Friday, March 26, 2010

The "Lo-End Theory" Ralph Lauren Polo Convention In NYC = Lo Lovers Rock.

Information Courtesy Of: Theshillzdarealzshow.Blogspot.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Celebrated by corner store couture connoisseurs the world over, the Lo-Life name and, more importantly their influence, has gone global and we ALL owe them an immeasurable debt of gratitude.

This Brooklyn born collective played an integral role in refining our urban fashion vocabulary and I believe there to be a special V.I.P. gasoline bottle service section in H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks reserved for the unscrupulous imposters whom make every flimsy attempt to appropriate their reputation and spirit.. See, in spite of being raised and trained on the rugged terrain of Franklin Avenue to be an orange boxcutter wielding Decepticon - the official arch nemeses of this Polo brigade - I have always loved to get fly and, as such, very much respect the Lo-Life cause.

Furthermore, no matter what amount of Georges Marciano Guess®, Fila, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY or Nautica that I wore, Ralph Lauren has ALWAYS been my designer of choice. In the interest of full disclosure though, I must admit that I had little say in the matter as my super cool Godfather had the prescience to nurture my sense of style by keeping me dipped in Lo from head-to-toe long before I even knew what a "Horsey" logo was and I am oh sooooooooooooooo thankful ... lol. #Truestory.

Anyway, while this "Lo-End Theory" Convention will surely be a magnet for pretentious pretenders who think that dropping $1,000 on an O.G. I.T. on eBay qualifies them to be a card carrying "Lo-Life", I also have every confidence that many genuine ladies and gentlemen of Lo leisure will be in attendance.

As this entry goes to press I am assembling a powerful team of elite Polo experts to join me @ New York City's Highline Ballroom on Sunday April 12, 2010. (DISCLAIMER: Seating is limited. If Y.O.U. are more square than a pool table and twice as green, waste neither your time nor mine. Suckers need not apply.) Oh yeah, shout out to the Lo-Life pioneer Shillz for posting this flyer 1st! Good shit!

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