Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kanye West's "Say You Will" Freestyle Live In Melbourne, Australia = Trojan® MAGNUM® #Realityrap

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: After nearly accidentally killing his fast flourishing career as a result of his much publicized Antares© Auto-Tune™ erotic asphyxiation addiction during the recording of his surely emotionally cathartic, albeit artistically jumbled album, "808's And Heartbreaks" and subsequently recovering from said problematic proclivity, Mr. West, Mr. West briefly fell off the wagon last night and tempted fate with this hilariously honest robo-voiced 7 minute-plus "freestyle" over "Say You Will" @ a tour stop in Melbourne, Australia.

The REAL "Lamestream Media" (NOTE: Yeah, fuck Y.O.U. Sarah Palin! I took your cretinous catchphrase and flipped it. Y.O.U. made it a hot Fox News soundbyte ... I made it a hot addition to my post ... lol.) tried to Taylor Swift-boat this young man's livelyhood after he bumrushed the stage of the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards show, but with endearing real nigga waiting-on-my-latenight-slide lines like, "I left the door cracked open ... New ... New York City is dangerous! I could've been robbed!", the hood has no choice but to ride for Chi-Town's Finest! Message To Newport™ 100's Chain-Smoking Svedka Robot Girl AKA Ms. Amber Rose: Are Y.O.U. listening to this baby? Good shit!

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