Wednesday, April 1, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Has Leaked AKA This Is Not Logan's Final Cut, But, Do Y.O.U. Really Care?

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: No, this is not a test my loyal Livestyle readers. For the record, I'm just not much of an April Fool's Day joke or prank kind of guy, especially when it comes to matters as serious as the long awaited X Men Origins: Wolverine comic book made cinematic.

We're cool, right? So, why have I not posted the ten or so Rapidshare links necessary to make this soon-to-be black market bonanza yours? Because I am not cool with the internet police (oh, they do exist) and the homie aint trying to have this brilliant blog busted for 1 measly bootleg flick. Look, Y.O.U. guys are smart and I have every confidence that, if Y.O.U. could navigate your way to this online Nirvana, then Y.O.U. should have no problemo tracking down this DVD leak on your own.

DISCLAIMER: While this does appear to be the entire Wolverine movie, it is a workprint. What does that mean? Well, this is an incomplete version of a film that is surely missing some siginficant plot elements (NOTE: Like, where is Deadpool?) and still could use some heavy post production work. There are glaring gaps where CGI sequences are missing and (GASP) Y.O.U. can even see the wires attached to some of the actors when performing their Hong Kong high wire acts - basically, the movie "magic" is still in the mail ... lol. Can Y.O.U. deal with that? Yeah, I thought that Y.O.U. could. Somebody @ 20th Century Fox is oh, so fired! LOL. Their loss is our gain. It is what it is.

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