Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Ralph Lauren Slim Custom-Fit Nautical Polo = A Welcome Return To The Classics.

Available Online Here: Ralphlauren.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: My great Ralph Lauren Polo partiality has not prevented me from being somewhat objective when it comes to this iconic label's flagrant falloff shortly after the introduction of their Polo Sport line. Admittedly, I and other Polo devotees, traded and sold away the lion's share of our collections in a shortsighted boycott of this great brand's perceived wackness ... lol.

Looking back, people like my GODbrother S.B., my longest-running-friend-and-brother-from-another-mother-Mr.401-K, my cousin Rob Young, Trap-Lo, Vaughn-Lo, and myself ALL wish that we had held on to our heavy I.T. inventories just a little bit longer. Be that as it may, after years anguishing over the decline of my favorite designer's signature goods, it is incredibly nice to see Ralph Lauren's return to brilliant multi-logo laden items. Case In Point: The brand new Ralph Lauren Slim Custom-Fit Nautical Polo.

Listen, I'm not some little girl, so, I get tired of the ponies - no matter how huge they print them on a shirt. LOL. This latest nautical inspired R.L. Bleecker Street series release hearkens back to some of Ralph Lo's classic work ... the type of shit that regularly registers hundreds of dollars on eBay today and made me fall in L.O.V.E. with Lo (in spite of being a Decept) in the 1st place. Message To Ralph Lauren: Now, this is how Y.O.U. make up for lost time! Good shit.

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