Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hitting Newsstands Next Week: Tahiry Covers The Final Issue Of King Magazine.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Call it wishful thinking or simply the full force of my Herculean powers of denial @ work, but, when word of King Magazine and their seemingly sudden demise came streaming across the Twitter news wire, I was not prepared to accept what I now know to be true. It is no secret that, thanks in large part to the internet (and, in particular, blogs just like this), the print media business has been suffering like a Guantanamo Bay detainee and, now, King Magazine is the latest victim of this punishing publishing world perdition.

The ink well has run dry and, on the heels of reaching and celebrating their 50th issue milestone, King Magazine is now erecting a tombstone. Where are heterosexual, H.igher E.arning N.ot R.ich, urban men supposed to go for our bi-monthly fixin' of video vixens and sexxxy starlettes? Show Magazine? Nah, they O.D. on the airbrushing and have taken Adobe® Photoshop® enhancement to Lucas Film-like CGI levels ... lol. Plus, they don't have any articles of substance. How about Straight Stuntin'? No comment. The Joe Budden mASS marketing campaign Tahiry cover edition of King Magazine is due to hit newsstands soon. Dammit man! King Magazine, I miss Y.O.U. already.

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Mr.alieka said...

hey JOE buddens....

... i lov-e your girl!