Monday, October 17, 2011

The Piaget Dancer Exceptional Piece = "Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer!"

"Piaget’s Dancer collection has been evolving since 1986 with the newest addition of the thinnest haute mechanical watch in the world. The case which is only seven point seven millimeters thick and has more than one thousand two hundred specially cut diamonds encrusted into the white gold case. The Piaget Dancer Exceptional is a one of a kind watch available exclusively from Piaget."

Information Courtesy Of: Sybarites.Org x Worldtempus.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: As a discipline, Livestyle is singularly dedicated to the pursuit of happiness and the fostering of the superior refinement necessary to fully experience and enjoy such soaring enthusiasms. It's ALL about identifying what Y.O.U. like and then ambitiously exploring the shit out of it ... lol.

To that end, with regard to fine timepieces, I always use my G.round-P.enetrating R.adar like senses to look beyond the frozen-over surfaces of bejewelled watches - so, I can see what the fuck is really going on there - and encourage Y.O.U. to do the same. Granted, this can prove to be a bit difficult, particularly when the watch in question is as dazzlingly distracting as the Piaget Dancer Exceptional Piece. This latest haute horological achievement for Piaget represents the next evolutionary step for the "Dancer Collection" which has continued to excite and impress watch connoisseurs since the introduction of the series waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1986.

At 1st glance, one might come for the diamonds (NOTE: Of which there are almost 1,230!), however, anyone who has a pesky yet overwhelmingly rewarding tenant named Mr. OR Mrs. "Intellectual Curiosity" dwelling in their head will undoubtedly stick around and fall in L.O.V.E. with the seductive substance of this watch. Yup, just like the "Relationship Status" on your Facebook page, this baby is "complicated" ... but, in this 18 carat white gold encased case, that's a good thing ... lol. This mechanical hand-wound 2.5 mm thick Calibre 830P powered masterpiece is the perfect blend of elegance and technical accomplishment; of watchmaking brilliance and artistic tenacity.

Hey, ultra-thin watches leave absolutely 0 margin for error on the watchmakers part (NOTE: Because of smaller height tolerances and the thinner parts employed in the production of such tiny tickers) - making that pricey piece that slides seamlessly beneath your French cuff pretty special indeed! Of course Y.O.U. can't afford this watch right now ... and neither can I ... lol. Still, aspiration is 1 H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks of a motivator my nigga! Scared money don't make money. Let's get it!


As previously explained here, per Livestyle Executive Order 1988-92, in exchange for your undying loyalty AND timely post commentary, it is incumbent upon me to recognize and make clear any recondite references made within any given entry. That having been well established, however, my allusion in the title of this post to Sir Elton John's (NOTE: Yeah, he's a certified knight, ya know? Deadass. LOL.) 1971 classic song, the amazing "Tiny Dancer", really shouldn't even need an in-depth explanation. I'm just posting this video for the sake of continuity yall. I mean, whether we want to or not, we ALL know this joint, right? Right. SMH. Don't make me fuck Y.O.U. up! This is Livestyle.

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