Monday, June 15, 2009

A LiveStyle Exclusive: Behind The Scenes: Drake - Best I Ever Had (Videoshoot) x How I Got My Close-Up.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Life is funny. Not more than 2 months ago, I surveyed the wasteland that is contemporary music to discover that I was 1 of the last remaining hold outs who, by crotchety old school Hip Hop principle, was completely all too ready to let the Drake bandwagon train pull right out of the radio station without much of a 2nd thought - that was until PUSH! Montana and the homie Aisha convinced me otherwise. Fast forward to yesterday afternoon and I now found myself not only in my former high school gym @ Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School in Brooklyn, but, I was there as an extra in the video for Drake's amazing drunk-sing-along-in-the-club anthem "Best I Ever Had". What the fuck, right? I know.

Listen, I had every intention of simply going to the set, talking up some of my seldom-seen-all-in-1-place heavyweight music industry pals, sipping my Hennessy Privilege alongside my-brother-from-another-mother Mandalay Jay and Jay Newz and minding my own damn tax-free business ... lol. Well, ummmmmmmmm, let's just say that those modest plans changed ... lol.

After being corralled by an assistant video coordinator I was whisked away to sit in the bleachers as Drake coached a bevy of basketball beauties outfitted in some slinky pinky cameltoe friendly uniforms to victory (or, not so much, because, apparently Drake only taught them how to "stretch") ... lol. Thanks to the ever so talented homie Emmanuelle - who, as chief video coordinator, made sure that I got some spotlight - I was soon relocated to prime videoshoot real estate and got a spot right behind flexible fine ass Rosa Acosta and an ASSortment of other women with varying degrees of surgically enhanced Black Men's Magazine/Show Magazine worthy bodies. In between takes I took these pictures (NOTE: Actually, Mandalay's cousin Danni does deserve the full BlackBerry® Bold™ photo credit for this entry) with Y.O.U. in mind. Please feel free to leave your praise and admiration in the comments section below.

This Kanye West directed visual had a call time of 6AM and did not wrap until @ least 11PM - Y.O.U. know that I wasn't there for half of that time, right? Indubitably. In and out like a robbery my G! *Tupac Voice* "Look for me" ... on TV. Holla @ ya boy in BK!


YOUNG H said...

good shit live. Rosa Acosta makes it all worth it.

Mr.alieka said...

Niiiice! assortment of women!

more Rosa Acosta please... yes, and thankyou!

F.R.Tyson said...

Wish I was there, at least to be a fly on the wall!

Gail said...

What's up playa! I can't believe you were back in the gym either! doing big things I see. Miss ya!!