Official Hublot Power King F1™ Press Release Here: Horomundi.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: To be sure, Livestyle endeavors to convey a clarity of purpose with exceptional respect to the appreciation of everlasting style. Now, such ceaseless quality in fashion is typically synonymous with brands that often have centuries long track records of excellence, however, sometimes a relative "new kid on the block" is able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the established greats. This is the case with Hublot.

Born in 1980, Carlo Crocco's visionary firm has become a beaming beacon of brilliance lighting the path to the forefront of high end watchmaking. Today, Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Biver carries on this transcendent tradition of innovation with impressive designs and exciting strategic collaborations. The Hublot King Power F1™ Watch (The official timekeeper of Formula 1™ racing) marks the latest in a silky string of dope high tech sports partnerships for Hublot.

Limited to a scant 500 units worldwide (Numbered 01/500 to 500/500), the King Power F1™ features a huge 48mm black matte ceramic case, bezel and partially skeletonized carbon fiber dial along with the signature Hublot rubber strap. Peel off a few stacks from your bankroll and claim "pole position" ... lol. Good shit!


Per our iron clad Livestyle user agreement, your undying devotion is to be rewarded with nuggets of knowledge artfully tucked within entry titles and behind sentences. Although I fancy the magnificently creative manipulation of words, every excursion need not be a literary labryinth ... sometimes I've gotta throw the people a bone ... lol. Case In Point: The title of this post.

I mean, seriously, if Y.O.U. aren't familiar with Run DMC's classic return record "Down With The King" that I so appropriately referenced, then Y.O.U. might just be reading the wrong blog my nigga ... lol. Yes, the boys from Hollis, Queens put the Adidas shell toes in the closet, laced up some Timbs and stomped their way into 1993 with this Pete Rock produced banger. Listen and L.O.V.E. it! Know the ledge.

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