Friday, June 26, 2009

HEARTBREAKING NEWS: Michael "The King Of Pop" Jackson Has Died AKA R.I.P.: Long Live The King.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Obviously, almost 24 hours after the fact, the untimely sudden death of the world’s most recognized superstar, Michael Jackson, is no longer “breaking news”. I read the same early messages on Twitter announcing his cardiac arrest, coma and finally his passing as I trust many of Y.O.U. had, however, rather than play who-can-update-their-blog-the-fastest, I had to A) Get a real news outlet to officially confirm this tragedy and B) Honestly, I had to let the shock settle in.

Although, in the words of 1 of my favorite preeminent authors, Dream Hampton, Michael Jackson had long ago committed “racial suicide” by way of vehemently denied yet clear to everybody massive surgical body disfigurement, I still had L.O.V.E. for the homie. Before Michael Jackson became a ghastly shell of his former cuddly self, he dominated the music charts and the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Check this out: If Y.O.U. are over the age of 26 and did not have a red or black “Beat It” 100 zipper leather jacket with removable sleeves and/or songs like “P.Y.T.”, “Billie Jean” and the aforementioned “Beat It” don’t send Y.O.U. into an immediate dance floor frenzy, then I must question when Y.O.U. became cool enough to enjoy this blog and, moreover, whether or not Y.O.U. actually had any real childhood to speak of @ all. Before I wanted to be like Big Daddy Kane and Rakim, I wanted to be like Mike.

We all know the countless molestation accusations levied against him and, whilst never convicted, c’mon … he had to have touched some of them kids. Sadly though, I believe Michael Jackson to be as much of a victim in his own right as well – of his father’s frustrated ambition channeled through his sons, The Jackson 5, of his unparralleled fame, his childlike innocence and ultimately of his compulsions. He was a freak AND he was a freakin’ genius – a beautifully complex dichotomy that confused, amused and thrilled us all. For better or worse, there will never ever be another like Michael Joseph Jackson. Hey, he even made Jay-Z a fan boy for a day … lol. GOD bless Michael Jackson's soul and give the entire Jackson family righteous resolve in their time of need. Moonwalk.


It's only right.

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