Thursday, June 11, 2009

A B.athing APE Launches US.Bape.Com AKA It's The American Way: These Colors Don't Run!

"Finally A Bathing Ape has launched a site for its American fans! is the name of the site which is read in full English text. The site features a Latest News tab to introduce the new site, a Spring/Summer 09 tab to showcase the full line-up of Bape products for this season, a Locations tab providing info for every Bape store on the planet, and a Shop tab that will be available soon for Americans to spend their money. Plus, the introductory page gives us a mind-boggling colorful experience that is sure to catch your eyes. Check the new site out!"

Information Courtesy Of: Sneakerfiles.Com

Visit BAPE US Online Here: US.Bape.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: While I am not nearly as much of a fan of the A B.athing Ape label as my cousins Rob "There Are Over 6 Billion People On The Planet Earth And, Of Those That Are In The Entertainment Industry, I Have 500,000 Of Them In My BlackBerry® Contacts" Young or Javon "Pink Floyd" Floyd, I do sincerely welcome the recent launch of their US based website @

Sure, Nigo's designs are completely derivative knock offs of major brands like Nike and Ralph Lauren and, therefore, in my esteemed opinion, are not worth the exorbitant prices that he affords them, however, I can appreciate his vision and his market manipulation through the implementation of artificial scarcity. Respect this hustler from the "Land Of The Rising Sun". Who knows? Now that I can cop more than 1 item @ a time @ this new online store, I might fuxs with a few online exclusives thereby initializing system destroying overloads on all trendoid spybots and leaving them stuck on stupid! Oh, how Orwellian of me!

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