Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beyonce Ft. J. Cole - Party (Official Music Video)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: I know, I know, getting famed Hip Hop recluse Andre 3000 to record a verse for a song is a feat of strength the likes of which few artists, no matter how well connected, can pull off - in this case, that's where being Beyonce makes all of the difference in the world. However, apparently even Ms. Knowles-Carter doesn't possess a carrot and stick combination tempting enough to get 3 Stacks to actually appear in a video! I mean, the man clearly has his limits ... lol.

Aight, so I get all of that my nigga, but what I don't understand is how on the face of GOD's green earth ANYBODY could think that J. "International Uni-Brow Ambassador" Cole could ever prove a suitable replacement for the lyrical genius of Hip Hop's most highly regarded hermit! SMH. Message To Beyonce, Roc Nation, et. al.: Y.O.U. know there's nothing that says that yall had to put a rapper on this song, right? This Teddy Riley inspired classic early 90's sounding tune would stand perfectly fine all on it's own.

Anyway, press play and catch pre-deflatable-baby-bump Beyonce in full swing ... and promptly press STOP @ approximately the 2:12 mark to avoid the ruin that follows ... lol. Cheers!

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