Thursday, October 20, 2011

VH-1's "Love & Hip Hop" Season 2 (Supertrailer) = Yay! More Hoes, Hasbeens, Housewives x Haymakers!

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Yup, the show that broke my heart and revealed the harsh reality that Somaya Reece is wack as fuck is back for season numero dos.

Now, I know that people play it up extra for these reality shows and that the drama is often exaggerated, if not completely staged for entertainment purposes, but, I will say 1 thing: Kimbella does NOT want it with Chrissy Lampkin. Y.O.U. think former kiddie cocaine kingpin turned king snitch, Alberto "Alpo" Martinez, brought her up to these NYC streets @ 13 years old for nothing!? Shorty been in the game. Ohhh, yall don't nothing about all that. Cool. I'm just saying, from the looks of this trailer, Kimbella got her ass washed AND folded bro. SMH. On your mark, get set ... SHENANIGANS!

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