Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gillie Da Kid - Chicken Man (In-Studio Performance)(DJ Cosmic Kev "BellyOfDaBeast 4" DVD)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: SMH. There sure is a lot of estrogen-laced emo fuckery pollinating the airwaves these days that even got some O.G.'s harmonizing a little too much, but I know, I just KNOW that yall aint forget about Illy Philly's finest, the homie Gille Da Kid! Perish the thought.

Yes, quite arguably the single most electrifying persona to ever stand in front of a hood DVD interviewers Canon EOS 5D digital camera lens and give arrogant voice to unapologetic #SWAG is back (NOTE: "Jimmy From 5H" DOES rank an über close photo-finish 2nd to this man in pure interview-for-interview entertainment value though. Y.O.U. don't think so? Word? Go take a quick YouTube refresher course and get your mind right broschino)! And this time it's with some new raw music in the form of "Chicken Man": A delightfully anthemic cocaine carol tailor made for all the dope boys and dope girls proficient in breaking down and moving those bricks of boy and girl. Real recognize real. Good shit!

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