Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rick Ross Ft. Birdman - Yella Diamonds (Official Music Video)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Ehhh, whilst I'm not a huge fan of subtitles in general and, in the case of this particular video the bordering-on-offensive yet admittedly phonetically expedient explanation of the character "José"'s presumably impenetrable "Spanglish" dialect by means of such delineation, it is nice to see that, for once, Señor Rozay DIDN'T automatically speed-dial Meek Mill and instead scrolled further down the M.M.G. contact list to holla @ Gunplay, Torch and x________________________ (Insert name of 3rd "Nobody-Knows-Who-The-Fuck-He-Is-And-That's-Extra-Wack-Because-Niggas-Barely-Know-Who-The-Fuck-Gunplay-And-Torch-Are" Triple C's member here) for a look in this clip. It is what it is. This visual is still shittin' on my nigga "Young Jizzle With The Stamp In The Middle"'s "OJ" flop ... and that's precisely the type of shit that DEmotivates the thugs ... lol. "BAAAAAAAAAAAAWSE!"

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