Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Young Jeezy Ft. Fabolous x Jadakiss - O.J. (Official Music Video)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to go on record right now and declare this video a crime against humanity. There is absolutely NO reason that a song this good should have a video this cheap. SMH. They look like they shot this video with the budget of an unemployment check.

Look, we live in a day and age where this nigga Rick Ross keeps his chubby paws on the trigger and is easily letting go like 4 high quality visuals per month for mere freestyles and mixtape joints(!) and still Mr. "Trap Or Die" himself, the blow baron moving white stones like Sharon (NOTE: Yup! I still got my bars up nigga!), "Young Jizzle With The Stamp In The Middle" appears content to just #KanyeShrug his way through life and drop colossal White Castle® burger fueled crappola on the world like this!? Nahh, yo this shit can't rock ... and Young Jeezy is my muthafuckin' man! Ayo! Word up, that wack ass red light effect alone should have made this whole production shutdown EARLY! Whatevs. It is what it is.

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