Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Nike Sportswear x Mister Cartoon USA CO-LAB T-Shirt = Fly Like An Eagle.

"With an unique panache, Nike Sportswear’s Six (6) Collaboration Project allows fans from 6 nations to cheer on their home teams as preparation gets underway for 2010 FIFA World Cup. Each of the offerings will be an alternative off the field kit for players from USA, England, Brazil, France, Netherlands, and the World Cup host nation of South Africa. As with any collaboration, Nike commissioned a local artisan for each region as a method to better highlight the contemporary culture of the nation through artistic expression. This include tattoo virtuoso, Mister Cartoon.

In the form of might and witty amusement, the Los Angeles base[d] artist selected the national symbol of pride, the bald eagle, as the representation for his collaboration. Done in the now familiar black ink silhouette, the brisk-looking bird of prey emanates a curious mix of killer instinct and jovialness. Talons extended, at the ready, 13-star halo crowned the beast signify the original 13 colonies in the founding of the nation.

The Nike Sportswear x Mister Cartoon - CO-LAB T-Shirt for USA is now available at

Style: 374496-100
Color: White/Lyon Blue/Black"

Information Courtesy Of: Freshnessmag.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Although our union is far from perfect, in light of the Obama administration's successful passage of the historic Healthcare Reform initiative, I am feeling pretty stoked about the USA right about now (NOTE: *Cue "Team America" Voice* "America! Fuck yeah!"). So, while the brand spanking new Nike Sportswear x Mister Cartoon USA CO-LAB T-Shirt is a masterful ingredient in the 2010 FIFA World Cup commemorative Six (6) Collaboration Project, Y.O.U. most certainly do NOT have to be a soccer fan to appreciate this dope collection's goal.

Sporting a pristine, basic silhouette, this white t-shirt serves as a desirable canvas for the ingenious ink of Mister Cartoon - a man who has left his indelible mark of artistry on the hides of many a grateful person. No ridiculous Bedazzler© festooned tomfoolery over here boys and girls, just a b-a-d ass 13 star haloed black stenciled bald eagle ready to strike! I mean, if Y.O.U. truly wanna get fly, why not "fly like an eagle"? LOL. Up, up and away!

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