Monday, January 30, 2012

The Uniform Experiment Double Hooded Trench Coat For Spring 2012 = Modern Trench Warfare.

"The trench coat is a timeless jacket are here is a reinterpretation of the classic trench coat by uniform experiment from their soon to launch Spring/Summer 2012 collection. At first glance, the sky blue vertical zipper on the chest jumps right out, a common detail borrowed from outdoor jackets. Apart from the aforementioned detail, the Hooded Double Trench Coat retains its traditional silhouette. Highly durable cotton gabardine fabric is used to construct the navy colored coat and it is fitted with a large, detachable hood. Buckles and buttons are all color coordinated for a unified look, while a single silver chain loop stand out on the waist. This piece can be ordered through NOA’S ARK online shop in Japan."
Information Courtesy Of: Freshnessmag.Com

Available Online Here: Arknets.Co.Jp

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Try as I must to be an ever forward thinking individual, alas, at least for today, I am undeniably a creature of the moment. This morning is still bathroom-floor-too-cold status, but the sun is strong and, according to my PIX11 Morning News forecast (NOTE: Gracias Lisa Matteo!), we're due for yet another round of mild sauce come the middle of this week. This entire Winter season has been unseasonably friendly, however, woven into the fabric of this more than welcome weather pattern has been some rain, but anybody who knows me knows that I am NOT one to complain. Nope., I'm a go getter homie. I am results oriented.

Now, with that in mind and with specific regard to the weather, when it gets a little damp and chilly outside I don't trip, I just reach for my trusty trench coat. In (FUN) fact, what was originally viewed as simply a wise adult addition to my wardrobe has since become a beloved staple of my tout ensemble ... and I think that I might have found a worthy heir to the throne in this stunning Japanese export. That having been said, allow me to enthusiastically introduce to Y.O.U. the Uniform Experiment Double Hooded Trench Coat for Spring 2012.

Cardinal to fully appreciating the Livestyle fly minded philosophy and, indeed, a cornerstone of this democratic charismatic authority, is a willingness to look far beyond the "now" coupled with an innate ability to embrace both the old and the new in a generation-defying, trend defiling group hug. And this mack daddy mackintosh invites Y.O.U. to do just that!

Leave it to Hiroshi Fujiwara (NOTE: The founder of Fragment Design) and partner Hirofumi Kiyonaga (NOTE: The founder of the $500USD hoody pushing SOPHNET) to know exactly how to spike this conservative punch with just the right amount of Tokyo streetwear flair. Aside from the sky blue vertical zipper providing a burst of color to the chest, this trench remains piously true to the classic trench coat silhouette. However, it is precisely that lone break from the orthodoxy of proper rain coat religiousity that makes all of the difference in the world! I guess the Devil really is in the details. Act like Y.O.U. know bro. Respect this navy blue gabardine dream! This is Livestyle.

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