Friday, October 7, 2011

The Versace For H&M "Iconic Collection" Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Menswear Bomber Jacket = I. Want. This!

Information Courtesy Of: Nitrolicious.Com x NYMag.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Rise and shine my Livestyle devotees! This morning I invite one and all to raise a red plastic cup (NOTE: Hey, I'm in a hood mood ... lol.) overflowing with perfectly chilled Dom Pérignon Cuvee and Simply Orange® Juice fused mimosas and join me in a toast to the power of prayer and positive thinking! Today, divine intervention has blessed us ALL with the announcement of the Versace for H&M "Iconic Collection" Fall/Winter 2011-2012.

I have been chewing my lady's ear off (NOTE: No Mike Tyson.) for literally 2 years about how badly I have wanted to score a super tacky yet indisputably fresh vintage Versace print silk shirt ala Sean "You'll Always Be Puff Daddy" Combs circa 1995. True story. Additionally I have been both publicly and secretly petitioning my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to guide my wireless mouse from auction to auction in the hopes that I might find such an item on eBay ... in my size AND @ a decent price. In lieu of that elusive discovery, however, this collaboration looks to fit the bill - especially the black tar heroin velour body and silk sleeved (?) bomber jacket offering from the menswear line that I have chosen to feature for this post.

Now, apparently, initial word surrounding this financially-friendly-to-the-fashionista-on-a-budget collection hit the internet waaaaaaaaaay back in late June. How did I miss that? I don't know. In any event, since then information regarding this most comprehensive of ranges - including womenswear, menswear and, yes, even housewares - has been on patched tire slow leak status my nigga (READ: Y.O.U. haven't really missed much).

My previous obliviousness to this special conspiratorial cadre of clothiers collection of notwithstanding, they have now earned my full attention with this jacket! See Y.O.U. on the US release date of November 19, 2011! Stay tuned. This is Livestyle.

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